Ghostly Masked Prince Xiao: Pampering and Spoiling the Little Adorable Consort Chapter 265

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The gra.s.s by the lakeside moved gently. There were a few water plants on the lake, but the whole lake was as tranquil as it could be.

The sounds of a bird flapping started to come from the center of the lake. A white crane flew very close to the surface, then laid down comfortably on the water.

Flamy closed its eyes and made a sound with its throat to show how comfortable it felt at that moment.

"Kwa! Kwa!"

How comfortable it was!

Not allowing a beautiful white crane such as me to swim in such a beautiful lake is simply torture.

That big fat dragon has finally left for a while. I shall be the king of this lake for a few hours!

Flamy dove into the bottom of the lake and then soared out, creating a beautiful trace of water behind it.

Gao Peng suddenly thought, With the White Dragon absent, the fat crane is pretending to be king!

A sudden boom came from afar, then a long white figure descended from the clouds.

Within moments, the White Dragon was just three centimeters away from Flamy's head. This happened just as Flamy had started to flap its wings to fly up into the air. Flamy's entire body was paralyzed with shock.

The White Dragon huffed a strong gust of air from its nostrils, and Flamy was sent flying backward.

"I-I… I was just checking the temperature of the water for you…" Flammy stuttered.

The White Dragon closed its eyes and huffed a few more gusts of wind to blow Flamy away, then it dove deep into the lake.

Flamy's entire body spun two full circles. Its wings flapped all about, causing the water in the lake to fly everywhere. Finally, it landed by the side of the lake.

Goldie, with a barbell in one of its hands, stared at Flamy. Flamy shot it a look of annoyance. "What are you looking at?"

Goldie dropped the barbell in its hands. The barbell landed and made a hole on the ground, then Goldie walked forward and said with no expression on its face, "Me, Goldie, money!"

Flamy felt very confused.

In the end, Flamy had to give Goldie ten dollars to make Goldie leave. It cursed as it walked away, "Stupid duck. One of these days, I'm going to shove money right into your eyeb.a.l.l.s!"

Ever since Goldie had lost its last bet, it had become more and more money hungry.

Flamy said to itself that it wasn't because it was afraid of that stupid duck, but that it pitied it since it didn't have any feathers.

Gao Peng saw that Grandpa had come back safely. He let out a sigh of relief.

The only thing that mattered was that Grandpa was safe. Nothing else mattered.

Every time something came up, Grandpa would have to personally go deal with it. Gao Peng knew that this was one of the reasons why the Southern Sky Group was as successful as it was. Grandpa was very useful to the Monster Trainer League. They needed Grandpa's strength, so they allowed the Southern Sky Group to grow powerful. However, from his perspective, he would have preferred it if his Grandpa didn't get involved in dangerous situations.

It was because he didn't know when Grandpa would meet someone who was stronger than him.

Maybe he could find a trustworthy Lord-tier monster trainer for the Southern Sky Group. This would reduce the number of times Grandpa had to be sent out.

Gao Peng closed his eyes and thought up a list of names.

The person, first of all, had to be trustworthy. There was no use to train someone who was strong but disloyal. It would be stupid to train someone just to have them betray the Southern Sky Group.

They didn't have to be loyal to Gao Peng himself, as those that were loyal to Grandpa were also worthy of consideration.

There weren't a lot of people who met this criteria. After thinking for a while, Gao Peng decided on Huang Ya.

Although Huang Ya's Red Blood War Horse was only at level 32, it would be able to get promoted to Perfect-grade if it used Gao Peng's drugs. Its Soul Strength would also become strong enough.

Since it would take time to train the Red Blood War Horse, Gao Peng had another, even more daring idea.

After Gao Peng finished bathing and changing into his pajamas, he went into the living room. Grandpa was sitting on the sofa. There was a yellow lamp next to the sofa, and the light from the lamp let out a warmth. Grandpa had a book in his hands that was being illuminated by the yellow light from the lamp.

When he saw Gao Peng walk over, Ji Hanwu closed the book and poured a cup of tea for Gao Peng.

"Not going to bed?"

"Can't fall asleep," Gao Peng replied. He lifted up the teacup and drank it in one gulp. For him, tea was only meant to quench his thirst. He didn't know how to appreciate its other qualities.

"Grandpa, do you remember the Horrifying Violent Female Spider I caught in Chang'an?"

"That female spider?" Ji Hanwu thought for a while. "Oh, I remember. You're finally interested in it now. Although it failed to advance to the Lord-tier, it's still a half Lord-tier monster, meaning it still has value. I left it at a laboratory to be experimented on."

Gao Peng became momentarily stunned. "Left at a laboratory? It hasn't been dissected, right?"

Ji Hanwu shook his head lightly, "If you want it, take it. A half Lord-tier monster still has value. Killing it would be the most wasteful way of using of it. It's definitely still alive."

"Phew," Gao Peng let out a sigh of relief.

"Grandpa, I also want to borrow someone from you."


"Huang Ya."

Ji Hanwu was slightly stunned. Then he nodded lightly. "That's fine. I'll make it even easier. I'll just tell Huang Ya that he'll be taking orders from you from now on."

Gao Peng wanted to reject his grandpa, but before he could, Ji Hanwu had already made the decision. "It's decided then. You need someone who can take orders from you. If you find someone more suitable in the future, just return Huang Ya to me."

The next day, on the outskirts of the city, in a completely isolated laboratory located in a mountain, a group of people came to deliver an order. There was a large truck parked outside and many workers in the vicinity wearing blue uniforms with white unders.h.i.+rts.

The head of the laboratory looked very dissatisfied, "You're taking away such a good specimen. We were making such good progress on a few of our projects. Just you wait, I'm going to give Chairman Ji a call."

"Head Jiang, there's no use in making that phone call."

Head Jiang didn't believe him. He ran Chairman Ji's most trusted laboratory, and he was one of his trusted aides. It was impossible for his words to have no use.

"Do you not know where this familiar is headed? This familiar is going to Head Gao's laboratory. And this familiar was a gift given to Chairman Ji by Head Gao, so it's just being returned to its original owner."

Just as he was about to make the call, Head Jiang's hand froze in mid-air. Him?

He let out a bitter smile, Why does it have to be him?

Forget it. I can't afford to wrong him.

Head Jiang waved his hands helplessly. "Just take this female spider away. But you guys have to remember to take the necessary safety precautions. If it breaks free, the consequences will be deadly."

The wall on the mountain slowly split open. A truck carrying out a familiar slowly drove out. The giant familiar was transferred to a larger truck. A very heavy rope went around its body many times. It was also given a heavy dose of drugs to paralyze it, and its limbs had also been damaged so to reduce its fighting capacity.

This female spider was, after all, still half a Lord-tier monster! The danger it would pose when it went crazy was unimaginable.

Elsewhere, Gao Peng prepared the ingredients to make a drug. This Horrifying Violent Female Spider was quite unlucky. After it had failed to be promoted to the Lord-tier, it only had one way to be promoted to the Lord-tier. Its potential had also been reduced. This was the reason why Gao Peng didn't want to sign a Blood Contract with it.

One of the precious materials needed was a Lord-tier Earth type monster's Core Crystal, an extremely rare material. A Lord-tier Earth-type monster could only produce one Core Crystal in its entire lifetime, which could only be used on a monster that shared the same attribute.

Grandpa had obtained this material not too long ago by killing a Mountain Spirit. It was what the Horrifying Violent Female Spider needed the most for its promotion.

Although he himself had no interest in this damaged Horrifying Violent Female Spider, others would be clamoring to get their hands on a half Lord-tier familiar.

Ghostly Masked Prince Xiao: Pampering and Spoiling the Little Adorable Consort Chapter 265

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