Lost Temple Chapter 46

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“Boss, how about it?” Several black shadows came together at the corner, surrounded the man with concern and asked.

“What else can we do? You didn't see those two names already gray? They're obviously been killed!” It was a girl's voice, but because of the identical equipment of these people, so it is impossible to tell which person was the girl who talked.

“Hehe, it's really a gathering of the top three teams of the last year's world's first martial arts compet.i.tion, it's really amazing.” Reach out and pull down the mask, it revealed a sharp face, if the light is bright, people will find that it's a handsome face that makes people almost look away.

“That Waving Light big brother, do we not follow too?” It has already damaged two people, the original seven-person team is now only five people left.

“Follow, why don't you follow?” A smile appeared on the corner of his mouth, people who were familiar with their boss' character couldn't help but have a chill, it was the bloodthirsty smile that was only revealed when you stared at your favorite prey.

At this time, the people who had boarded the second floor of the Tower of Bable soon came across the second gift given to them by the system G.o.ds — the dead spirit of the tower (undead). Legend has it that a soul full of obsession can't ascend to heaven after death, they had to wander among the world, forgetting the feelings that once existed as human beings, leaving only the resentment against the living creatures.

The first to be attacked was Flying Dragon In The Sky who led the team in the front, the body of the ghost itself is semi-transparent, it's hidden in the dark corridor, it can't be seen without careful identification, fortunately Flying Dragon In The Sky's career is death knight, theoretically it belongs to the undead system and the damage is weakened. That is to say, as a death knight, he and the undead monsters will not cause too much damage to each other.

Even if nothing was hurt, Flying Dragon In The Sky was startled by the sudden rus.h.i.+ng out. Everything in this game are all too realistic. Say if you suddenly see a hideous ghost jump in front of you, you will be scared, right?

Black Scorpion Scarred Mark with keen eyes and swift hands shot out a flame arrow and nailed to the heart of the ghost, the undead monster itself is afraid of the attack of the flame and the bright properties, plus this arrow is nailed to the monster's weakness, the undead of the tower made a screaming sound and the figure gradually faded, it eventually became a wisp of black smoke disappearing without a trace. Haven't had time to relax, stood behind him all the time, Falling To The Silence who only three yards away from him suddenly sprang out, close to the side of Hidden Dragon In The Abyss, the Vega Storm shot transverse knife, another ghost screamed and turned into black smoke.

Hidden Dragon In The Abyss glanced at the other person in a depressed and helpless look, he's the same agile melee profession, but compare to the other person this ninja was too far away, he was not noticed being so close to the monster, instead he was saved by Falling To The Silence in the distance, Hidden Dragon In The Abyss' self-confidence once again suffered a huge blow…

“Everyone be careful, this ghost is like G.o.ds appear and devils vanish*, especially for the low blood and low defense professions, be careful.”

(T/n: 神出鬼没 G.o.ds appear and devils vanish (idiom); to appear and disappear unpredictably)

Fusu called out the magic s.h.i.+eld around him, at the same time a big fireball hung in the air, s.h.i.+ning the s.p.a.ce around the square as bright as the day. “Crazy, called out all the summoning beasts and placed it on the outermost part of the team.”
“All right.” The results of the closed cultivation practice are remarkable, Not Crazy Not Survive raise his staff, 10 powerful demon wolves appeared in front of everyone, a year ago at world's first martial arts compet.i.tion he could only summon four demon wolves, now there is a qualitative leap in both quant.i.ty and level.

Under the illumination of Fusu's spell, everyone finally saw the situation around them, numerous ghosts stood in the corridor of the room with grey-white eyes staring at the team, although the flames and heat made them somewhat afraid, but the desire to kill quickly defeats the fear by nature, and a large number of undeads begin to move slowly toward them.

The undead of the tower is different from the first batch of the Scarab Beetle. At the very least, a wide range of attacking magic can't kill them in batches in a short time, instead it will attract more undead to move closer to them. Moreover, the attack power of these monsters is not low, although the display is 80 level monster, but the attack power must not be underestimated. Extreme Element who had unscrupulous hearts after being grabbed one-third of his blood bar by a ghost's paw he immediately yelled and jumped back into the big forces.

Rose of Versailles' work to fill the blood was all pushed to Control Killing Not Control Burying, as a priest the attack magic of her divine properties has a great lethal effect on the ghost, basically she can kill the monsters in a stroke, this is the absolutely happy time for her who can't experience the pleasure of killing monsters on weekdays.

Enjoying the purification successions. Although the ghosts are powerful, they are definitely not the opponents of these people, in a short while the monsters at close range are clean cleared. For Rose of Versailles killing monsters is too addictive, gradually getting out of the core position of the center of the team, standing to the side of Hidden Dragon In The Abyss.

Hidden Dragon In The Abyss couldn't help but rolled his eyes: “Big sister, you robbing me of business!”

Rose of Versailles spit out her tongue and said: “Wait a minute, i kill one more time and go back.” After that, the purification technique pa.s.s over the ghosts in the distance. It was then that the situation changed suddenly, a figure suddenly appeared from the dark and the dagger in his hand directly attacked the defenseless Rose of Versailles. Hidden Dragon In The Abyss was not a rookie, he immediately retreats his body, the dagger in his hand holds the dagger from the other side, when he put his attention on this side, another figure appeared behind the Rose of Versailles, with a double-knife approached, the female priest was second killed on the spot. Seeing the attack succeed, the two sneak attackers didn't zealously continue fighting, they immediately disappeared into the air.

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d!” Drunken Evil Of The Throne hatefully cursed. The only ones in their team who can fill the blood is Rose of Versailles and Control Killing Not Control Burying. Black Scorpion Scarred Mark is a half bard, making him hold the harp to fill the blood is simply wasteful. The monster's power in this tower is very abnormal, the more they go to the back, certainly the more they will test the auxiliary professions, didn't expect to lose the important priest just after coming here.

At the same time, we can't deny the other person's fierce eye, the shot is fast. The timing was in place and after quickly killing the priest they didn't zealously continue fighting and immediately showing a clean pair of heels*. The most important thing is that now they are in the dark, their profession can be invisible which they can't guard against it**.

(T/n: *逃之夭夭  to show a clean pair of heels (idiom); to make one's getaway from the scene of a crime; to escape without trace
**防不胜防 you can't guard against it (idiom): impossible to defend effectively; not much one can do about it; It can't be prevented).
“Everyone blitzkrieg strategy*, there are big move** to use big move. Just pay attention to keep each other team, melee profession protect the remote profession, Ah Yao you go to Silence's side, you two are responsible for alerting.” Fusu said with waving his right hand, the big move Glacier Century of the ice spell was thrown out. Batches of monsters were either frozen or slowed down, taking advantage of this opportunity Feng Xiao Sha's “Star Sinking To The Earth” and Perfect Storm's “Inferno Fire Sea” were thrown out at the same time. The three-element big move magical group attacked, and the large amount of ghosts immediately turned into black smoke and disappeared without a trace.

(T/N: *速战速决 blitzkrieg strategy (idiom): to resolve something in the shortest time possible; to get something done quickly;
**大招 Big Move is the work in “The Songs of the South”, which is said to have been made by Qu Yuan. The poem can be divided into two parts in the content: one is to vigorously render all kinds of sinister and strange, and the other is to express the beauty of the former residence of Chu. In the end, it is strongly praised that the Chu State is meritocracy, politically clear, and the country is strong, so as to induce the soul to return to Chu country.)
“After a while, Ah Yao and Six Ways attack these ghosts with the arrow rain with the shock-back effect, whether it can second-killed them or not, just push them back, at that time all of us will rush forward.”

“Ah? Don't we fight?” Extreme Element have some doubts. But Drunken Evil Of The Throne and Flying Dragon In The Sky exchanged a tacit look.

“Do we gotta leave some presents for the latecomers or so they wouldn't be too lonely to follow us all the way?” The mage grinned, but the smile in this dim environment, how to see how it was measured.

“Understood.” Black Scorpion Scarred Mark and Six Ways of Reincarnation took out the longbow, one left and one right, kneeling on the ground, posed, two of the arrow rains generally shot out and the attached shock effect pushed the monster back about five yards away, there was even some dizziness situation. In the middle of the room there was a pa.s.sage without monsters blocking. Taking advantage of this opportunity, the leaders of all the expeditions desperately flew to the other side of the corridor.

When everyone runs smoothly to the next area, the monsters in this room also began to to pounce wildly on the two archers who attacked them. Black Scorpion Scarred Mark was again throwing a wave of arrow rain and succeeded in second killed the ghosts on the right side of the room, then with the same tacit understanding of Six Way of Reincarnation both of them went stealth, walked along the right side of the cleaned room to another area.

After determining the stealth in the game the target will be lost, the ghost who hadn't died after being attacked by the arrow rain could not find the two men who began to jump wildly in the room left and right. However, in the game, although stealth can cause an attacker to lose his or her target, but it doesn't mean that the character will disappear, that is to say the so-called stealth state is more like a visual shadowing effect, the person who stealth is unable to cut across any monsters, players or building.

Although the ghosts in the room were mostly cleared by them, but there are more than a hundred left and in a raging state after the attack, the sneak attackers in the dark want to catch up with them have to kill all the monsters left in the room by themselves, otherwise they have a great chance of being hit by the maddening ghosts.

Running through the room Black Scorpion Scarred Mark and Six Ways of Reincarnation lift the stealth state, looking back at the room that has been rioted, at the same time there were a sneer at the corner of their mouth – want to be their enemies? Weigh your own jack* first!

(T/n: 斤两 literally Jack/Weight has figurative means: importance)

Lost Temple Chapter 46

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