Lost Temple Chapter 70

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There were two kinds of mermaid in this sea, they were male and female, the female was the mermaid they have seen earlier, it was a spell-attacking monster, and the male was holding a long trident, which was a melee-attack monster, more than level 200 level and also a very powerful monster in the game, but it was not difficult for Black Mark and Silence who have been transformed and had legendary artifacts, as long as it was not led too much, it could be easily done.

After soaking in the water for nearly a month, killing fishes and seeing fish scales constantly made them want to vomit, the materials carried by him were basically gone, both of them almost reached level 90 too, and finally killed 9999 monsters.

Holding the sh.e.l.ls that were enough to fill the whole captain's room, Black Scorpion Scarred Mark breathed long sigh of relief, the two of them almost wiped out the mermaids in this area, the captain should be satisfied, right?

“Our hatred has finally been revenged, me and my crew can sleep peacefully too, thank you, brave people!” The ghost captain looked at the sh.e.l.ls in place, he was moved emotionally and his eyes br.i.m.m.i.n.g with tears of excitement (if the ghost would shed tears) “This is the relic we found earlier at the bottom of the sea, there should be countless treasures there, brave people, i will give you the mark of the location of the ruins, I hope that you can find it, this is also our one's unfinished wis.h.!.+”

He took out a sea map drawn of parchment and handed it to Falling to The Silence's hands, the ghost captain's figure disappeared into a wisp of smoke.

They stared at the map in the hand with the expression of ‘I've got the treasure' on their face —— According to their experience, the unknown areas presented the greater reward, the value of this map was far more than general mission rewards, money, experience and equipment.

Black Scorpion Scarred Mark rummaged through the void bracelet, rather depressingly, “We don't have much things left.” The food has been consumed almost as much, even if they could kill the little fish in the sea to eat, and barely enough to cope as time pa.s.sed by, but the most important thing was that their potions were gone. The mermaid potion ran out a week ago, even the underwater breathing potion were only ten bottles left.

The sacred gra.s.s was everywhere in the sea, but the other herb of the formula was only available on the land, and the marigold flower needed for the mermaid potion could only found in the Poisonous Jungle. That means they had only five hours left in this underwater world.

Falling to The Silence looked at the map in his hand, the coordinates of the ruins are not too far from here, biting his teeth, pouring a bottle of underwater breathing potion, the Fallen Angel touched the Vega Storm on his waist, said to Black Scorpion Scarred Mark: “Let's go!”

Leaving the location of the s.h.i.+pwreck, the two men swam directly to the east, fortunately there was the sea map, there was no danger of getting lost, but unfortunately not only the underwater breathing point was only short-timed, but also has no effect of swimming speed increased, it made them who were in an urgent time extremely depressed.

While they were swimming, suddenly the clear world in front of them no longer existed, instead, it was a darkness that even they couldn't see their fingers in front of them, the two naturally didn't stupidly think that it was dark, there must be something strange about this. Fortunately, the two of them practiced the ability to perceive the surrounding situation without relying on their eyes before, although their perception in the water has decreased, but it was better than breaking around like a headless fly.

(T/n: 伸手不见五指 Couldn't see the fingers in the front: pitch-black)

Deep in the bottom of the sea was like being boiled in a big pot, a lot of air bubbles were constantly coming in, in the strong ocean current the two persons were like powerless seaweed, wrapped in water and floating around.

Falling to The Silence tightly holding Black Scorpion Scarred Mark's hands in this chaotic time, once they separated, they wouldn't find each other again.

The two persons who were dazed by the current didn't know how long they had been floating in the dark cold water, Falling to The Silence suddenly felt suffocation, he then realized that it was the the effect of the underwater breathing potion had pa.s.sed, only when he reached out the bottle with one hand, took a mouthful of a potion, even swallowed it with the sea water, the effect of suffocation was alleviated.

“Silence, this is our last potion bottle.” Black Scorpion Scarred Mark's voice heard in the darkness with a strong unwillingness. Since the two of them have been exploring the adventure together, big and small dangers have also been experienced countless times, but they've never encountered such frustrating thing. At this moment, it was impossible to find the ruins in the dark sea water, there were only two roads in front of them, one was that the potion effectiveness was used up and they drowned in the sea, and the second was crus.h.i.+ng the return-to-the-city scroll and directly back to the city.

“Let's go back.” Falling to The Silence took return-to-the-city scroll and directly back to the Light and Shadow City, even if he was not willing, he could not make a joke of the two people's lives. Both of them sighed and crushed return-to-the-city scroll at the same time. The chaotic environment made them ignoring the system prompt that sounded automatically.
The two were covered in water and their hair was covered by seaweed, their sorry figures appeared in the VIP room of Light and Shadow City, A Ghost Dragging Knife who was leisurely sitting on a chair and eating snacks was jumped in frightened. “Two big brothers… Where are you from ah?”

Black Scorpion Scarred Mark ignoring him, he choose to switch clothes directly, change the set of combat costumes that got wet inside out, and put on the clean life costume. Falling to The Silence also followed suit, changed with the life costume that he originally bought from the system store which looked like a special forces soldier suit.

Before they had time to open their mouth, Extreme Element and Hidden Dragon In The Abyss rushed into the VIP room all the way. “Do you see the system announcement? See the system announcement?”

Extreme Element yelled at A Ghost Dragging Knife with holding his collar and shook him back and fort.

“What did you see?” Black Scorpion Scarred Mark moved his limbs around and asked curiously.

Hidden Dragon In The Abyss originally didn't pay attention to the two people who rested on the chair, so seeing Silence and Black Mark who was sitting on the side with the life costumes at this time, like seeing a ghost. “You…how come you guys are here?”

“We're just came back ah, what happened?” Black Scorpion Scarred Mark was confused.

“You didn't read the system announcement?” Hidden Dragon In The Abyss shouted in disbelief.

“I didn't see.” Was there a system announcement? They have not noticed.

“Do you see the system prompt?” Haven't waited for Hidden Dragon In The Abyss to answer, Perfect Storm and Six Ways of Reincarnation also pushed the door into the VIP room, splitting the head and covering the face with questions.

(T/n: 劈头盖脸 splitting the head and covering the face (idiom); showering down)
“What's the big deal in the end? Is the sky falling, or is it a sinkhole?” Black Scorpion Scarred Mark was completely confused, what the h.e.l.l was that could make these two stable guys into this excited?

“Ah Yao, Silence, you didn't even know?” Perfect Storm got back on the track first: “The system has made a world announcement, saying that the two of you have found the lost continent, Atlantis!”

“Ah???” Black Mark and Silence were also surprised at the same time, they had not known how long they had been floating in the dark sea water, they didn't even know where they were actually drifted, was it mistakenly hit?

Extreme Element didn't wait for them to speak, directly opened the guild channel which has uproar, in less than a minute, the light of the transmission array lit up one after another, no matter where they were, they all used return-to-the-city scroll to returned to the Light and Shadow City .

Seeing all the people coming together, Black Scorpion Scarred Mark described their experiences for a while from beginning to the end, and finally they said that they found the s.h.i.+pwreck, received the mission of the ghost captain to wiped out the marine race, and finally drifted in the dark sea water, accidentally found Atlantis.

The people in the VIP room, after hearing that they killed 9999 monsters of more than level 200 by two people only, their jaws dropped to the ground and when they heard that they found a new map when they were swept by the waves, they even more speechless.

The five people who have been transformed at the same time, Fusu, Drunken Evil Of The Throne and Cold Wave were now no more than level 80, both of them were in the double-professional level which extremely difficult to practice, they have already rushed to more than level 90 and even found the new continent, it has to be said that they were abnormal players that combined strength and luck.

“I suggest to go and see it now.” Drunken Evil Of The Throne as the Lord of the city, was very keenly aware of the great potential brought by the New World.

“Agree, this place was discovered by the people in our Light and Shadow City, it is estimated that for a while the others will not be able to find a way to Atlantis, we can't give up this great opportunity.” Fusu nodded in agreement.

A new continent that was comparable to the Abyss of h.e.l.l! Now the Abyss of h.e.l.l was full of adventurers after the full level, with this new continent, they didn't have to compared with those little gangs to fight over a cup of soup, and more importantly they would be the first to get to the virgin land which haven't been reached and explored, and be the first to obtain those one-time big missions, and those missions were full of profits, enough for their Light and Shadow City, once again put those little gangs far behind a few hundreds miles!

(T/n: 一杯羹 a cup of soup means: a part of profits, one's shares in action)
“I need supplies.” Black Scorpion Scarred Mark quickly listed a long list on the paper, perhaps the benefits of this underwater trip were rich, but the material consumption was equally amazing. First of all, unlike on the land, they could get supplies anytime and anywhere, secondly the herbal needed for the underwater breathing potion was an astronomical numbers, not to mention the rest of the red and blue potions, food and the like, archers like Six Ways of Reincarnation had to carry enough feather arrows for them to use.

(T/n: 天文数字 Astronomical numbers are very large numbers that can't be described by an exact number, so they are called “astronomical numbers.”)
“This is easy to handle.” Drunken Evil Of The Throne took over the list and roughly looked at it, then he randomly copied a few and handed them over to the people present here: “The things above, everyone try to go to the auction house to buy, no matter how much money, within two days put all the things on it together.”

Flying Dragon In The Sky took over the list and without looking at it he handed it over to Hidden Dragon In The Abyss, the previous burst of auction alone made the Light and Shadow City several times richer, this little money was not a big deal, moreover the profits from exploring the New World they gained would definitely be worth to return the fare.

“Bring all the members, we'll be on the road three days later!” Flying Dragon In The Sky opened the guild member panel and took a look. The so-called all members firstly must be the players who have reached level 100, otherwise not to mention Atlantis, it was estimated even the Poisonous Jungle they couldn't get through, and secondly, it was naturally trustworthy people, the family was big, it was inevitable that the members were uneven. Not to mention there were other guilds that put in the undercover, the betrayal of Snowy Days Memories a long time ago alone enough for them to remember and drew a warning.

Atlantis!!! It must be fun… But when will they get find the Golden Dragon aka theit final mission?? It's about to end…

Lost Temple Chapter 70

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