Lost Temple Chapter 42

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Translator: churnie

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This chapter is easier to translate so i can finish at my usual pace.

Sweet moment usually appear at the end of the mission ?

I remembered that I had witnessed this magic instantly killed thousands of players who besieged the Bobcat team, everyone couldn't help but secretly squeezed the cold sweat——It seems that Fusu known as “once he stormed away, even the dragons must be afraid of his existence” is makes sense.

“Okay, you ought to played enough too, right?” The Wind Dragon Vega Storm's voice suddenly sounded, the talking object was indeed to the Earth Dragon and the Fire Dragon. “There are more important things to talk about, their performance should also make you satisfy, right?”

The figure of the Fire Dragon suddenly swayed and changed back to the original red-haired man appearance, it's just that there's a scratch on his nose, that was the wound left by Falling To The Silence. “Yeah yeah, the people chosen by Vega Storm ge are very strong!” Then he reluctantly muttered a setence: “just as abnormal as you!”

A system dialog box popped up in front of everyone. “Congratulations to the player to win the recognition of the four elemental giant Dragons, trigger mission ‘Looking for the Golden Dragon' mission level SSS+, mission time: unlimited.”

What else can they do? Of course, they chose to accept it. Just after picking up this mission, the system prompt appears again “Monster Siege is over, Congratulations to the Killing G.o.d Guild, the Dragon War Four Boundaries Guild, the Bobcat mercenary group succeeded in building the city together.”

Immediately afterwards, the system issued a world notice: “Congratulations to the Killing G.o.d Guild, the Dragon War Four Boundaries Guild, the Bobcat Mercenary group jointly established the city-state. Hope that the majority of players will continue to work hard, the history of the mainland will eventually be written by you.”

…………Why are there three party joint to build the city? It is clear that the original application was only the Killing G.o.d Guild… The Killing G.o.d Guild members are slightly depressed.

…………I picked up the big bargain for nothing….Boss is really brilliant ah! … The people of   Dragon War Four Boundaries Guild are snickering.

………… Why are you hanging up on us? Didn't know if people are afraid that famous pig is afraid of being strong*? … The five of the Bobcat members are helpless.

(T/n: 人怕出名猪怕壮  people are afraid that famous pig is afraid of being strong (proverb) means: famous people are for being attacked easily, and strong pigs should be slaughtered. So don't be too arrogant and keep low-key to protect yourself)

“Hey! The task below is very difficult. Your grades are really low and it's unpleasant!” The Earth Dragon suddenly very flatly said.

Isn't it thanks to you? The level of people who died in this siege have to be reduced by 10%… everyone didn't dare to speak out.

“Hey~ let this uncle help you all a little~” Fire Dragon Barakas made a snap of finger and a golden light evoked on everyone's body at the same time, system prompt appears again “Congratulations to the player for breaking through the level 100 mark and acquiring race skills.”

Make… make turn over! ! ! Looking at the gorgeous number on the level bar, everyone's first thought was to rush up and kiss the stinky Fire Dragon —— not only the level breaks through the level 100 mark, but they also acquired the race skills, this time they were almost knocked unconscious by the big pie that fell from the sky.

“My skill is ‘natural communication'” Fusu is an elf, he gained the ability to talk and communicate with plants.

“My skill is ‘the soul of the ancestors'” Ask the souls of the half-orc ancestors to possess a random beast skill such as the leopard's speed, tiger's power, giant bear's wrath, etc, the hunter-born headhunter's □□ naturally choose of the leopard's speed to increase the speed advantage.

“My skill is ‘goodwill envoy'” charm increased by 10%… Drunken Evil Of The Throne say in puzzled… The skills of the human race are so strange….

“Mine is ‘flying'”

“Mine too.” Black Scorpion Scarred Mark and Falling To The Silence have a confused look, why do they fly ah? Do you want them to ride the wind like the ancient sword fairy or step on a cloud like a monkey?

“Stupid! You are an angel, an angel ah!” Seeing that these two people are thinking about strange ideas, Abaddon really can't stand it, shaking the wings behind him and then looking at Black Scorpion Scarred Mark: “And you are demon! You say why do you fly?”

“With wings?” Black Mark weakly asked

“That's right ah!”

“But… where is the wing?”

The Fallen Angel can't help but turn to rolled his eyes: “I have never seen such an unconscious person, you close your eyes and imagine that you have wings behind you.”

The two closed their eyes according to the words, whispering in their hearts wings, wings, wings, and there was a strange feelings on their backs, as if they were covered with a light cloak, they opened their eyes, then saw there are two huge leather wings like bat wings on Black Mark's back and two huge white angel wings on Falling To The Silence's back.

How can I fly? His heart was just thinking about this question, the wings behind him are like receiving brain instructions that generally act automatically, flapped the wings to bring a huge airflow, the feet of the two men vacated instantly and flew up to the sky with the help of the wings. In reality they're often flying too, but this feeling is completely different from sitting in the aircraft, the wind blows directly on their face, like the gentle hand of a mother, occasionally a bird pa.s.ses by, staring at them with curiosity. After looking them for a while they found that the two men were not malicious, they let down their guard and get closer to them, there were even one or two skylarks greeted them with a melodious chirp as they flew past them, probably think of them as the same kind with a bit huge body. . . . . .

The feeling of being completely free from the hustle bustle is unspeakable pleasure in the heart, Falling To The Silence holding Black Mark's hand agitating the wings in the air to speed up the flight, and happily flying hovering around in circle, almost never wanting to go back to the ground.

Black Scorpion Scarred Mark looked at the figure flying freely in the sky with himself, the corner of his mouth unconsciously bends a curve, the person who was with the sense of indifference rejecting people thousands of miles away has such a cheerful and lively side, although he couldn't see his expression because of the mask, but he must be very happily laugh, Silence's expression mostly always cold and serious, almost to the point of facial nerve paralysis, the smile on his face is very rare in daily, however his smile is really beautiful, although it was short it was like the blooming flowers in the night, the beauty makes people dazzling. What does he really look like in reality? Although the task can be modified to a certain extent when creating the face of the character task, but it is still based on the real face. Suddenly, an urgent thoughts emerged on the bottom of Black Mark's heart, what does Silence look like to laugh in reality? I really want to see…

“Ah Yao, since you are in the sky now, I don't have to worry about the covering skill area is not big enough, i leave to you for that matter!” Fusu's voice succeeded in letting Black Mark's mood fall back to the bottom. Feel like crying, he unwillingly pulled out the harp —— he really hates this skill, every time he use it he's going to be weak for a whole day, it is really terribly enough…

Complaining just complaining, bad mood just bad mood, the things that have to be done have to be done, after all he has Requiem to save everyone who died in the siege—— it is worth the value too. Just saving a life is more meritorious than building a seven-floor paG.o.da*.

(T/n: 救人一命胜造七级浮屠 saving a life is more meritorious than building a seven-floor paG.o.da (idiom):  It means died building a paG.o.da is not as good as “saving lives” after all).

The soft and beautiful music like the sound of heaven sounded over the battlefield, Black Scorpion Scarred Mark clearly felt that their physical strength was constantly being sucked away by the white strings —— the first two times he was sitting on the ground playing, it doesn't feel so obvious, but this is flying in the air, there is nothing to rely on at all, this state of forcing performance is becoming more apparent.

Strongly fanning the wings to maintain the balance of the body in the air, the hand that pulled the strings trembled unconsciously, just as he thought he was going to fall off the ground and become the first disgraced player to fall to death in public, his body suddenly fell into a warm embrace.

“Don't be afraid, i'm here.” The words that sounded in the ear are short but they have the magic that make people be at ease, Black Mark nodded and put away his wings, he rested peacefully in Falling To The Silence's arms and continued to play the Requiem.

The wind blows away the thin clouds that cover the sun, a ray of sunlight spilled over the two men and plated their appearance with a golden halo, listening to the beautiful music and looking at this beautiful picture, the people on the ground almost forgot to breathe for a moment.

“Oh my G.o.d!! Unparalleled, did you take the screenshot of the picture??!!” Rose of Versailles' voice sounded in the channel: “Hurry up and take a few more shots for me, i can't take pictures in the death status!”

“En! En! I am taking picture,” Unparalleled Warrior quickly pressed her fingers and took photos one by one. “BL great G.o.d ah! You care so much about me, let me see such a perfect couple in my lifetime!!! Ah ah~~~~ I am dead without regrets!”

“En, en, en, really BL great G.o.d apparition! I want to put their photos in my bedroom!!!!”

“Ah~~ powerful beauty ah~~~”

There are several strange voices sounded in the channel. Unparalleled Warrior raised her eyebrows and an evil smile floated from the corners of her mouth: “Are you a fellow*? Where do you get the mandarin duck's photos?”

(T/n: 同好 fellow/tonghao is taken from 公诸同好 Gongzhutonghao: to share pleasure in the company of others (idiom); shared enjoyment with fellow enthusiasts.
Mandarin duck: affectionate couple; refers to Silence&Black)

“Now i'm watching the mandarin duck at the side!” Several voices were in unison.

“Ah! family ah! I found family!”

“Come come come here, let's add friends…”

“Okay, okay, we are the Dragon War Four Boundaries members!”

“Anyway we will be mixed in a city in the future, everyone will be a radish in the pit in the future laa!”

  ………… “Do you have such women there too?” Drunken Evil Of The Throne glanced at Flying Dragon In The Sky, the latter shrugged helplessly, the two men sighed, there was a look of empathy on their face.

Lost Temple Chapter 42

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