Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World -Story of Self-Proclaimed Ordinary High School Girl Struggling in Different World- Chapter 4

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Kono shou nagasugi!!
Here you go… a long chapter this time…

Chapter 4
I Already Crossed The Line…

"House of Cat Ears", as the name says, all employers were girls with cat ears.

What is this? Heaven?

"How is it? In here all employer are only cute girls with cat ears, right? When I got tired I always came here to be healed."
“Yeah, this is the best!”

I get too excited and feel like to have nosebleed, but somehow I could suppress it.

It is unbearable to be banned from the first day.

“Thank you very much nya. So how many people nya?”
“Two people in the same room please”
“Of course nya. How many night you wish to stay?” (TN: yeah, this question not ending with nya)
"Yeah, only one week for now. I will tell you whenever it's going to be extended. For the time being, I'll give you a gold coin. If it's not enough just tell me."

While saying that, Ruina to take out gold coins from nowhere.

Wow, that is amazing. It’s sparkling.

I don't understand the value of the currency of this world yet, but I know that it is a huge amount of money.

Ruina could easily take out that much, who is her really?

Well anyway.

I secretly did a guts pose in my heart.

Now I and Ruina were in the same room! And at least a week!

I will stay for a week in the same room with a beautiful blond girl.

That sounds so sweet.

I was aware that I'm not normal, so there is no need to restraint myself anymore.

During this week I will deepen my relations.h.i.+ps with Ruina!

And then… Hehehe…

When I was lost in delusion, Ruina called me.

"Nagi-chan, don't be absent-minded there and quickly go to the room. Let's eat dinner at cafeteria on first floor after put our luggage in room."


My stomach crying as soon as I heard the word dinner. Wait, I should restraint my stomach more.

Spontaneously my face turn red. Laughter and giggles could be heard from around.

Uoo … I want to die.

“Talking about that, Nagi-chan has not eaten anything right? Then you should have to go there sooner!”

While felt ashamed, I headed to the room.


Fiuh… i'm satisfied.

We finished eating dinner at the cafeteria on the first floor and we were back in the room.

The dinner was very tasty. Especially because my stomach was so empty.

I heard Ruina voice when I was lying in bed.

“Yos.h.!.+ Let’s go to hot spring Nagi-chan!”
“Huh, are there any hot springs here?”
“There is! It feels very good~. It’s a special product here and there are plenty of nice effects on girls such as beauty effects and everything else.”
“Is that so?”
“By the way I already booked reservation for it! Since this is our encounter, I hope to deepen our relations.h.i.+p with naked friends.h.i.+p!”

I wonder if I am dreaming.

A hot spring with Ruina only. Naked friends.h.i.+p.

Okay, just imagining it my blood rus.h.i.+ng up to my head.

Stand up from the bed and observe Ruina body casually.

I don't really know since hidden with her robe, but from what I've seen, Ruina has big t.i.ts.

Furthermore with childish face loli.

No doubt. Ruina is loli with big t.i.ts!

While I was thinking about such a bad thing, I was brought to the changing room without knowing.

Apparently it looks like done with same way as before.

“Nagi-chan, you only dazed all the time. What's wrong?"

“… No, nothing at all”

There was suspicious sight from Ruina, so I pretended to calm.


Well, it was a good bath! Besides, it was a sight for sore eye.

Did you think that you can see the hot spring scene? Too bad!

Ruuna’s nakedness is stored firmly in my brain folder.

She has big t.i.ts as I expected.

I can be satisfied with only this! Big t.i.ts loli is the best!

…Now, I already deepen my relations.h.i.+p with Ruina with naked friends.h.i.+p in hot spring, then just sleep right?

I look the bed.

Large double bed.

Ruina already lied in a sleepwear and reading a book.

Ruina with normal appearance is also very cute.

From now on I will sleep with this girl in the same bed…

Is it my reasoning?

For the time being, I also slip into bed. It's fluffy and feels good.

… Thinking back, a lot of things happened today.

When I took a nap, I got brought to a world I did not know, helped by Ruena and saved my life, went to the adventurer guild, found a strange skill and had a naked friends.h.i.+p in hot spring…

“Ruina, thank you very much for today.”
“What’s the matter with you? I'm not doing anything important, right?”
"No, you doing it a lot. If Ruina are not here, I won't be in this world now, and I won't be able to do something fun like now."

Without Ruina I was eaten by a wolf and died. Without Ruina I was a homeless in a strange land. I could not reach the city as well. If Ruina was not there, there no mistake that I could not relax in this different world.

My thanks to her is not enough.

“Ahahaha… That's true…. That's right, if I was not there, Nagi-chan was dead …”

Ruina faces this direction. Her eyes were wet with tears.

"I don't know if this sounds weird since we just met, but I can't imagine a world without Nagi-chan. I'm glad I saved you."
“Me too, I can't imagine a world without Ruina”

We are staring at each other in the bed.

“By the way Nagi-chan, can I ask you a strange thing?”
“… Maybe Nagi-chan were excited when seeing me naked in hot spring?”

I spontaneously spited out.

Wai… where this thing will be going? It was great atmosphere right now right?


“Nagi-chan is too excited”

The eyes of Ruina are directed to me. Oh, it feels good.


I desperately rotate my brain at full speed.

Think about it! There must be a way to break through this pinch! Is there something…

"Ahaha… it's not like I try to blame you, so it's fine. I didn't dislike it, I'd rather said I was happy…"

What does that mean?

"Since already like this, I will be honest. Since the first time we met, I already attracted by Nagi-chan. I was very happy when Nagi-chan called my name. It was a lot fun to fly together. I was really excited about what we could do together."

Ruena continues her words.

"I decided to stay in the same room even though it was enough to show the inn. I was very jealous when saw Nagi-chan's tension raised by looking at girls with cat ears. So I booked hot spring for only the two of us. I was very happy that Nagi-chan was excited about my nakedness… it's weird, right? Even though we both are girls… humph."

I closed her mouth. With my lips.

“Puha, what are you doing suddenly?”

The face of Ruina is dyed red. I'm sure that my face is red too.

“Because Ruina says cute things, it’s not weird, nothing strange, who decided that you should be in love with the opposite s.e.x? If G.o.d decided it, I will send her flying even though it's G.o.d.”

I decide to speak. That I like girl more than a man. That I fall in love with Ruina since first time when she saved me. And also explained about 's effect which make me easier to be liked by girls.

“So sorry, it may be due to my skill that Ruina was attracted to me.”

“No, I definitely think I will love Nagi-chan, even without such skills, because Nagi-chan is a very attractive girl.”

Well, Ruina is saying good things.

No, I can not take it anymore ….


—The next morning

Uh, so bright…

I woke up in the morning.

Looking next to me, naked Ruina is sleeping comfortably.

No different from her, I also naked.

In other words, there is figure of two girls sleeping naked on the same bed.

… Yeah, we have done it.

The way Nagi was brought by Ruina before:

-> use Levitation (Floating Magic), and pulled

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