Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World -Story of Self-Proclaimed Ordinary High School Girl Struggling in Different World- Chapter 16

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Chapter 16
Welcome to Student Council of Akade Academy

ーーー A certain day, afterschool

Two weeks already pa.s.sed since I enrolled at Akade Academy.

At first, my cla.s.smates were scared of me, but thanks (?) to be beaten by Ruina, my scary image was gone and gradually became friend with my cla.s.smate.

And also Linde wasーーー

"Linde-san, what are you doing?"

"O-organizing my bag of course."

"Ahaha, Linde-san is still nervous… it's cute… pat pat…"

"Hei, don't mess up my hair!"

She was getting along with the other cla.s.smates like that.

Since became our friend her personality is mellowed down and no longer looking down her surrounding.

And because her expression is also softened, she became able to make friends naturally.

Linde who suffering in loneliness was no longer exist.

…I was really happy about that, but also felt lonely.


"Everyone, attention please~~~!!"

Reacted to my call, everyone were facing me.

After confirmed that, I release my killer technique.

"Take this… Nagi-chan smile (niko)!"

Just a smile.

But the effect is tremendous.

All cla.s.smate except Linde, just like when my first day of transfer, one by one is collapsed with nosebleed.

"Wait Nagi! What have you done?"

Linde with angry face shouted towards me.

"I just smiled. But with fascination magic."

I attacked everyone except Linde with fascination magic that I put in my smile.

One word of Myurei-sensei became a hint for this technique.

What a terrible woman I am.

"It’s too ridiculous I can't retort anything…"

Linde was amazed.

"…Then, why you do this?"

"It's been awhile since I wanted to be alone with Linde."

Heard my straight confession,  Linde face is getting redder.

It was like boiling now.

"If-if like that then it can't be helped."

She became like that. Linde was really simple.

When we left cla.s.sroom after used purification magic (clean) and setup rising magic (wake up) to be activated after 30 minutes…

"Would you wait a moment? I have some business with you. Don't worry, it won't take your time."

I don't know since when, but there was a beautiful silver haired girl in cla.s.sroom who stopped us.

"I'm sorry to surprise you. I'm good at transitional magic, I used it for teleportation."

"Then, isn't it fine to teleport outside cla.s.sroom?"

"That because I felt fascinating magical power from cla.s.s 2-A and attracted by it."

This silver haired beautiful girl is Elenoa Grande.

It seems she was student council president.

"Although I'm your senior, but you can call me without honorific. Since I want t be friend with beautiful girl like you. Especially Nagi, I feel I could be friend easily with you."

Said that she gave us flirtatious glance.

Linde was blushed again.

Seeing that, I convincedーーー this person is same kind as me (girls loving hentai).

"It's nice to meet you, Elenoa."

"Nice to meet you too."

I and Elenoa exchange tightly handshake.

"Somehow it's feel like two people that should never meet, met."

Rinde's murmur is blown by wind and no one can hear it.

"Elenoa welcome back~"


"Elenoa-senpai welcome back!"

When we entered student council room, we met with 3 beautiful girl.

"Nagi, Linde, first I will introduce our student council member. Loli with 10 years old appearance, vice president, Run. Long black haired girl with, our treasurer, Miyu. A puppy-like girl, our secretary, Sari. Since everyone is a good girl, I'll be happy if you can befriend with them."

"Wait Elenoa, can you stop that kind of introduction!  Even though like this, I;m 18 years you know! I won't forgive you today! Take this!"

Shouthed like that, loli with 10 years old appearance was tried to jump and kick Elenoa.

But, maybe because Elenoa already used to this, she easily catch the girl and started to pick the girl up like a child.

"Let me down~~~~!!"

Silver haired beauty look at loli who wriggled with warmth.

Yeah, I can oly saw an adult who cuddling a kid.

"Well, it has been started. Since it can't be helped let's have introduction of our own. Once again, I'm secretary of student council, Sari. And this one is student council treasurer, Miyu-senpai."


"I'm 2nd year Nagi. I just transferred here two weeks ago. Nice to meet you."

"I also 2nd year, Linde. I is nice to meet you."

From what I heard, Sari is 1st year, Miyu-san is 2nd year like us and Run-chan is (completely not look like) 3rd year.

Also, Miyu-san and Run-han is human, but Sari is a dog beastkin.

I see, certainly Sari had dog ears and tail.

Ah, when I saw it, I want to touch it.

"I'm sorry but, only people who I recognized can touch my ears and tail."

That's too bad.

"Has the introduction ended?"

When our conversation was over, Elenoa spoke.

I don't know how, but Run-chan was being carried on the back.

Run-chan was sleeping on Elenoa's back peacefully.

She was cute.

"Ruina is mine. Never put your hand or her even slightly."

Yeah yeah, I know.

"And then, why we were called to here?"

"Nagi, Linde, sorry to suddenly called you here, but would you join student council?"

"Join student council?"

"Yeah. Recently one of our secretary is resigned. I want you two to take her place."

Invitation to student council?

"Linde beside, why me too?"

I can understand if it was linde since she was top cla.s.s student, but I just transferred here to weeks ago.

Furthermore, I only attend this school for three months.

"I want Nagi to support Linde until Linde able to do her job as student council member by herself. Actually it should be done by us, but this time we really busy you know."

Yeah, I understand what Eleora mean, but…

"I'm just fine with it, but how about Linde?"

The most important thing is whether Linde will join student council or not.

If Linde want to join, then I will support her with everything I have. And if she doesn't want to join but forced and detained, I will free her with everything I have.

After Linde have thought for a while, she raised her face and faced Elenoa with determination look.

"I will join student council. I'll proof that I was no longer my old self by doing student council's works."

If it was Linde who haven't met Ruina and me, she will absolutely reject student council works that concerned a lot of students.

This is one of Linde's big step.

Then I will support her with everything I have.

"Thanks, we student council welcome you. Please a.s.sist me from now."

"I'm counting on you"


With this, I and Linde joined student council.


-Requirements to Join Akade Academy Student Council-

Na: "That's right Elenoa, how student council member was decided?"

El : "President and VP is decide by election, the others member are selected by president, in other words, scouted.

Na : "That's mean, Run-chan is also selected with election?"

El : "Even though her appearance is like child, but her popularity is high."

Na : (Certainly, there is such character in j.a.panese light novel…)

Na : "By the way, what standard that Elenoa used to decide current member?"

El : "Of course it based on my preference of beautiful girls. Well, how good one's grade also a reason, but compared to my preference of beautiful girls, that just a trivial thing."

Na: (Will such student council be fine…)

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