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Chapter 360: Berserker

The barbarians were not smart, so they did not understand what was happening and just felt grat.i.tude towards Chu Tian.  After all, Chu Tian did not kill them all and instead gave them good food.

With several hundred thousand barbarians, each one with a shocking appet.i.te, they consumed an astonis.h.i.+ng amount of food each day.  Miracle Commerce had no choice but to import food from the other states.

The city the barbarians were living in was one that was destroyed by a beast disaster.  Miracle Commerce had installed street lights and fixed the houses, as well as setting laws and order for the barbarians.  Chu Tian promised that humans would not mettle with the barbarian region, so the management team was comprised of several barbarian tribe chiefs.

The barbarians had been living a primitive life, but now they were living a modern life.

Because the factory and mines had not been open yet, the barbarians ate all day without needing to work, so their lives were very soft.  Chu Tian ordered people to bring a set of «Berserk Art» cultivation technique to the barbarian city. In a ruler's orders read to the public, it said they would give large rewards to barbarians who cultivated.

Father's Miracle Commerce was rich!

Your group of barbarians just need to obediently cultivate in the city, don't look for more trouble.  Not only do you get a free cultivation technique, if you have success, you will even receive rewards!

The barbarians did not dare believe Miracle Commerce was just taking care of them.  Giving them a better living condition and even given the barbarians a cultivation technique to practice, this was simply too crazy!

Only was the cultivation technique truly suited for the barbarians?

The barbarian civilization did not have any pa.s.sed down cultivation technique, but this was not just because the barbarians had a low degree of civilization.

The main reason was that barbarians did not have innate source spirits.  The human cultivation techniques and the cultivation techniques of the continent were not suited to the barbarians, therefore most barbarians did not cultivate spirit energy and instead walked on the path of purely refining their bodies.

The barbarians all had muscles, not losing to a Body Refinement Cultivator, but it was hard to create a true expert!

Therefore, the barbarians could only turn to being bandits since ancient times, robbing others as an occupation.  They had never formed a kingdom or a civilization, so the barbarians had a low status on the continent.

Several dozen barbarian chiefs studied the cultivation technique sent to them.

The old barbarians were shocked to find that this «Berserk Art» was tailored perfectly for the barbarians!

This was fundamentally different from the other cultivation techniques on the continent.  The mainstream cultivation techniques cultivated one's source spirit to increase one's spirit energy, but this «Berserk Art» was a new innovation.  This cultivation technique's fundamentals focused on refining the body, cultivating one's life force, so the demand for spirit energy was not strong!

It was not exaggerated to say.

This set of cultivation technique could change the barbarian race's destiny!

The entire barbarian race was stirred, having a firm belief in the Country Protecting Ruler.  The various tribe chiefs organized the barbarians to cultivate every day. Although they didn't know why the Country Protecting Ruler was doing this, but there was no reason to reject this meat pie that fell from the sky!

The facts proved it.

There was no true fool in this world.  As long as there was proper development and guidance, even a low ranking race like the stupid barbarians could easy achieve success if they found a path suited to them.

In just a few days time.

There were some barbarians that had success with the «Berserk Art»!

When Chu Tian learned of this matter, he immediately headed to the barbarian city.

"The Country Guarding Ruler is here!"

"Quickly come out to greet him!"

The barbarians never thought that Chu Tian would try anything.  Chu Tian had enough strength that eliminating the barbarians was not a hard matter, so why would he do something troublesome like going around in circles?  Not to mention restoring a city for the barbarians and giving them food. The amount of money spent was not a small figure.

He even gave the barbarians a cultivation technique that gave them a chance to change their destiny!

Chu Tian brought Chen Bingyu and Dongfang Haoran as bodyguards, plus some normal people that came to look at the barbarian city.  The barbarian city was not very lively, being filled with barbarians. They were all around two meters tall with colours painted all over their bodies.  They had bird feathers and strange bone ornaments covering them. The scene looked very incredible.

"Country Guarding Ruler!"

"Country Guarding Ruler!"

The barbarians loudly shouted with a voice that roared like thunder.

Chu Tian was simply as great as an angel in the eyes of the barbarians.  Several barbarian tribe chiefs quickly came out to greet him. In the hearts of every barbarian, they were clear that this ordinary looking human man had enough power to easily destroy their barbarian race.

A single word was enough to make all the Southern State barbarians disappear!

Even the most civilized race on the continent would respect experts, not to mention a primitive and crude race like the barbarians.  Therefore, when they were facing Chu Tian, every single person's heart was filled with grat.i.tude.

Chu Tian immediately asked, "Who has grasped the «Berserk Art»?!"

The old barbarian chiefs brought out over a hundred young barbarians.  These were the barbarians with the most potential in all the tribes, that was why they were able to grasp the «Berserk Art» so quickly!

"This ruler wants to construct a personal barbarian guard."  Chu Tian directly said, "You are all the most outstanding barbarian warriors, so you will come work for me.  Miracle Commerce will attach great importance in training you. As long as you devote yourselves to me, you will never suffer a loss!"

What reasons did the barbarian chiefs have to reject him?

This was the respected Country Guarding Ruler.  If the barbarians could become the Country Guarding Ruler's personal guard, the status of the barbarian race would not be the same.  Not to mention that the Country Guarding Ruler promised to train them. This ruler was not only the person with the highest status in the Southern Summer Country, he also held the helm of Miracle Commerce, famous for their wealth.  If they could be cultivated by him, they would ascend like phoenixes!

Chu Tian did not remain in the barbarian city.  He immediately led these over a hundred barbarians away and brought them all to Southern State's laboratory.

Gu Qianqiu was leading a group of white haired researchers while busying themselves in the laboratory.  They were currently fiddling with a strange sealed chamber that was made purely of metal and had a door made of firm diamond.  It was around ten feet tall and could easily hold a barbarian soldier.

The barbarians were all nervous.

They didn't know what Chu Tian was planning to do.

Chu Tian explained to them, "Don't be nervous, this isn't anything bad for you.  Rather, this is a good chance to be reborn."

Gu Qianqiu took out a small box that was filled with several hundred portions of red medicine.  He casually took one out, "Can we begin now?"

These were the Wild Blood Medicine recently developed in the laboratory.

The materials used for the Wild Blood Medicine was very rare.  Various kinds of wild beast blood, evil spirits, and etc. Although they were very rare, they didn't have many uses, so they were very expensive.  Of course, that was still relative. For this little box of medicine, it was still worth several hundred million gold coins.

"Let's first test the barbarians' strength!"

The researchers led the barbarians to a side room and used instruments to undertake many physical tests.  They tested fist strength, arm strength, explosive force, and etc.

The barbarians slammed their fists into iron plates.


The entire iron plate caved in and the researchers recorded this down on the side.

"Fist strength of eleven!"

This was an astonis.h.i.+ng figure.  This meant that in the same cultivation level, this barbarian's strength was thirteen times that of a human!  This barbarian was only in the 5th Body Refinement Layer, but even a 9th Body Refinement Layer human could not block one of his punches!

Gu Qianqiu couldn't help feeling shocked, "That really is an incredible muscle strength!"

Fist strength, arm strength, wrist strength, leg strength…..all kinds of data was collected.

The barbarians' physique and strength were all around ten times that of humans!

The barbarians did not have any cultivation techniques, depending purely on their brute strength to get by.  This was the root of a barbarian's life!

"Begin the wild transformation experiment!"

A barbarian was sent into the sealed chamber.

The researchers placed the medicine in an injection port and the red liquid was pumped in using vacuum pressure.  Soon, a red mist began to fill the sealed chamber.

The barbarian did not know what was happening, looking at this scene with bewildered expressions.

Following this, a stimulating aura instantly surrounded his body, making his skin incomparably hot.  It was like power was being released from every cell in his body as his mind turned blank. Intense pain, rage, and wildness quickly took over his consciousness.

"Ah, ah!"

The barbarian in the sealed chamber called out in pain!

When the large amount of red mist was absorbed by his skin, his eyes were quickly filled with red veins and his black skin slowly turned slightly red.  Blue veins like centipedes stuck out in his muscles, constantly pulsating. This scene was incredibly terrifying.

Dong, dong, dong!

The barbarian released a terrifying killing intent, hitting the sealed chamber like an angry rhino.  The entire laboratory shook, but the sealed chamber was made of diamond, so even if an elephant was sealed inside, it should give up trying to break free.

After a few seconds, that dark skin turned dark red and the barbarian's muscle swelled into circles.


When the punch hit the diamond door this time, it actually caused slight fractures to appear.

This barbarian had already lost consciousness, turning into an angry killing machine.  His body was releasing a red glow as he angrily roared out and attacked the chamber door, attempting to rip everything it saw into pieces!

The barbarian warriors revealed looks of terror.

What were the Miracle Commerce people doing?

This wild condition did not last long and the barbarian gradually calmed down.  This was the effect of the «Berserk Art», it was suppressing that wild rage and killing intent.  The barbarian calmed his breathing and heartbeat, but his body was still releasing a dangerous aura like a terrifying wild beast.

The red fog slowly disappeared as it was all absorbed.

Chu Tian waved his hand to Gu Qianqiu, "Open it!"

"Nothing will happen, right!"

"Relax, everything is under control!"

Gu Gianqiu was not actually afraid of him.  Although this being had been turned berserk and his strength had increased by over ten times, to threaten a peak 9th Awakened Soul Layer Cultivator, that was not very likely.

The barbarian warrior walked out of the sealed chamber.

Chu Tian asked, "Do you feel anything?"

"I don't know….."  This barbarian man revealed a bewildered expression, "I think my strength has increased by quite a bit!"

Chu Tian gave a signal with his hand, "Fist strength measurement!"

The researchers produced a punch target to let the barbarian test his strength.


The barbarian sent a heavy punch onto the metal target and created a large explosion sound.  The metal target was instantly shattered to pieces.

"Fist strength has surpa.s.sed one hundred!"

Everyone couldn't help giving a gasp.

If this fist were to hit a 1st Awakened Soul Layer Cultivator, it would be enough to directly cripple them!

Chu Tian also conducted other tests on this barbarian warrior.  Whether it was muscle strength, physical toughness, endurance, or explosive force, they all increased by a terrifying amount.  The barbarian's sensitivity to pain decreased by a large amount, his willpower had increased by a large amount, and his body resilience increased by several folds!

This was the effect of the wild transformation?

The Miracle Commerce researchers had shocked expressions!

Chu Tian gave a very satisfied nod, "Not bad, this is the berserker I wanted!"

Miracle Throne Chapter 360

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