Lost Temple Chapter 68

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After bullying Eta Ursa Major, Falling To The Silence's mood was very pleasant, he wiped his beloved knife Vega Storm with his hands, then he opened the map and took a look at the coordinates of the little Sting Tail Lion.

After these few days of training, Eta Ursa Major's hand can be said to advance by leaps and bounds, as long as he got rid of the restlessness, he may become the first a.s.sa.s.sin in the Lost Temple.

Although Six Ways of Reincarnation was powerful, but as he thought he got Black Scorpion Scarred Mark's techniques, recently he set his mind on training his archer's skills, instead he ignored his ident.i.ty as an a.s.sa.s.sin. Unexpectedly, the importance of skills in Lost Temple was going without saying, but to become a top player, skills alone were not enough.

For this a.s.sa.s.sin archer who was too much close to Black Mark, Silence was always got a little bit brooding, he imagined that one day the other person would be defeated under the slas.h.i.+ng knife of ‘his family's younger brother'. Falling To The Silence with his cat-like lowered waist ran fast towards the location where Black Scorpion Scarred Mark was.

Black Scorpion Scarred Mark leaned under the tree teased the little Sting Tail Lion using a string of meat skewers, watching the other side stared with its round blue eyes and revealing a small fangs, he could not help but laughing.

Falling To The Silence bypa.s.sing the giant wood that blocks his view, he saw the other side half-hanging his head with a gentle smile on his face.

“Yao.” Going over and put the little Sting Tail Lion on his shoulders, he deliberately ignored the other's red cheeks and asked, “what's your plan?”

Manticore met the master who had been away for many days, it was also very affectionate, it jumped on Silence's shoulder and shook its wings, intimately rubbed his face with the tip of its nose.

“Un, I want to go to the east, I heard that the easternmost boundary of the map is a sea.” Black Scorpion Scarred Mark was Demon, his birth place was at the westernmost point of the continent, so as he hit the birth path until then he has no chance to see the scenery of the east side of the continent.

“Okay.” Dotingly touched the other's silver hair, Falling To The Silence readily agreed, they were together anyway, where else could he go?

Endless Sea, the place which was not just in name only but also in reality.

The Lost Temple continental map extension road was end here, and then there was the blue sea, as far as the eye can see, the water and the sky met.

The wind blew to the face carried the salty taste of the sea, the waves gently caressed the golden sands, one after another.

In the gap of the black reef on the coast, from time to time there would be level one of small crabs come and go, occasionally there would be seabirds flying over the sky, but they were all level 1 pa.s.sive monsters, rather than to say it was monster, it was better to say that it was the system specially arranged.

“Hua~~~~~~” It was really good! Black Scorpion Scarred Mark open his arms against the wind and enjoy the slight sea breeze. In reality, the environmental pollution was serious, such fresh air and clean sea water no longer exist.

Falling To The Silence stood by his side without saying a word, he was also concentrating on enjoying the view of the beauty —— Who said that the beautiful person was not a beautiful scenery?

(he meant viewing Black Mark)

It was still an unexplored virgin land, inaccessible, not even half a monster can be seen. However, if you want to come here, not only do you have to pa.s.s through the sea of ​​the elves that was known as ‘Except the Elves even the birds will get lost,' but also going through a poisonous jungle with the monster's level no less than the Abyss of h.e.l.l.

But after breaking through the hards.h.i.+ps and difficulties, the place that came to it was just a scenic spot for viewing! Not to mention that few people have the strength to come here, even if someone has that strength, there was no such patience in order to find a beach that was nothing but a good environment.

But Black Scorpion Scarred Mark didn't think so, the medicinal herbs that had been collected through the poisonous jungle has made this trip greatly worthwhile, not to mention the two of them walking all the way, the skip-level of killing monster made their level have soared to more than level 70s. —— This level was not high when most players have reached level 80s and so on, but don't forget they were the people who transfer professions, what's more, the experience of these two people upgrading was four times that of the average person! (Because after transform, the two were both dual professional relations.h.i.+p.)

“Silence, what do you think is that?” The archer's extremely sharp eye caused Black Scorpion Scarred Mark found in the distant direction near the sea level, there was an inconspicuous black spot.

When Falling To The Silence narrowed his eyes and looked at it for a while, the thing was extremely inconspicuous, thin and pointed, abruptly exposed on the water, no matter how it looked like a pole that was stuck there.

Mast! ! ! The two looked at each other and showed a surprise expression, having a mast means that there should be a s.h.i.+pwreck underneath.

Knowing that the game developers of Lost Temple will never design useless things, the s.h.i.+pwreck under the surface of the water was probably a hidden mission!

“Would you like to go and see it?” Black Scorpion Scarred Mark began to rush to the sea, but stopped when his foot touched the surface of the water, looking at Falling To The Silence with the embarra.s.sed look. This game was too realistic, swimming was also considered a skill, as a gold medal bounty hunter in reality, Black Scorpion Scarred Mark could certainly swim, but the problem was that he couldn't dive without any equipment ah!

Looking at the location of the s.h.i.+pwreck, it is impossible to explore without diving.

Falling To The Silence spread his hands, it was not easy for the two of them to practice at this level, to die at once was absolutely wanted to cry without tears, what was more extremely dishonourable death than drowning in the water?

Do they want to give up? It's clear that a hidden mission was in front of them, just give up, that was too much too, Black Scorpion Scarred Mark pondered for a while and he was not anxious, he took out the tent from the void bracelet and set it on the beach, he pulled Falling To The Silence into the tent —— It is impossible to design unable-to-be-completed mission in the game, with the rich experience of both of them, they could always find the key breakthrough point of the mission.

“I can't find it!” Black Scorpion Scarred Mark grabbed his hair irritatedly, he stared at all kinds of equipment and materials which were placed on the ground, there was no equipment to dive, did they want to make their own diving equipment? A hand grabbed Falling To The Silence's arm and Black Mark desperately rushed to the other person to squeeze out a flattering smile: “Silence, let's make a submarine!”

The corner of Falling To The Silence's mouth twitched for a moment, if the person in front of him was not Black Mark, he has already been hacked to death by his knife —— he was a master of carving, how could he not carve a submarine?

“What is this?” Picking up a finger-length of green oily things and put it on the bed, Falling To The Silence curiously raised it to see before his eyes, “Sacred Gra.s.s: aquatic plants. Breathe underwater for one minute after eating.”

(T/n: The Sacred Gra.s.s appears in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. When Harry ate the sac, the fish on both sides of his face could breathe in the water.)

As Black Scorpion Scarred Mark heard the words, he grabbed and s.n.a.t.c.hed over the water gra.s.s, took it in his hands and looked at it again, he laughing three times.

—— This sac gra.s.s was exactly picked up randomly when he was playing on the beach, the habit of the herbal alchemist, he would collect a little of the gra.s.s that he had never seen, then he stuffed it into the void bracelet, didn't expect this mindless action actually helped a lot!

Don't care about the smell of fish, he put the water gra.s.s in his mouth and throw a sentence: “Wait for me.” Black Scorpion Scarred Mark rushed out of the tent in a whirlwind. About three minutes or so, he took back a large bucket of water gra.s.s. The sound “boom” of the spoils of war on his hands slammed onto the table and he then took out a dozen of bottles of potion and line them out, Black Scorpion Scarred Mark crouched in front of the table to match those flowers, gra.s.ses, bottles, and jars and fiddle with them.

Falling To The Silence knew that the other party has fallen into a state of frantic enthusiasm, so he didn't bother him, he took a sandwich from the void bracelet plus a bottle of juice, then give the Manticore a stack of bacon, and this big one reclining on the bed, eating and drinking, while watching the ‘Science Geek' doing an experiment on the side.

“This is it!” Didn't know how long it took, only then he heard Black Scorpion Scarred Mark's shout, holding a small bottle in his hand, jumping on the bed, and plunge into the arms of Falling To The Silence to show off his treasure, he said “I've made it!”

Looking at the other's child-like smiling bright face, Falling To The Silence ignore the bottle, he hugged the person in front of him and printed a kiss. Black Scorpion Scarred Mark have been together with Falling To The Silence for a long time, so the thickness of his skin has been slightly tempered out, moreover he was concentrating his attention at this moment, patronizing the potion in his hand, so he forgot to be shy.

(T/n: The thickness of one's skin in chinese sentence meant shyness, thin skin: easily shy, thick skin: hardly shy)

With a great difficulty he separated the glued lips, he lifted the bottle to the other person again and said with full of joy and expectations, “I've matched it! Look!”

Falling To The Silence looked at the bottle that has been very-well matched, the transparent gla.s.s bottle contained half a bottle of yellowish-green viscous liquid, like honey, he then look at the name of the potion, “Mermaid potion, can make the user breathe underwater for twenty-four hours, increase the movement speed in the water by 10%.”

Looking at this Falling To The Silence's eyes were also brightened, it was not surprising that Black Scorpion Scarred Mark could make a potion to breathe in the water, but this potion lasted so long and increased the speed of underwater movement, It has to be admired.

“Hey, this is what I have experimented with more than 70 kinds of herbs to match oh!” Seeing the surprise on Silence's face that couldn't be concealed, Black Scorpion Scarred Mark more proud. And he shook another gla.s.s bottle: “I've made this long ago, but it is not too good.”

This bottle of potion seemed more normal, ordinary green liquid, the system displayed as “underwater breathing potion, allowing the users to breathe underwater for one hour.”

Falling To The Silence's eyes flashed slightly, he took the bottle in the other's hand and turned it to the table, then a white light flashed, he put the little Sting Tail Lion into the s.p.a.ce bracelet and unfolded the cloak, rolled the man in front of him together with himself like caught a coc.o.o.n, then he leaned back.
The Fallen Angel with the beautiful person in his arms revealed a satisfied smile, shortly spit out two words: “Let's sleep.”

Lost Temple Chapter 68

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