The Tutorial Is Too Hard Chapter 359 - God of the Sky (3)

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Chapter 359 – G.o.d of the Sky (3)

It was not a bad experience.

To lose one’s G.o.dhood.

I could have looked back on the past.

“Well, it wasn’t bad.”

I muttered alone, but many of the stiffened Abubus couldn’t even say a word.

This couldn’t be compared to freezing others by using magic.

The time in this virtual world itself had stopped.

I was able to relax and prepare for the next move.

It was okay to put aside the worries that Abubu might get out of the restrictions.

“This is good, isn’t it?”

Let’s take some time and do some research.

I was curious about how the G.o.d of the Sky completed this s.p.a.ce.

Even if it wasn’t right now, I could save this s.p.a.ce and use it later.

The s.p.a.ce where time is still was useful in many ways.

It is never easy to stop the time of one world like this.


Even if I think about the case of Earth right now, it was so.

There were numerous humans and other living things there.

Stopping time in a place where numerous beings live was possible only by engaging with each of the beings.

Moreover, when Earth’s time stops, only Earth s.h.i.+fts from the time axis of the universe.

I would have to deal with that twist, but it would be a ridiculous penalty to destroy a few planets.

However, in this case, it was a bit special.

First of all, the main point was that it was a virtual world with limited s.p.a.ce.

There was only me and Abubu.

Of course, Abubu’s numbers were enormous, but as Abubu himself said, those many Abubus are all one ent.i.ty.

There is a final reason.

There are no other G.o.ds in this world.

It was only me.

Therefore, I was able to engage in the world and express my will to my heart’s content.

The cost of consumption was still there, but it wasn’t as limiting.

In other worlds, for example, Abubu’s realm, which was a multi-religious society, the scenario is different.

There are temples of various G.o.ds, and some apostles manage the realm.

Some G.o.ds that do not belong to the Hundred G.o.ds Temple may be directly involved in the territory.

In this case, apart from the consumption value, it was impossible to beat the laws of the whole world.

There is a unique realm of another G.o.d.

Suddenly, the G.o.d of Slowness came to mind.

This image of everything stopped reminded me of the time when I used the power of time confinement of the G.o.d of Slowness in the past.

Kirikiri had said that the deity of the G.o.d of Slowness was more of an error.

In fact, the G.o.d of Slowness was not a G.o.d that simply referred to speed.

Time imprisonment slows down time to the limit, making it possible to experience a world where time has stopped.

However, on the contrary, warping was the power to move a distance faster than others through the accelerated time.

What the G.o.d of Slowness represents is just the pa.s.sage of time.

That was all.

I am well aware of what it means to unify the universe, which the G.o.d of Hope carries around in his mouth.

If the G.o.d of Slowness is the G.o.d above the G.o.ds.

If he had become a higher level G.o.d, he would surely have imposed his divinity on the entire universe.

It wasn’t because of the nature of the G.o.d of Slowness.

Of course, if you are a G.o.d that is the natural thing to do.

And the world that the G.o.d of Slowness would have established would have only flowed infinitely.

No life, no death.

There may be turbulence in the flowing process, but it won’t get stuck.

Like a river that flows forever.

I got little gooseb.u.mps.

I looked at the frozen world and the Abubus again.

Do they want a world like this?

Could this world be someone’s utopia?

I could understand, but I didn’t understand at the same time.

I also fell in love with this still world.

It was just that I was delighted that I had the opportunity to use my time efficiently.

But the G.o.d of Slowness didn’t have it.

For other purposes.

I remembered the advice Kirikiri gave me a long time ago.

The G.o.d of Slowness is not a G.o.d that humans can trust.

The advice came once again.

[Can you hear me?]

It was Seregia.

It seems that she was reconnected when the G.o.dhood was restored.

I heard the voice of the G.o.d of Hope.

“Uh, I can hear you.”

After answering without thinking, a question arose.

How can we communicate?

The time in this s.p.a.ce has stopped.

Seregia, which exists outside of s.p.a.ce, must have spoken in flowing time.


The world was collapsing.

The s.p.a.ce was literally collapsing with a heavy vibration.

The reason was obvious.

It seemed that the cause and effect of the world were being distorted as a new deity appeared in a world where no G.o.d exists.

In fact, it was natural if I thought about it.

If only I had been able to keep my G.o.dhood in this s.p.a.ce.

The G.o.d of the Sky must have found a way to somehow pa.s.s on his power to Abubu.

The vain expectation of having a s.p.a.ce where time had stopped disappeared.

In any case, the initial purpose was roughly achieved.

It was over if Abubu was put down neatly and safely escaped without getting caught up in this collapsing world.

[Mayday, Mayday.]


Sounds like a signal I’ve been hearing a lot from somewhere.

I remembered it.

It was Seregia.

[Mayday, Mayday.]

Ah, no!

No, it works, but wait a bit before coming in!


Smas.h.i.+ng the sky of the collapsing world, a huge sword fell.


“Wow, it was really cool.”

I almost made it to the goal.

It’s also not easy to avoid Seregia falling unprotected.

In the meantime, I had to escape from the collapsing s.p.a.ce with Seregia.

In fact, this was the most dangerous case.

I will not be destroyed by the enemy.

I believe so.

However, it was different when people were caught up in an accident like this.

Even Seregia wasn’t my enemy, so I couldn’t even imagine her as part of the struggle.

“Seregia, wait for a while and then come in.”

Had even a few minutes pa.s.sed, I would have prepared to escape in a stable manner.

In fact, it didn’t even take a few minutes.

It depends on when I decide.

[Why did you ignore me like that?]

“When did I ignore you? I said I can hear you.”

[I didn’t hear it.]

Seregia replied confidently.

Even though she was connected to me, it seemed as if the answer didn’t come back and she immediately rushed in.

[I couldn’t hear it either.]

Said the G.o.d of Hope.

Yes, I didn’t tell you, so you wouldn’t have heard it.

What are you hoping for?

That’s probably the reason why my voice didn’t reach Seregia.

A tremendous amount of energy was pouring down from the temple of the G.o.d of the Sky located high above.

It is a summoning process to manifest here.

When Abubu who was acting on his behalf was. .h.i.t, he seemed to have come to settle the situation by himself.

Then the will of the G.o.d of the Sky will be important.

What does he want?

[Let him out]

The G.o.d of the Sky said as soon as he revealed himself.

There’s no room for negotiation.

[He is my apostle.]

The incarnation of the G.o.d of the Sky, manifested through the energy of the temple, was enormous.

Like the usual way of the G.o.ds.

His body looked white like a cloud.

Sometimes there was a part that looked dark like a dark cloud, but it was usually white.

His eyes, located near his face, were s.h.i.+ning red like a fiery sun.

It was such a figure that fit the concept of the G.o.d of the Sky.

“He’s also the sword I had before that.”

I was the real owner of Abubu.

Until the G.o.d of the Sky recovered him.

And I never agreed to the recall.


[The child who was with you is now only a part.]


You gathered and merged many Abubu who existed on the stages.

The Abubu who shared the same time with me is now part of the greater Abubu.

“Don’t worry, I’ll take him out again. I’ll return the rest.”

[Do you think the child will want that?]

I was silent for a moment.

I could not give a definite answer.

I do not know.

Whether he will be happy.

Rather, I would be pessimistic about his situation of continuing to merge and divide like a test subject.

Or maybe he will despair for another reason.

But I will do it.

It was selfish and for myself.

And for the Abubu who was with me.

The Abubu who had been with me would certainly have rejected it.

Even if he hadn’t rejected it, he would never have liked it.

So, as I promised the giants.

And as it will be for all beings in the tutorial stage in the future.

I will also give Abubu his true self.

That was my will.

[It’s terribly selfish. Are you trying to resolve the gap you had through others!?]

The G.o.d of the Sky came to his senses.

The G.o.d of the Sky would do so.

To protect the believers, send Abubu to fight me.

If you are the G.o.d of the Sky who can come directly to protect Abubu, you can ignore the restrictions.

I understood.

And on the one hand, I acknowledged the words.

The enormous body of the G.o.d of the Sky shook.

The G.o.d of the Sky, with a lumpy human upper body, stretched out his huge arm.

Then a huge window appeared at the end.

It also looked like a harpoon.

Like that body, the power contained in the white window was recognizable at a glance.


The G.o.d of the Sky chose to solve the problem through force.

It was a good choice for me too.

Seregia reduced her size from the form of a giant sword.

Seregia had turned into a size that was easy to hold, so I took care of her and held her in my hand.

[Be careful, the G.o.d of the Sky…….]

I ignored the voice of the G.o.d of Hope, saying, to be careful.

“My King.”

Two giants who were far away approached.

“Yes, he is our enemy. Go.”

As soon as they heard me, the giants flew toward the G.o.d of the Sky.

There was a good reason for bringing only the two of them.

Not because of optimism.

It was because the power of those two giants was so great.

For a long time, they were warriors who sharpened themselves only to catch and kill the G.o.ds.

But I couldn’t leave everything to them.

Even without the warning of the G.o.d of Hope, I knew that the G.o.d of the Sky is a strong enemy that I should be wary of.

As the G.o.ds of the Hundred G.o.ds Temple were confined, they couldn’t exert influence on the world.

I heard that it is difficult to grow.

The G.o.d of the Sky played a pivotal role in an event that once almost devoured the entire universe.

For a clean victory, it’s best to end the battle with the best blow without taking measurements back and forth.

While the giants grasped the G.o.d of the Sky, I prepared an attack.

A big one.

[The quest window is updated.]

[The G.o.d of Light proposes a new quest.]

[The quest window is updated.]

[The G.o.d of Light proposes a new quest.]

[The quest window is updated.]

[The G.o.d of Light proposes a new quest.]

[The quest window is updated.]

[The G.o.d of Light proposes a new quest.]





[Please leave quickly.]

The quest window message appeared unexpectedly and stopped moving for a while.

This quest window message has no function other than to deliver the quests of the Hundred G.o.ds.

Kirikiri, who made the quest window, said so.

But what is this warning?

Should it be interpreted as Kirikiri’s personal warning?

After a moment of doubt.

I could see the meaning of the warning.


A s.p.a.ce opened behind the sky, and a strange creature appeared.

I wondered if it should be called a living thing.

It was clearly moving, but it looked like a metal device.

It was sparkling golden and had sharp nails.

It was divided into thousands of branches and tied the body of the G.o.d of the Sky.

The sharp golden blade at the end of a branch penetrated through the incarnation of the G.o.d of Heaven easily.

It was so absurd that I was just staring blankly for a moment.

It was an unrealistic show of power.

I realized when I was trying to ask the G.o.d of Hope what the h.e.l.l was that.

What would the G.o.d of Hope, who loves to talk, look at with fear in silence?

“The G.o.d of Order.”

The Tutorial Is Too Hard Chapter 359 - God of the Sky (3)

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