Leveling Up And Becoming Undefeatable Chapter 55

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Chapter 55 – Level 2 Berserk

Demonic beasts were ones that reveled in eating raw b.l.o.o.d.y meat.

The scent of blood was able to stimulate their innate brutal instincts.

The current Lava Lizard was enraged.

The large amount of aphrodisiac had already made it go crazy, and now this weak pathetic human had actually injured it. Its head had cracked and blood was gus.h.i.+ng out so how can it allow this to happen?

You take this tiger for a sick cat if I don't show you some power?!

With the stimulus of two different things, the Lava Lizard had truly become berserk.

The flames on its body became as hot as flowing magma and its ferocious aura caused the audiences several hundred meters away to feel pressured. The audience felt extremely uncomfortable as they couldn't even breathe normally.

Although they felt uncomfortable, they were still extremely excited.

They were already shocked by Luo Tian's berserk ability, and unable to fully understand how their hearts were feeling about it. And now that the Lava Lizard had instantly burned Luo Tian alive, the excitement from this show had just multiplied itself.

"Almost scared this daddy to death! I almost thought that kid Luo Tian was about to win."

"d.a.m.n, what sort of martial skill is that kid cultivating? It's a little too powerful! Fortunately that Lava Lizard was still holding back or else we would have lost our money here."

"The Lava Lizard is completely enraged since it wouldn't allow a tiny human to insult its dignity. Just watch, Luo Tian isn't far from death now!"

"Kill him!"

Once again, there were screams and yells from the spectator stands.

The spectators in the luxury rooms also felt their hearts rise up to their throats before settling down again.

Luo Jianshan had a proud smile on his face, "Luo Tian, no matter how strong you are, you won't be stronger than a berserk Lava Lizard. A Lava Lizard in berserk mode is capable of releasing magma like fire. Once this attack touches you even a little bit, you're pretty much screwed. Even your soul will be devoured by it, hahaha…"

Magma fire was a skill all Lava Lizards possessed.

A large amount of dark magma can be sprayed out with an endless devouring power. With any slight contact, the affected area would expand, corrode, and even end up devouring one's soul.

Back then within the Jade Mountain City, the Lava Lizard had relied on this skill to go on its killing spree. Out of several hundreds of thousands of citizens, two-thirds of them perished from the magma fire.

"Unfair, this is so unfair. Why isn't the Violet organization putting a stop to this unfairness?"

"Elder brother, is there any way we can help him?"

Song Yanqun was extremely anxious and worried as he watched the magma rolling off the Lava Lizard's body.

Song Yannan shook his head as he sighed, "There's nothing we can do, everything is up to him. But… sigh!"

In another area.

Zhu Mei smiled in an arrogant and conceited manner. Seeing the injured Luo Tian in the arena, she couldn't help start laughing out loud. "You d.a.m.n trash, let's see whether you can survive this day or not."

"Bzzz… bzzzz~…"

"Splutter… splutter~…"

The grooves in the scales of the Lava Lizard started roiling about as dark magma started oozing out. This was the prelude to its magma fire skill.

They eyes of the Lava Lizard became dull as it glared coldly at Luo Tian not too far away. Its eyes seemed to be filled with endless contempt as if it was saying to Luo Tian: "Pathetically weak human, this daddy doesn't have time to play with you so just go and die!"


The Lava Lizard took a single step, and steam started gus.h.i.+ng out from beneath its foot. The water in the soil had immediately evaporated leaving behind a red footprint that started burning.


Another step and the battle arena started shaking.

The hot aura started spreading into the atmosphere and the temperature was immediately increased by over ten degrees. The audience all started sweating from this sudden change.

"Bang, bang, bang~…"

The Lava Lizard began to accelerate!

Its speed was becoming faster while the magma from its body started roiling about in higher intensity. Bursts of black flames had now started to spray out from its body…

"Hahaha… here it comes!"

"Let's see if this kid will finally die or not!"

"It's over!"

Not too far away, Luo Tian was standing there with his eyes closed.

A system alert sounded off in his mind.


"Can you please confirm leveling it up?"



"One hundred thousand experience points have been deducted. Divine skill Berserk has been leveled up, and is currently at level 2. You can release the power of four times the attributes!"

Level 1 Berserk was double the attributes while level 2 Berserk was four times the attributes. The power was basically squared two.

Martial Skill: Berserk

Grade: Divine

Level: 2

Consumption: 5000 profound energy

"Your sister! I only raised it by a single level and the consumption went up over ten times? This f*cking bullying has gone too far." Complained Luo Tian. It was also at this time that he loudly roared: "Fatty, how long are you planning on sleeping there for?"


"Didn't he faint?"

"This Luo Tian must have been frightened to the point of going insane, so he's blabbing nonsense."

Feng Lei who was lying on the ground suddenly got up. His whole body was covered in dirt as he scratched his head and grinned foolishly: "Boss, this one wants to rest a little bit longer."

"Let's do this again."

"This time, I'm going to beat it into meat paste!" Luo Tian roared out before stomping down and hurtling towards the Lava Lizard.

Around the same time…

Feng Lei's eyes widened as his arms bulged out once again. Surprisingly, traces of lightning could be seen on his palms. Those traces of lightning gradually thickened and eventually covered his hands and became something similar to a pair of silk gloves.

This was the power of a lightning attributed demon core!

The power of the Furious Thunder Bull exploded forth.

Feng Lei directly grabbed onto the Lava Lizard's tail, completely ignoring the bubbling magma. "You d.a.m.n beast!"

The flames of rage shot out of the Lava Lizard as it turned its head about to bite a chunk out of Feng Lei.

"You d.a.m.n four legged snake grandson, this grandpa is right here!"

Luo Tian leapt up into the air, his hands clasping onto each other like a battle axe. He was using the same move he had previously used again.

The moment before slamming down, Luo Tian roared out: "Level 1 Berserk!"


A powerful force exploded forth.

Ripples of powerful energy were visible to the naked eye. Before the ripples of energy light ended, he once again roared out: "Level 2 Berserk!"



The sky darkened as a tearing sound seemed to burst forth from the unknown void. Visible lines of powerful energy had now wrapped around Luo Tian's body. His body turned red as if every inch of his skin had been scalded by fire.

"Holy c.r.a.p!"

"The power of a level 2 Berserk is too f*cking strong!"

Luo Tian could clearly feel the qualitative changes in his power. The feeling he was currently experiencing was simply too d.a.m.n awesome.

How can it not be powerful when the skill consumes 5000 profound energy?

This is practically powerful to the point beyond words!

"What the h.e.l.l? He's using that same move again, he's definitely gone insane."

"That pow… power, oh my G.o.d. It seems to have increased several times…"

Everyone stopped breathing as they watched Luo Tian's actions.

The Lava Lizard lifted its head up so that almost half its body was upright. Its height had now reached at least three meters tall. It opened up its mouth and directly sprayed out a jet of thick black magma at Luo Tian.

Magma Fire!

The Lava Lizard's most powerful form of attack!

Luo Tian's eyes changed as a trace of smile coldly formed on his lips. He had complete confidence in his level 2 Berserk as he coldly roared out: "Die for me!"

His pair of fists slammed down.

"Thunder Tiger Charge!"

Luo Tian twisted his body to avoid the stream of magma before his left and right fist separated like a bow shape. His fists slammed down once again right onto the Lava Lizard's head.

The Lava Lizard's head was forcefully slammed down as the rest of his body followed suit.

Without giving it a chance to rise back up, Luo Tian laughed: "Want to get back up? Lie down for me!"


Another punch slammed out.

"You d.a.m.n b.a.s.t.a.r.d, bullying this daddy? One more time!"


"You come out and already in berserk mode huh? Go ahead, show this daddy how you're going to berserk some more."


"You d.a.m.n four legged snake acting arrogant in from of this daddy? Go arrogant your mom!"


"Bang, bang, bang~…"

Each punch was followed by a loud sound. The power of each punch shook the heavens and the sound of each punch shook the earth. Over ten thousand people in the spectator stands were trembling and dumbfounded in their seats. Luo Tian's punches physically landed on the Lava Lizard's body but also mentally landed on the audience’s' body. Every one of them had shut their mouths unable to say a thing. It was like their own faces were beaten swollen to the point that they could barely endure anymore!

His pair of fists stored up more power…

Luo Tian then heavily slammed down and roared: "Explode for me!"


Leveling Up And Becoming Undefeatable Chapter 55

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