Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World -Story of Self-Proclaimed Ordinary High School Girl Struggling in Different World- Chapter 14

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Last part of Bring Linde Back.
Next time, we have another story…

Chapter 14
Let's Bring Linde Back to School part 3

In the end, since already late night, we decided to go to Linde's place tomorrow morning.

It seems Linde lives in students' dormitory alone.

And because tomorrow is a holiday we have relax talk with Myurei-sensei.

"So, Nagi-chan, how is your plan to persuade Linde-chan?"
"It's not like I plan something to persuade her. I just want to become her friend. When that happen, I'll do something."

It's not like I say it clearly.

I think the first reason Linde not coming to school is because she has no friend.

Well, of course, lose to me also included… about 30% of her reason.

I heard from Myurei-sensei, it seems Linde since enrolled only focused at magic the whole year.

In addition to that, she looked down the others since she judged everything based on a certain wizard whom she admired.

When said that, Myurei-sensei glanced at Ruina, could it be…


ーーーNext morning

We went to Linde's room after got permission from dormitory manager.

Knock knock!

"Linde-chan are you there?"
"Is that you again sensei? Whatever you say, I don't want to go to school yet…"

The door is opened.

Linde's eyes meet with Ruina's.

And then saw me on the back.

From there, her movement was very quick.

Immediately closed the door and lock it.

Then from inside the room could be heard her noisily escape.

"Oh no, she escaped."
"Seems like that. It can't be helped. Unlock."

Since i've come this far, I can't stop.

For now, let's have talks.


Inside the room, there is Linde wrapped in blanket.


"This is dream, this is dream, this is dream… It's impossible for Ruina-san to come to my room."

It seems wizard whom she admired is really Ruina.

"It's not dream Linde-chan. For now, get out from your blanket."

Not good. There is no indication that she will get out.

"Nagi-chan dive"

I jumped to Linde's bed like a wolf.

"What, what is this now? My body is. .h.i.t by something hard… and it's hot…"

What you said hard is my chest part.

…It's not like I'm crying.

"I don't mind that Nagi-chan Doesn't have any"

That's not a good follow, Ruina…

"Gyaーーーー!! It's hot! Get away from me!"

Linde shouted and tossed me away with blanket.

Somehow Linde is strong.

"Why you together with Ruina-san?"

Linde is glaring at me who rolled in floor.

"That of course because I love Ruina."

"That's not an answer, and stop acting like Linde-chan, Nagi-chan."

Ah, it's dangerous. I've forgotten our purpose.

"It's like that, so, let's be friend."

Saying that I try to reach Linde's hand.


She brush my hand away.

"What is like that? I don't know and I don't understand what you said."
"Nagi-chan skip too much things."

Hnn… as I thought it's not good

…This is bad, I need to apologize.

I lowered my head in order to apologize.

"I'm sorry Linde. That time I've done bad thing.
"…No, it was my fault that I childishly challenge you to duel, I no longer care about that thing. You are stronger than me, that's the fact."

Contrary to her words, her hands were strongly grasped one each other.

She also keep her head hanging.

And continue her words like that.

"… it's not good even though I have thought like that. I heard that you just started using magic recently. I lost to such person. It's frustrating, very very frustrating… What was my effort for a year!? I did my best, but what for? Not making any friend, doing my best to casting aside eyes of onlookers, but the result is like this, this is too much! If you took away magic from me, what's left for me!? When I lost to you, there is nothing left on me!! Do you understand my feeling!? Hei, say something!! Huuu…"

Linde broke down crying.

Since enrolled at Akade Academy a year ago, she has been thinking nothing but magic.

As a result, she couldn't make any friend.

There must be other things that she has sacrificed.

For Linde, magic was her everything.

…And yet, she lost to me like that.

Here, it will be counterproductive if I try to comfort her.


"Hei, Linde. Why that time you rus.h.i.+ng to us?"

I ask another thing.

This is the most I curious about.

I understand irritation feeling you have when saw us flirting (It's like riajuu go explode!), but I thought what Linde did is too much.

She felt like being wrapped by hated.

When heard my question, she raised her face and look at me with blank eyes.

And then bit by bit her words is starting to leaked out.

"…I'm jealous with you two. When seeing you to so close each other, I regret that I couldn't make any friend. That time I realized how big thing that I sacrificed in order to catch up with Ruina-san. When I realized that I always really want to have close friends like you too, no matter what, I couldn't control my emotion. And the result is I challenged normal person who I don't know and beaten on my own game. What hard way to pay for one's mistakes…"

So it was like that…?

"Hei, Linde. I don't know you will believe it or not, but will you hear me?"
"What is it?"
"…I until recently was lived in different world from here. And, in my former world I didn't have anyone who I could call friend. Being hated by everyone in my surrounding. Abandoned by parents and all girls were gave me hostile act. The boys also gave me unpleasant sight. But when I came to this world and met with Ruina, that was my first time to have someone who I can call friend."
"That must be lie right? I don't believe it. It's impossible for you to be hated."
"That's mean Linde is also like me?"
"Please don't avert the talks. It's strange that I rushed towards you, but I don't see anything on you that could be hated. Men maybe gave you disgusting sight, but there is no way women could hate you."
"Why you can said that?"
"Just feeling. And it won't be strange if I hate you, but no matter what, I can't bring myself to hate you… eh, what am i saying!"

Linde said it herself.

"Ahem… so, even if what you said is true, what are you trying to tell me?"
"Therefore, I want you to become my friend."
"Because I just recently came here I don't have any other friend beside Ruina. Acquaintances are increasing but I want friend at my own age."
"Why me? You have enrolled at school right? Then, other than me is…"
"That's not good. Somehow, I don't know why, but everyone seem to fear me. And…"

"I want to become your friend. And I can't leave Linde alone. Ruina saved me when I was alone. This time is my turn to save you."
"For someone like me, is it really fine…?"
"Linde also want friends right? Then it's fine. Linde and I want friend, so it's a win-win relations.h.i.+p."
"I will also become Linde's friend!"

It was Ruina who said that words in the middle of our talk.

Linde is stiffened by surprise.

"Ruina-san to become friend of someone like me is…"
"That's fine. Nagi-chan's friend is my friend. I won't let you say that you have nothing anymore!"

When she heard Ruina's words, Linde broke down crying again.

But now is tears of happiness.

"I'm happy, I'm so happy! I already make two friends, and one of them is the one I admired. Is this real..?"


"Kya, aa… Nagi… san?"

Linde is very lovely in that state so I spontaneously hug her.


"Gyaa, Ru-ru-ru-ruina-san!?"

It seems Ruina also feels what I feel, she hug Linde.

""We are friend now, so no need to use honorific. From now on, let's be friends, Linde(-chan)""

With this, until we satisfied, we keep hugging each other.

Bonus 1. -Black Haired Loli Girl's Ident.i.ty-

Li : "Come to think of it, I have ignored it but, perhaps black haired girl who was with nagi that time is…"
Ru : "Of course that was me."
Li : "Oh no… what I have done to the one I admired…"


Ru : "Eh… Linde-chan is collapsed! Nagi-chan help!"
Na : "Yeah, I will do this and that with her…"
Ru : "No, You can't!"

Bonus 2. -Win-Win Relations.h.i.+p-

Li : "Um, Nagi. I wondering about something. What is uinuin relations.h.i.+p?"
Na : "That is, simply put, a relation that make both happy"
Li : "I see."
Ru : (it's rare for Nagi-chan to not said stupid things)
Na : "Then, let's have win-win on bed from now."
Li : "If on bed then both could be happy right! I understand, let's do that!"
Ru : "Linde-chan, don't be tricked!"


When I see bonus dialogue again, It's like seeing Lithium, Sodium, and Ruthenium having talk. I'm chemist, it can't be helped if I think like that.

Ah, so here is spoiler, actually, Linde is not Nagi’s 2nd harem member (wife), she is 3rd, since she keep her tsundere att.i.tude. She no longer tsundere after become Nagi’s wife.

Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World -Story of Self-Proclaimed Ordinary High School Girl Struggling in Different World- Chapter 14

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