Lost Temple Chapter 23

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I've finished editing the idioms on all the prior chapters, now we can continue the journey!!

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Black Mark's voice has not yet landed, and the remnants of the abomination on the ground suddenly emit a cloud of green smog. “Come back!” At the same time, Fusu who's noticed that something was wrong was shouting, but unfortunately except for Falling To The Silence who came back first, the rest of the people who in the melee inhaled some green smoke.

Steel City, who is closest to the corpse of the monster suddenly shook his body, his face was pale and he was holding his chest, his blood bar went down, Rose of Versailles' holy light worked fastly, although she recovered a lot of blood, but the loss of blood has not been alleviated. At the same time, Drunken Evil Of The Throne, Cold Wave, An Tong, A Ghost Dragging Knife, Extreme Element's blood bars began to decline rapidly.

Rose of Versailles hurriedly using the group healing technique, but her magic was limited, constantly using the magical group healing technique, her mana value soon met the bottom.

“Try… Purification.” Drunken Evil Of The Throne's situation is a little bit better than the others, but his blood bar is still falling at a rate of 50 per second, once Rose of Versailles ran out of mana, they're not far from dying either.

“It's useless, it's poison.” Jumping off the roof, Black Mark took out a bottle of white potion from the void bracelet, open the lid and quickly poured into Drunken Evil Of The Throne's mouth. “Try this first, I have no time to configure a specialized antidote.”

A bottle of potion went down, and the face of Drunk Jiangshan was slightly eased a little, and the blood loss rate dropped from 50 per second to 10. Seeing the effect of the medicine, Black Mark did not dare to delay, gave a bottle to each person who poisoned.

“Scared your father* to death.” Steel City's face was green and grabbed his chest, the blood bar fall at a rate of 300 per second, if Rose did not respond quickly, he has returned for free at the moment.

(T/N: 老子了Laozile means: I, an aroggant way of saying oneself as an elder, it used out of anger, or out of contempt)

“Can't it be completely lifted?” The symptoms of poisoning have been alleviated, and the blood loss rate of 10 per second is not so deadly, but the impact on people is still not small.

“This poison is worse than I thought.” Black Mark held his chin with one hand and looked at the six people who had been poisoned, the antidote he brought could basically solve most of the poison, didn't expect that the abomination corpse's poison to be so powerful, high level antidote has only played a role in relieving. “Give me some time, Rose, sit down and meditate the magic back, then use the group healing every five minutes, Six-Ways you stay on the roof and keep on guarding.”

In a brief explanation, Black Mark sit on the ground and continually dig out all kinds of herbs from the void bracelet. “Are you a herbal alchemist?” Drunken Evil Of The Throne hesitantly asked.

“En.” Black Mark answered without lifting his head, he continued to rummage in the heap of herbal. He didn't expected that this would happen. He thought that the potion he had brought was enough to cope with the unexpected situation. Didn't expect to….

While quickly looking for what he needed in the inventory, Black Mark pray secretly, hoping that there would be no monster sneak attack at this time, otherwise if they lose more than half of their combat power  they will be sent back to the resurrection point. The time pa.s.sed by, Rose of Versailles has been standing up for the sixth time to perform the group healing technique. In the eyes of everyone's expectations, the small bottle on Black Mark's hand appeared a white glow.

“Okay, drink it and try it.” A small bottle get to Drunken Evil Of The Throne's mouth, the bitter antidote poured into the throat, and the constant blood loss has disappeared. Everyone's stare at Black Mark like staring the savior.
“The poisoning state still doesn't disappear.” An Tong frustrated look at his status bar, a DEBUFF called “Rotten Corpse Poison” glaringly hanged on top, although the condition of continuous blood loss has disappeared. However, the effect of reducing the properties of the status bar by 50% is still there.

The six demon wolves belong to Summoner Not Crazy Not Survive are also melee systems, now they all poisoned and dead, even the summoner himself has suffered from system's weak punishment.

“Sorry, the material is not complete, that's all i can do.”  Bowing his head in dismay, Black Mark sighed helplessly. Falling To The Silence who's standing on his side reached out and patted the other's shoulder, comforting him silently.

“Now what?” Six-Ways of Reincarnation look at Drunken Evil Of The Throne, all properties reduced by 50% is a fatal blow to them. Drunken Evil Of The Throne the warrior who work hard as a solid barrier is now as weak as a sorcerer, the journey has just been halfway through, there may be a greater dangers behind, but still they continue in this state, it seems that the mission has become inevitable…

“d.a.m.n!” Steel City hit the ground with a punch, he was not willing to.

Looking at one of his teammates, Drunken Evil Of The Throne was very calm on the surface. In fact his heart was also very annoyed, now there's no room to advance or to retreat*, the road has gone halfway, he's not willing to give up at this time, but this situation… “it has come to this point, we can only say that we have bad luck.” After silence for awhile Drunken Evil Of The Throne calmly speak, “the mission has already been carried over here, i'm absolutely not willing to quit right away, we can't say that in this state we can't beat the final BOSS, but the question is can you go till the end, so… I will give you a choice, if you are willing to quit, you can abandon the mission, the system will direct people back to the main city, if you are not afraid of death, let's continue with me. Wherever you go, even if we can't complete the mission, we are worthy of ourselves.”

(T/N: 进退两难 no room to advance or to retreat (idiom) means: without any way out of a dilemma; trapped; in an impossible situation )
“Ah~~ We are very afraid of death!” Cold Wace said while scratching his head.

“f.u.c.k!” Steel City insulted, the members of the Killing G.o.d also showed an angry look on their faces.

“Well, Bobcat team was originally the guest I invited, who don't have to accompany the Killing G.o.d members to die, you can quit now!” Drunken Evil Of The Throne raise his hand to stop Steel City, he nodded towards Cold Wave, motioned for them to go now.

“Who says we're leaving?” Fusu shrugged and interrupted him.

“Yes ah, Cold Wave boss means that we are very afraid of death, so we have to live to complete the mission ah~” An Tong explained.

Drunken Evil Of The Throne jerked up and looked at Cold Wave, and sure he saw the Human Warrior's face with a rogue expression showed a mischievous smile.

“Bobcat's mission has never failed.” Although Falling To The Silence's words are short, words that were attributed to the silence, but it has raised everyone's confidence.

“But who is going to fight the monster?” Six-Ways of Reincarnation is still worried, self-confidence is a good thing, but the current situation is indeed not optimistic.

“Naturally, let's do it~~~” Black Mark smiled and grabbed his shoulder, but under Falling To The Silence's sword-like gaze he quickly retracted his hand.

“You? How much is your blood?” Although he can't directly check the latter's information, however Six-Ways of Reincarnation didn't forget the individual compet.i.tion, but Black Mark was accidentally swept away by Drunken Evil Of The Throne's madness, and the blood bar immediately met the bottom, to say that him and Falling To The Silence, there is Rose of Versailles who can barely fight the monster's attack, the little poor blood of Black Mark is estimated to only fight the three ordinary monsters' attacks…

“More than four hundred, included the equipment bonus.” The other party's smile burst out a shocking number.

……Oh la la~~~ Everyone's jaws dropped on the ground, four… more than four hundred blood… Still less than one-tenth of his own blood… .. How did this guy live to the present? If the previous Black Mark is a freak in Six-Ways of Reincarnation's eyes, then he has now successfully upgraded to that of a monster. . . . .

“Four hundred??! You can only survive the ordinary monster first attack…” Drunken Evil Of The Throne who's standing on the first line of the combat say depressedly, he has no hope for this mission. To let this guy with only four hundred blood to fight against the monsters… What's the difference with suicide?

“What are you supposed to do about it?” Although he was surprised at the beginning, but Fusu as the “brain” of the Bobcat soon found the key of the problem — Since Black Mark can live to the present safely, he must have the ability to protect himself.

“Nothing, it's just my agility is higher~”

“Your agility is high? How high?” A Ghost Dragging Knife asking in disbelief, in all professions, the agility value the first to promotes are a.s.sa.s.sins and thieves, the agility value of an archer can be abnormal, how abnormal can he go?

“Wait for me to see.” Black Mark opened his own task properties status bar while he was talking. In fact, he does not know his current property values. He didn't see so he didn't know, at first glance, even Black Mark is shocked by the numbers above.

ID: Black Mark
Race: Demon
Occupation: Bard + Archer
Luck: Invisible
Charm: Invisible

Current equipment: (only shows items above blue level)

Shadow Cloak, all magic resistance increased by 30%, agility increased by 10%, you can hide your own property and race, special skills ‘Embrace the Darkness' ignore the current state, let the user enter the stealth state, apart from the active attack the stealth effect is not lifted, the speed action is increased by 20% and the skill cool-down is 24 hours. Item Level: Purple rank, Item Quality: Epic

Void bracelet, s.p.a.ce item, 10,000 grid, item level: purple scale, item quality: epic

Tricolor stone brooch, jewelry, all attributes increased by 3%, item level: blue rank, item quality: high quality

Taomari Piercing The Heart bow, growing weapons, endurance increased by 5%, power increased by 10%, agility increased by 20%, weapon special skills, ruling vector: triple the attack power of the arrow increased by three times, and skill cool-down is half an hour. With the combination of items: quiver: increase the range by 5%, with arrow recovery.

Thunder's Wings, shooting speed is increased by 5%, maximized the magic effect, there is a chance that the Thunder characteristical attack is an enemy paralysis. Item Level: Purple rank, Item Quality: Epic

The Summoning Ring can randomly summon a demon from the Abyss of h.e.l.l to sign a master-slave contract. Item Level: Purple rank, Item Quality: Epic

His own agility index is up to 216! ! !

The initial properties of the characters in the game are all calculated based on the physical values ​​of each person, so even if the level is increased, each level is only an average increase 1 point on the original value, maintaining the original base ratio unchanged (of course the equipment properties bonus is calculated separately).

The original agility value is very high, plus with the equipment bonus effect, so roughly calculated with the fingers, such a high agility value should be expected. Moreover, they can't think of the good things on his body~~ except for the ordidnary light armor, everything else is considered to be the best! ~~~ Balck Mark secretly smug a little.

“How much is your properties?” Seeing Black Mark is busy looking at the status of his character, and then mysteriously revealing a smirk, Steel City impatiently urged him.

“Ah? Oh… my current agility is 216.”

This sentence is tantamount to throwing a bomb into the crowd, A Ghost Dragging Knife just wants to talk but this shocking number is chocked his throat. After stunning for a while, sure that there was nothing wrong with his ears, he was so anxious to choke on the skinny Archer's neck, shake a few rounds back and forth, and loudly questioned whether the other party had done any harm…

“Now i'm sure that you have the strength to fight the monsters…” Six-Ways of Reincarnation voice is dry and somewhat boring, his own agility value as an a.s.sa.s.sin Archer is only 100, and the other party is twice more than himself…. It means that the monster attack of the same level as him will basically be MISS (Dodge)… He is completely speechless.


Haha… That's my boy… And all the high value properties are given by his Husband! oops.. Boyfriend. Shadows Cloak, Taomari, Thunder's Wings. Brooch and Void bracelet given by his boyfie's friends. Such a lucky demon you are Hei Yao… (。>﹏<>

fyi Black Mark's novice agility is only 42.

Lost Temple Chapter 23

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