Lost Temple Chapter 54

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Logging in again after three days, Black Scorpion Scarred Mark entered the game and found that he was in the reception room of the Light and Shadow City. During the update period, the system has automatically sent their group of people from the entrance of Tower of Babel to the Light and Shadow City.

A ray of light flashed in front of him and Silence has also been logged into the game. “Silence, Is there anything wrong with you?” Who knows if there were any side effects after chopping the wings, although it has no effect on the former body, but that doesn't mean that it doesn't no affect the characters in the game.

Silence took a moment to move his limbs, he felt that there is nothing wrong with him, then shook his head honestly. While the two of them were talking, other people have already landed in the game.

This update is such a turning point of the Lost Temple, according to the officially published information, not only did it open the map of the Abyss of h.e.l.l, a number of hidden professions have also been added. Players can also open their own stores after submitting an application to pay a certain amount of coins and adding more business opportunities to the game. And in order to meet the needs of the players, the game added a more humane life clothing settings, that is, everyone will have two sets of equipment bars, one set is the combat equipment which is the old equipment of the player, and the other one set is the living equipment, there is no combat properties bonus, but in term of style and comfort it was far better than the combat equipment.

“Ah Yao, Silence! I am really really touched!” A figure flew over, the two hurriedly turned back, then subconsciously flashed to the side, they saw the female priest of the human race fell flat to the ground in a very non-elegant posture. Rose of Versailles didn't care even the slightest and quickly got up, she firmly hold Falling To The Silence's hands, her excitement was overwhelming: “Silence! I really wors.h.i.+p you! I saw the official video! It's great! You are absolutely the most exemplary little Seme! I am so touched! Why i wasn't there at the time! 555~~~~~”

(T/n: exemplary: representing the best of its kind).

The corner of Falling To The Silence's eyes twitched at once, his right hand gripped the hilt of the Vega Storm, he was desperately restrained to make himself look expressionless.

“Wow! How cunning you are sister Rose! I came in first!”

“Yes ah! Not even calling everyone together!” The loud noise sounded from far and near, in a moment the guest (chat)room was squeezed slowly and the noise was endless. Falling To The Silence's face became more and more foul, he's on the verge of explosion. Fortunately Drunken Evil Of The Throne who was at the upper limit was fast, he quickly transferred the control panel, the guest room permissions was changed and the non-guild main team was not allowed to enter, the crowded people were driven out instantly to avoid a bloodbath that was about to happen.

“You're so mean!”

“That's right, i curse you!”

In an instant Drunken Evil Of The Throne became the explosion point of everyone's rage, A Ghost Dragging Knife who was nearest to the door went to the door with trembling in fear and closed the door of the guest room in the eyes of a number of his accomplices and other women. The people present here just looked at each other and took a long breath as the world was finally quiet…

“It seems that everyone knows about this update.” Drunken Evil Of The Throne's glance at Rose of Versailles and Unparalleled Warriors who were whispering together, he cleared his throat and continuing, “What are you planning?”

“Of course we're going to take a look at the Abyss of h.e.l.l!” Fusu smiled lightly. “This update adds so many things, the hidden missions estimated to have increased a lot, it is worth seeing.”

“Going is definitely going, I guess Evil Of The Throne means to ask everyone if they're waiting for their strength to improve some more and then go.” Flying Dragon In The Sky said.

“Indeed, The Tower of Babel this time was a really messy walk.” Cold Wave also nodded in a agreement. After run-in for a period of time, it has developed a special tacit understanding between him, Flying Dragon In The Sky and Drunken Evil Of The Throne, the three people are almost telepathically understand each other's thoughts.

“Ah!!!” A cry interrupted everyone's conversation, An Tong with ashen look stuttered while pointing at his character's properties bar: “My… my skills are all gray.” …”

When the skill turns gray, it means that the skill can't be used, like when Falling To The Silence's Vega Storm was in the not complete form, the second skill was in gray unusable state. Everyone was shocked with what they heard, they opened their own character options to view. At first glance they also lamented repeatedly, not only An Tong, but all of their skill bars turned gray.

“But mine have no changed.” Flying Dragon In The Sky repeatedly looked at his skill bar, everything was normal.

“Mine too.” Black Scorpion Scarred Mark added.

“So are we.” The skill bars of Rose of Versailles and Extreme Element did not change, □ □ didn't speak, but he also nodded.

“That means–” Perfect Storm's hand rested on his chin, he said with frowning: “Except the dark characters as Flying Dragon and Ah Yao, everyone's skills who have died before have been sealed?”

“My race and occupation bar are empty.” Falling To The Silence looked at his character menu, the two columns which originally written race and occupation became empty.

“Look like this trip to the Abyss of h.e.l.l, we have to go regardless.” Staring at his own skill bar that is also gray,  Six Way of Reincarnation smile bitterly. Originally Drunken Evil Of The Throne was also worried that their existing combat power couldn't pa.s.s through the Abyss of h.e.l.l, now most of them have their skills sealed and become decorative items, the difficulty of the task has multiplied! How abnormal is the main mission of Lost Temple? How can they make them w.a.n.gle comfortably and calmly?

“If we have to go then let's go” Drunken Evil Of The Throne nodded, in the game the mission difficulty and the mission reward were proportional, that's one of the main reasons they didn't freak out after being tormented by the system. “Ah Yao, i have to ask you to prepare for the supplies, take the money from the Guild's funds.”

“No problem.”

Drunken Evil Of The Throne nodded and looked at Extreme Element and Rose of Versailles. “Both of you shouldn't partic.i.p.ate in this mission.”

“What? ”

“Why is that boss?” Both of them disbelievingly widened their eyes.

“I don't say that you didn't trigger the mission, but it's also futile to go, the main thing is that the system has just been updated, we are the only guild that owns a city, many things have to be done, we must leave people around to manage the overall situation.”

“d.a.m.n it! I want to go!” Extreme Element punched on the table and muttered unwillingly.

“You don't want to go either.” Flying Dragon In The Sky waved towards □□, and the latter nodded silently.

“Fusu, you talk about it to Desert, I guess you've also studied the new store system in the past three days, right?” Drunken Evil Of The Throne said with looking at both Fusu and □□ : “The store system in the city will be handed over to you, Rose and Extreme are not careful enough, you pay more attention to them.”

(T/n: this character □□ don't know what his full name is but he has nickname Desert Sand in ch.36)
□ □ froze for a moment, like there's no response, such an important thing was so lightly handed over to themselves? Although the Dragon War Four Boundaries is an ally with the Killing G.o.d, but it's not a whole after all, the financial lifeline was handed over to the outsiders, does Drunken Evil Of The Throne really believe in them or he intends to test them?

“You have to learn from Fusu, now the economy of the city is in charge of Fusu, if he is not here, don't mess things up, by then tens of thousands of our allies will have to drink the northwest wind.” Flying Dragon In The Sky blinked his eys towards □ □, indicating that the other person to not think too much, as early as the beginning of the Light and Shadow City, they gave all the Guild's property to Fusu to take care of, and Fusu will definitely not disappoint them.

(T/n: 喝西北风 drink the northwest wind (idiom); cold and hungry)

The Lost Temple world is not much different from the real world, a person who can establish a party which have influence must not be a simple role, they are all aware of it without the need for such a simple truth.

“That's right, I suddenly remembered, how the h.e.l.l are we going to the Abyss of h.e.l.l?” Cold Wave who was silent for half a day suddenly raised a very actual problem, there's nothing to say about the strength of their group, but the skills are sealed at the moment, all turned into a blank slate rookie with no power in hands, not to mention what happens after entering the abyss, even the monsters on the road were very difficult to cope.

“Let the guild's members escort you?” Unparalleled Warrior saying an idea.

“It's inappropriate, it's just been updated, many things in the city need manpower, people with low level can't help, people with high level can't walk away.” Six Ways of Reincarnation shook his head and sighed, he has been thinking about this since the beginning. “We are doing this so openly, it's not undoubtedly telling people that everyone has lost their fighting power, this news was going to break to the top and the gra.s.sroots members will definitely be in a panic.”

“It's really inappropriate to do so.” The Fusu, who has been sitting and watching the discussion revealed a well-thought-out smile: “I have an idea, we can spread out, a group of two or three people, to the foot of the boundary mountain.”

“But we have no attack power!” A Ghost Dragging Knife said anxiously.

“We just have the skills sealed. The normal attack is completely fine.” Fusu rubbed his fingers and then pulled out his staff and wave it towards A Ghost Dragging Knife, the latter wasn't prepared to be shot, a number of HP-100 was floated on his head. “That is the case, except our Mage's profession which was more disadvantageous, the other melee professions should be no problem to deal with the lower-level little monsters outside the boundary mountain, and our low attack power can also be installed as low-level players, not noticeable even the slightest.”

After listening to Fusu's words, everyone looked at A Ghost Dragging Knife's head. Showing the expression of a sudden realization.

“Let's say that everyone was good, but the two of them are just too conspicuous, they can't hide it right?” An Tong pointed to Black Scorpion Scarred Mark and Falling To The Silence. After the official promotional video was exploding, the two men were at a household-name level.

Fusu frowned, he obviously thought about this too, but he still didn't think what the solution was.

“In fact it's not that hard.” Not Crazy Not Survive who has always been pleased with oneself was finally speak up. “Isn't the new set of life clothing added now? They just need to change their life clothes and then if they take the mask off there won't have many people to recognize them, right?”

It is very simple and effective to take note of, but everyone was just too preconceived at first, plus their masks were like growing on their face, a few people have seen them took off their mask, so even Fusu who was known as the think-tank didn't expect such a simple idea.

“That, OK, everyone get ready first, and see you at the foot of the boundary mountain three days later.”

so disappointing that we didn't get to see the exciting scene, but i don't wanna criticized the author… ?

let's just wait and see, when will the scene happen.

Lost Temple Chapter 54

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