Lost Temple Chapter 58

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“What are you talking about?” Eta Ursa Major remain strong and retorted.

“What a nasty imp!” Shaking his head and sighing, Black Scorpion Scarred Mark closed his eyes, inhale and exhale, the Taomari in his hand turned to the left and three feather arrows flew out, a person on the branch of the tree fell to the ground, then the body turned into white light and flew away. “The remaining five, come out quickly!”

“You!” Eta Ursa Major's waist bent down, rushed forward instantly, the dagger in his hand already bright up, directly attacked Black Scorpion Scarred Mark's neck.

“Cut it out! Your sealed skill actually has been unlocked, your mission has also failed, hasn't it?” Black Scorpion Scarred Mark fetched three of Arrow of the Underworld to put on the bowstring: “So it's okay to kill you, right?”

“Yao, stop!” Looking at the three Arrow of the Underworld there was no false attack towards the crucial point of Eta Ursa Major's body at all, Falling To The Silence also couldn't hold back anymore, lifted the stealth state and rushed over there, but how can a man's speed be better than a flying feather arrow, when he hasn't arrived yet, the three feather arrows have been inserted to Eta Ursa Major's three crucial point throat, chest and abdomen.

“Silence.” Cold Wave's big sword blocked the a.s.sa.s.sin's way, Falling To The Silence shouted at the swordsman who blocked him in the front: “Get out of the way, that's my brother!”

“Then you shouldn't even go.” The sword in Cold Wave's hand didn't move a single jot. “You think about it, is it better to let Ah Yao kill him once, or let everyone in the Light and Shadow City kill him, each one at a time?”

The a.s.sa.s.sin who was overbearing at first suddenly silent, Falling To The Silence was silent for a moment then softly said. “Sorry, I am too impulsive.” Falling To The Silence calmed down instantly and then went to Black Scorpion Scarred Mark's side, his hand pointed to the depth of the dark woods: “In the gra.s.s at five o'clock direction, right in front of the tree, two in the bush at three o'clock direction, and the one standing behind Fusu, get out of here quickly! Tell Eta Ursa Major that even his kind of second-rate level was not enough, don't provoke me anymore. If you want to be forgiven, go to the entrance of Light and Shadow City to apologize, or I'll hang him up and fight the next time I see him!”

The person who stood behind Fusu slowly showed his figure, it was Gamma Ursa Major that they had seen before, now the other party has no mask: “Big Master, we…”

“There is no Big Master here!” Coldly interrupted the other person's words, Falling To The Silence snorted disdainfully: “You actually accompanied him to make troubles, also made such a despicable and childish thing.”

“Big Master…”

“Get out of here.” He said no more words, Falling To The Silence pulled up Black Mark's hand and took the lead to the depths of the woods, he only left a sentence “If you threaten my friends again, i will kill you mercilessly.”

“Yes…” Looking at the figure of the five people gradually disappeared into the darkness, Gamma Ursa Major felt that his cold sweat had soaked his s.h.i.+rt, even if he had not seen him for many years, the Big Master's power was still undiminished….

Back to the journey, everyone walked a little silent. Just now Drunken Evil Of The Throne received a thousands of miles voice from Six Ways of Reincarnation, it turned out that an anonymous post appeared on the Game forum, the detailed above mentioned that their character process revealed, it was very explicit hints that their group lost their fighting power, if you could kill them you could explode the high-level (gear)equipment on their bodies.

Regardless of whether the news was true or not, the two legendary artifact-level weapons on Black Mark and Silence alone were enough for many people to take risks out of desperation. This post seems to be an intentional sinister conspiracy of numerous insiders — not to mention that the master's artifact could not be dropped, even if the master deletes the weapon it will also be systematically destroyed by data recovery….

This post was obviously the sinister plot set up by Eta Ursa Major who walked along with them in the Tower of Babel.

“This matter doesn't have to be traced down, we've already figured out the causes and effects.” Glancing at Falling To The Silence, Drunken Evil Of The Throne replied to Six Ways of Reincarnation with the thousand of miles voice: “You happen to return to the city just in time, the Light and Shadow City is under construction currently, there are only Extreme and the trio, i'm afraid they're too busy.”

“Evil Of The Throne…” After a moment of hesitation, Six Ways of Reincarnation didn't ask anything else, “By the way, three people took Ah Yao's Destroying Life arrow to the Light and Shadow City, the people who were in the previous attack event were anxious, we let them live in the VIP room for the time being. What should I do with these three people now?”
“I did lent them my Destroying Life arrow, I also considered that it is not appropriate to let strangers enter the guild at this time, but the characters of these three people are trustworthy, although their level are not high, but their skills are good, especially the Druid, he has promising future, you take care of them. “This one night thing happened one after another, after the other party's reminder, only then Black Scorpion Scarred Mark remembered he has arranged The Battle Of The Sky to go to the Light and Shadow City.

“En, you can rest a.s.sured.” When Six Ways of Reincarnation saw the Destroying Life arrow at I Don't Love ChangEr's hands, he had already accepted these three people, he absolutely believed at Black Scorpion Scarred Mark's insight to look at the people, that's why he would arrange them in the VIP room, the reason for the previous question was that it was just his cautious personality. “The guild was very busy, I won't say more, be careful all of you.”

Cutting off the thousands of miles voice from Six Ways of Reincarnation, Black Scorpion Scarred Mark looked up and saw that they had reached the depths of the boundary mountain, the edge of the Abyss of h.e.l.l, the open s.p.a.ce in front of them was not the place that the Infancy Cerberus they encountered in their early moments and used a dozen of skewers to exchange the other party dog's teeth, was it?

“It's supposed to be here.” Apparently Falling To The Silence also remembered this place, however the map coordinates in front of them show that they are still in the position of the boundary mountain, but there is no road ahead.

“Maybe the road is ahead.” Fusu leaned over and looked at the bottomless cliff in the front, knife-cut cliff. “The Abyss of h.e.l.l, looking from the name it's likely that the place is down here.”

Everyone thought for a moment that Fusu's inferences were somewhat reasonable, Black Scorpion Scarred Mark took a step forward and volunteered to be the pathfinder for everyone, as the only person who can fly now, even after jumping down, he won't be in any danger either.
The bat wings were unfolding again, tonight Black Scorpion Scarred Mark repeatedly thankful that he had such a convenient race skill, the flapping wings drove the airflow, holding the body slowly hovering down. Safely descended to the bottom of the valley, Black Scorpion Scarred Mark was stunned by the beauty in front of him — The Golden River, like the flowing of the light veins, looking at the river bank was the endless bright red, like the vast stretch of the blooming Red Flower, cover up the color of the land on the river bank, the beautiful view of the golden and red colors were almost suffocating.

Red Flower (Lycorisradiata)

  ”Ah Yao, how are you there?” The thoughts that drifting out of the clouds* were called back by the voice of Cold Wave, only then Black Scorpion Scarred Mark remembered his own mission, he quickly open the system menu to confirm, and as expected the map clearly indicated that he is now in the location of — The Styx River.

(T/n: 九霄云外 drifting out of the clouds (idiom): unimaginably far away)
It seems what Fusu was thinking was correct, according to the information, there are only two paths to the Abyss of h.e.l.l. One was through the Gates of h.e.l.l guarded by Cerberus, and the other one was riding the boat of the ferryman Charon, crossing the Styx River.

“I got it, you wait, I'm going to go and pick you up.”

After four or five round of trips, he finally picked up all the people on the cliff. After landing safely, everyone was obviously fascinated by the scenery in front of them. “Oh, my G.o.d! This is the demon world? It is a thousand times better than the divine world?” Remembering the almost blinding white of the Tower of Babel, Cold Wave could not help but sigh loudly.

“The Divine World? What is that?” A strange and hoa.r.s.e voice reminded everyone, and everyone saw where's the sound come from, they saw a small wooden raft coming slowly from the other side of the river, the one who spoke was naturally the old man on the boat with the paddle.

“Charon?” Even if you don't have common sense, you should also guess who the old man with white beard was, Drunken Evil Of The Throne took a step forward and looked at the raft slowly ash.o.r.e, he respectfully said to the old man, “Can you* cross us across the river?”

(T/n: the ‘you' was using polite term ‘nin' not ‘ni', to show politeness/respect to one's talking to)

“Okay.” Seeing the other party's readily agree, Drunken Evil Of The Throne who was prepared to waste some breath was obviously stunned. “Thank you very much.”

“The boat money is two crystal coins per person.”

“What?” Drunken Evil Of The Throne had not had time to fully smile, he then choked back by the sentence — two crystal coins per person? Isn't it too illegal? Five of them will cost ten crystal coins? It's enough for more than a month of Light and Shadow City's spending…

“Of course, you can spend no money on the boat,” Charon smiled slightly, revealing under the cover of the simple robe was a st.u.r.dy muscle comparable to a Greek sculpture. “If you beat me, I'll cross you across the river for free.”

…………Reminiscing the previous trial of the Osiris and then looked at Black Scorpion Scarred Mark who was the only one who had attacking power among the group of people — how can the latter's thin body withstand this muscular uncle's fist…

“Forget it, we'll pay the money…” Ten crystal coins being counted with painful expression and handed over to Charon's hand. Drunken Evil Of The Throne sighed heavily every time he dropped a coin — it's all Money ah! The rest of the people who didn't know how to manage the household didn't know that meat and rice were expensive*, but as the Lord of the city he knew that the money had not come easily.

(T/n: One didn't know how to manage the household, didn't know that meat and rice were expensive: just literally describing how precious money is, not to spend it idly/recklessly)

Looking at Drunken Evil Of The Throne fished out the money like cutting his own flesh, the other four couldn't help but secretly laughed at the bottom of their hearts.

The Styx River was not wide, standing on this side, you can clearly see the scenery on the opposite side, Charon only need to paddle a little and the raft would drifted to the other side at a rapid speed. Looking at the beautiful scenery in front of him, there is a faint of nostalgia in Black Scorpion Scarred Mark's heart, all of a sudden he miss the Demon novice village where he was born — Is this what is called a sense of belonging?

At the end of the short voyage, Black Scorpion Scarred Mark somewhat reluctantly thanked Charon, he was ready to jump off the raft but was stopped by the other party's hand: “Are you a  Demon's imp?” The muscular uncle looked at Black Scorpion Scarred Mark and said calmly.

“Yes, I am a Demon.” Black Scorpion Scarred Mark honestly answered, didn't care about the other party calling himself ‘imp'.

“I haven't seen the new Demon for a long time, for the sake of you being a demon I will remind you” There was a nostalgic expression on Charon's face and then he took out something from his pocket and threw it into the river, the mirror-like golden river suddenly burst into a huge wave, and a large mouth full of dense fangs suddenly sprang out of the water and swallowed the things thrown by the ferryman.

He glanced at the people who were shocked and couldn't say a word, Charon faintly said: “Remember that this is the Demon World, only the strong one will be eligible to survive.”

“Thank you…” Sincerely thanked the other party, Black Scorpion Scarred Mark was obviously lingered in fear by the scene, G.o.d knows he wanted to go over there and touched the Golden River earlier — luckily he didn't do that, otherwise he probably buried in the big mouth of the unknown monster now…

Apparently Eta is just like a rich little brat..

The scene when Charon throwing something to the river and caught by a Giant fangs of mouth remind me of MEGALODON, ancient shark or it was ancient CROCODILE monster.

Lost Temple Chapter 58

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