Lost Temple Chapter 73

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The Cannibal flower BOSS is just a small episode, the deeper the hinterland of the Poisonous Jungle was, the more powerful the monsters were. Soon, as The Battle Of The Sky trio began, they indescribably nervous meeting the high level BOSS, it turned into insensitively grabbing the knife and cut down directly.

The rest of the players gradually adapted to the harsh environment of the wild, and the speed of the team's progress became faster.

Step out of the Poisonous Jungle, the people of Light and Shadow City bathed in the sea breeze blowing in the face, they experienced the feeling of h.e.l.l to heaven in a flash.

There were a few people who laugh and cry like crazy, “Plop, plop” jumped into the sea one after another. Even Flying Dragon In The Sky and Drunken Evil Of The Throne couldn't help but be tempt too, they joined the army of swimming group.

“Ah Yao, Silence, why don't you come? The sea water is very comfortable ah!” While An Tong splas.h.i.+ng the sea water he beckoned the two men standing on the sh.o.r.e. Black Scorpion Scarred Mark smiled and shook his head at the other person, he pulled Falling To The Silence and went into the tent —— Wait for a few days these people also spend a few months time in the sea water like them, they would nauseous seeing the sea water, presumably there would be no more such pa.s.sions.

Spreading his limbs on the soft blanket, Black Scorpion Scarred Mark raised his eyes comfortably —— used his own thing was the most comfortable. Do not look at how small his tent s.p.a.ce was, but it was complete in every detail, all kind of daily necessities were all the best high-end goods ones could buy, the tent he used that was pulled out of the guild warehouse by Cold Wave, he was really not used to it.

Falling To The Silence laid down beside Black Mark, burying his face in the soft goose-feather pillow and took a breath —— this was the benefit of the virtual world. This tent has been abandoned on the beach since their last expedition into the sea, they later used the returned-to-the-city scroll to directly went from the sea to the Light and Shadow City. Counting from the beginning, the interval was three months, but everything in the tent was as old as ever, even dust has never been there. The familiar environment, the familiar items, the beloved ones —— Falling To The Silence felt for the first time, such an ordinary, simple, comfortable life was really good.

After a brief rest, Black Mark specially prepared a very rich lunch for everyone, the barbecued skewers of the land specialty, the mushroom soup of the forest specialty, the seafood soup of the seaside specialty, and the fried fish, lobster, crab, oysters, sas.h.i.+mi, everyone wait to eat in tears, full of happiness. But a few savvy guys also noticed something was wrong —— this meal, somehow eaten like the last supper ah…

By the time they had swam in the sea for nearly a whole day, they climbed in an unmanned s.h.i.+p, it was the previous s.h.i.+pwreck that Black Mark and Silence received a mission, when they fell into the captain's room, they finally understood the purpose of the rich lunch made by Black Mark.

It seems that this s.h.i.+pwreck was not only the starting point for the mission, but also the only place where they could rested in this vast sea. Fortunately, the game makers' conscience found that they had to left them a place to sleep. Otherwise, the people of Light and Shadow City could only drift with the waves and go with the flow* like the seaweeds, and the official forum of the game would definitely have a shocking post in the next day —— A large number of floating corpses were emerging in the Endless Sea….

(T/n: 水草似得 to drift with the waves and go with the flow means: to follow the crowd blindly)

Reminiscent of the fact that Black Mark and Silence had been drifting in the sea for more than a month and killed 9999 marine races, they were even more speechless. Those two guys… definitely not human, ah! ! ! ! ! !

“Going forward is Atlantis?” Cold Wave asked while swimming slowly to Black Mark's side. In the sea water they couldn't keep the triangle formation neatly, in order to prevent unexpected situations, they have to be careful and advance gradually step by step. According to the mark on the sea map, Atlantis should be not far away, but so far, everyone's eyesight was still in the ocean.

Black Mark was at a loss, they found Atlantis purely by mistake, after a long time in the dark ocean currents, who would remember the route clearly?

As he was hesitating, there was a darkness in front of him, if it was not for the feeling of being in the sea, everyone would almost think that there was something wrong with the nutrient capsule or the game.

“What is going on here?” There were a few panicked voices on the team channel, human instinct fear of darkness and the unknown things. Some people with a little lack of experience were suddenly caught in a panic.

“Don't panic!”

“Pull your teammates around.”

“Protect the mage profession!”

Drunken Evil Of The Throne, Cold Wave and Flying Dragon In The Sky indeed the boss of the team, at this time the three men simultaneously gave the command, and brought the people together as closely as possible to prevent separation in the dark.

“Blue sky, spread isolate enchantment quickly!” Black Scorpion Scarred Mark that have been prepared in the heart promptly decided and shouted on the team channel.

“Oh…Okay!!” Blue Sea Blue Sky came back to his sense, panicked and took out a piece of gems from the backpack, he raised it up and said aloud: “In the name of nature wind and water —— Lease!!”

A square transparent s.p.a.ce was centered around Blue Sea Blue Sky and propped up around everyone. The barrier was not too big or small, it could cover more than 20 people and outside the barrier, it was still a dark and ink-like sea.

Fusu opened the system and took a look, the map and their coordinates didn't disappear, it seemed that this was not a special s.p.a.ce for the system, he frowned and thought for a moment, the Elf Sorcerer decisively said: “Everyone be careful, this situation may be caused by monsters!”
The voice has not yet landed, only to hear Unparalleled Warrior shouted, and when everyone turned to look at her, the person has disappeared without a trace.

“Unparalleled! Unparalleled, where are you?” Rose of Versailles called a few times through the team channel, but the female mage never responded.

“She is dead.” Feng Xiao Sha suddenly spoke, referred to the status of the teammate in the team. The female mage's head turned black, when everyone was in doubt, the sound of Unparalleled Warrior sounded from the team channel: “Boss, I died back to the resurrection point…”

“What is it?” Drunken Evil Of The Throne very puzzled, what a powerful monster was it that can drag away their teammate and kill her in an instant when they were unconscious.

“I'm sorry… I didn't see it clearly…” Unparalleled Warrior was also very depressed, she just felt something wrapped around her body, then a sharp pain struck and after opening her eyes, she was already resurrected. Knowing that she was still wearing a mana s.h.i.+eld, to be able ignore her magic s.h.i.+eld and kill her in a second, the opponent's attack power must be very strong.

“Forget it, Unparalleled, you go back directly to the Light and Shadow City.” Drunken Evil Of The Throne thought for a moment. After her death this time, Unparalleled Warrior's level has lost 10%, and now it has become level 90. With her ability alone, she couldn't pa.s.s through the monster area full of nearly level 200 monsters, reaching the heavy crisis of Atlantis.

“Okay, i'm sorry, take care.”Unparalleled Warrior's voice was very frustrated, she was also considered to be the first to die, not to mention that she even died in the hands of an unidentified thing.

“Everyone be careful.” The Lance of Longinus in the hands of Drunken Evil Of The Throne slashed into the lower corner of the slope, a floating octopus tentacle with a suction cup was penetrated by the tip of the dark-energy lance. The bottom of the sea was like a volcanic eruption, it was suddenly boiling up and a lot of bubbles swirled up, even with the support of the Blue Sea Blue Sky's enchantment, everyone was still confused and disoriented by the spectacular mess up scene of being tossed from side to side.

“f.u.c.k, after a long time, this monster turned out to be an octopus!” Since the sea water outside the enchantment was black, it was impossible to lock the target, Perfect Storm's Inferno fire sea thrown down to the depth of the sea, the sea water that has been whirl around incessantly, was more lively.
“Ah Yao, keep  it to make the octopus meatb.a.l.l.s.” Drunken Evil Of The Throne expressionlessly took a piece of octopus tentacles picked up on the tip of the gun and threw it to Black Mark.

………… Was it the time to think about it? Black Mark hung a black line on his forehead, it seemed that Drunken Evil Of The Throne was being led astray badly by Cold Wave too, became a guy with only food in his eyes…………

The monster that was cut off the tentacles was furiously rushed and the three tentacles were stretched out at the same time, even the end of the tentacle had the same size as a trunk, swinging back and forth in the sea, full of strength. Everyone finally understood why Unparalleled Warrior haven't even see the appearance of the monster but still second killed back to resurrection point.

“It won't work like this!” An Tong very difficultly dodging the tentacles that dangled around, while being in the sea water, everyone's speed and dodge have been weakened to some extent, Cold Wave and those warriors who were mainly based on strength and endurance were not too hard at this time, but the people who rely on agility for living were not so easy, those mage professions were surrounded by protective s.h.i.+elds and were firmly guarded by the melee profession in the center of the team, yet still feel the pressure for a while. Several a.s.sa.s.sins and thieves had to protect the mage profession while also had be careful not to be killed by the octopus tentacles, and they couldn't hold it for a while.

Fusu who has been quietly suspended in the water, suddenly opened the team channel and said quickly: “Everyone do not fight, immediately retreat!”

“Why?” Flying Dragon In The Sky asked in puzzled, although they had any advantage in what they were now, but there was nothing to lose, why do they suddenly retreat?
“That's not an ordinary octopus!” Fusu waved his wand , an ice blade cut off the tentacle that reached out to the front: “Have you ever heard of the Kraken?”

(T/n: Kraken is the octopus monster in Pirates of the Caribbean, but literally by the Hanzi words 北海巨妖/BeiHaiJuYao means Northern Sea Giant Demon) 

Kraken, legend has it that it looked like a giant squid, it has the power of corruption, once it used its power to pollute the sea, an underwater demon that made the ocean temple dark without any light.

“Now i'm worried and happy at the same time, if this fellow is Kraken, then we're not wrong, according to the myths and legends, the lost Atlantis is nearby, but the question is, how do we get out now?”

Is the monster they're fighting now exactly the legendary monster? This was a big problem! Cold Wave frowned and carefully put away his sword, replace it with the barrier of the Great s.h.i.+eld. “You guys retreat first, and we're the Warriors break out afterwards!”

If it was Kraken, it was absolutely impossible to kill it with their current strength, not only did this fellow create dark enchantment, but the most important thing was that as long as you didn't attack the key point, this fellow will regenerate indefinitely, which mean that no matter how many tentacles you cut off, it didn't hurt didn't tickle* for the monster.
(T/n: 不痛不痒 doesn't hurt, doesn't tickle (idiom); not getting to any matter of substance)

When several people talked, the offensive slowed down, they saw the damage that the monster suffered was getting smaller, and several tentacles were dancing absolutely unrestrained.
The situation of everyone was even more dangerous.

Lost Temple Chapter 73

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