Miracle Throne Chapter 582

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Chapter 582: Ambush

Nangong Yun controlled the fighter plane with her mind.

Now that the fighter planes were filled with energy, they kept releasing energy from their energy devices, spreading along the lines of the arrays, filling the source energy arrays with energy.  It covered the entire fighter from inside to out with a layer of energy, covering it with a faint light as a s.h.i.+eld appeared around the fighter plane.

It was because of this that although the blast had powerful shockwaves, it didn't cause any damage to the fighter plane.  When Nangong Yun came out of the center of the explosion, she created a long line of fire behind her.

Even ten top grade Heaven Domain Experts couldn't repeat this kind of scene.

Miracle Commerce had achieved it with technology.

How shocking was this?

Miracle Commerce's weapons kept increasing and now their high alt.i.tude bombs were made from the silver crystal oil.  Not to mention that Miracle Commerce's oil refinement techniques couldn't even compare to what they had back in South Sky City.  Each one of these bombs had a destructive might that could kill anything within a hundred meters.

A single Heaven's Punishment could send out several thousand of them.

Four Heaven's Punishment could send out tens of thousands!

With such a terrifying attack, they could even easily level a city!

Because this attack was too sudden and Miracle City had used a trick to penetrate the barrier, this fortress didn't even have a chance to prepare or react.  They were instantly covered in a sea of flames.

Nangong Yun was filled with wild joy, "This Wall Breaker is just too useful!  If we want to attack any city in the future, wouldn't it be easy?"

The Wall Buster was a new missile developed by Miracle City, the materials and structure of it were all very complicated and it had a high level rune effect.  Its main function was to stop the flow of energy, so when it fell onto the protective barrier, this loss of energy flow made the barrier freeze, which made it easy to destroy.

This was why Nangong Yun could destroy the barrier at first.  The Wall Buster had frozen the energy barrier and then she shattered it with a shot of the second generation Source Energy Cannon.

"Mission complete!"

"Airs.h.i.+ps are self destructing and everyone is to evacuate!"

With four Heaven's Punishment releasing bombs on the fortress, even a Heaven Domain Expert wouldn't be able to escape under this dense cover of attacks.  This round of bombing had at least destroyed over half of the fortress.

The airs.h.i.+ps had been exposed and because they couldn't move quickly, if the Eagle Burial Kingdom sent out airborne troops, the airs.h.i.+ps wouldn't be able to leave the Eagle Burial Kingdom with their speed.  Therefore they directly activated the self destruct function of the airs.h.i.+p and all the airs.h.i.+p crew escaped using griffins, ensuring that the airs.h.i.+ps don't fall into the hands of outsiders.

"Black Thunder Two, mission complete!"

"Black Thunder Three, mission complete!"

When Nangong Yun took care of this fortress, there were reports coming in from different locations.  Basically all the Black Thunder fighters had used the Wall Buster to launch a powerful ambush, with ten strategic locations being destroyed.  It would be hard to imagine what kind of loss this would cause the Eagle Burial Kingdom!

The Eagle Burial Kingdom's Eagle Ruler knew about this, he would definitely fly into a rage.

These strategic spots didn't just have a large militaristic value, they were also the commodity centers of the Eagle Burial Kingdom, gathering half of the nation's food.  They provided resources for armies setting off on expeditions and now that they had been destroyed, with the Eagle Burial Kingdom being a powerful spirit beast country, they would definitely get more than they bargained.

This was Meng Qingwu's task and it was proper to say that it was over.

Nangong Yun still hadn't had enough fun, there were still two more Wall Busters to use.  She looked over the map and made a decision, "We're not far from the Eagle Burial Kingdom's Imperial City.  Everyone gather together and let's do this again!"

Nangong Yun was a true maniac.

Could the Eagle Burial Kingdom's Imperial City be like a normal city?

This was definitely a dangerous mission, but Nangong Yun didn't care that much.  The attack on the Eagle Burial Kingdom's strategic locations happened at the same time, so with the Eagle Burial Kingdom's information system, even if the Imperial City reacted quickly, they wouldn't be able to react to the attack of the fighter planes.

Over ten Black Thunder's gathered in one direction.

They looked like black triangles moving at incredible speeds, arriving near the Eagle Burial Kingdom's Imperial City in just a few hours.

It was worthy of being an Imperial City!

The Eagle Burial Kingdom's Imperial City was like it was imagined, occupying an entire large field.  There were no city walls and no tall buildings, looking very disorderly, but it gave off a prosperous feeling.

"Wall Breaker!"

Nangong Yun loudly shouted.

A Wall Breaker was inserted into the Imperial City's protective barrier.  The Imperial City's barrier was much stronger than the that of the fortress, with the Wall Buster only being able to take out a small part of it, but that was enough.

The Source Energy Cannon fired!


A piece of the barrier shattered.

Over ten large black triangles flew into the Imperial City like lightning.  These fighter planes were filled with various kinds of weapons. Various powerful bombs loaded with the second generation energy fuel immediately rained down on the Imperial City, raising mushroom clouds one after the other.

"Open fire, open fire!"

Countless heavy guns, Source Energy Cannons, and missiles were all fired on areas with people gathered.  All of this came too quickly and the Imperial City's people were caught off guard, with large casualties occurring in just a few minutes.

Nangong Yun penetrated the center of the Eagle Burial Kingdom's Imperial City alone and she arrived at the most striking Eagle Burial Kingdom's Imperial Palace.


Several Source Energy Cannons fired at the same time!

There were several large holes in the Imperial Palace.

Several quick missiles were also fired and the surrounding buildings were blown up.

Nangong Yun immediately pulled up and began charging forward at full speed.  Although she was a reckless person, she wasn't a fool. She knew that the Imperial City was not a place they could stay in for long, so after blowing up a few buildings, she immediately gave the order, "Ambush complete!  Use the Wall Breakers to leave!"

The fighter planes destroyed a part of the barrier and charged out, quickly leaving the Eagle Burial Kingdom's Imperial City.  They left a series of destruction behind them and shot a final Wall Buster to break the barrier to create another opening. When they were prepared to run in different directions, there was a reaction from the Imperial City.

At this time.

There was a reaction from the Imperial City.

Well equipped armies wildly charged into the sky above the Imperial City and all kinds of flames, explosions, and wind blades flew out from them like a wild storm.

"Attack encountered, attack encountered!"

"Who care about them, we're charging out!"

The Black Thunder fighter planes had Miracle City's energy s.h.i.+elds.  There wasn't a problem taking some attacks for a while and the Black Thunder planes moved at a speed normal flying demon beasts couldn't match.  Therefore as long as they left the Imperial City's airs.p.a.ce, these fellows definitely wouldn't be able to catch them.

The over ten fighter planes charged out of the barrier and thousands of airborne troops chased after them.

It was like Nangong Yun had imagined.  Although there were many eagle race experts, only those in the Heaven Domain Realm would be able to catch up to the speed of the Black Thunder planes.  The problem was, how many Heaven Domain Experts could there be? As for the demon beasts, unless they had an innate speed attributed ability, normal level three demon beasts couldn't catch the Black Thunder planes.

The distance between both sides kept increasing and the Black Thunder could even occasionally turn for a counterattack.  When everyone was thinking it would be an easy escape, there was a figure that suddenly shot through the sky. His speed was clearly several times faster than the other eagle race experts, it was even faster than Miracle City's Black Thunder planes.

"This is….."

Nangong Yun was shocked.

How could there be a person this fast?

It was certain that the other side was a Heaven Domain Expert and cultivated a special cultivation technique.  This was definitely an expert with a speed ability, otherwise it was impossible for them to catch up.

To be able to have this ability in the Eagle Burial Kingdom, there was only the king, the fellow calling himself the Eagle Ruler!

Nangong Yun knit her brows, "You guys leave first, I'll stop him!"

After saying this.

Nangong Yun suddenly turned around and began to fly in the other direction.  She knew her own strength and if she really faced the Eagle Ruler, she would be killed in a single clash, so she needed to keep her distance.

Hong, hong!

The Black Thunder plane's Source Energy Cannons fired.

The Eagle Ruler only slowed slightly facing the Source Energy Cannons' attacks.  Both sides were approaching each other at a relatively fast speed and the Eagle Ruler suddenly sent out a giant blade glow.  It pa.s.sed through the twenty thousand meter range and directly flew at Nangong Yun.

Nangong Yun's face fell and quickly turned to avoid it.


The energy blade fell onto the Black Thunder plane's energy s.h.i.+eld, instantly cutting off a piece of it.

Miracle Commerce's current energy s.h.i.+eld could only block a few attacks from True Spirit Experts, it definitely could not block a Heaven Domain Expert's attack.  If Nangong Yun didn't react fast enough and dodge the attack, she would have been destroyed.

"Such a strong fellow!"

Nangong Yun fired a few missiles, but they were no use.  Attacks of this speed could be easily dodged by the Eagle Ruler.  There were only a few thousand meters between them at this time.

The heavy Source Energy Cannons activated and wildly began to fire.

This kind of attack against a Heaven Domain Expert, although it could consume their protective spirit energy, it wouldn't be able to break through their defenses in a short period of time even if the Eagle Ruler allowed Nangong Yun to fire at him.

The Eagle Ruler clawed at the air and gathered powerful spirit energy that was instantly shot out.  It instantly turned into thousands of red energy needles that completely covered Nangong Yun like a wild storm.

If the previous energy blade could still be dodge, this current attack couldn't be evaded at all.

The black fighter plane was. .h.i.t several hundred times before exploding in the air, turning into a ma.s.s of flames.

The Eagle Ruler gave a cold snort.  He had taken care of one fighter plane and was prepared to search for the others, but he couldn't even find a shadow of another plane!

Miracle Throne Chapter 582

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