You're Beautiful When You Smile Chapter 39 Part4

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You're Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 39 Part 4

Tong Yao and her teammates were about to rush Baron when the CK
decided to give in. Suddenly, she saw the enemy Nexus explode by itself.
She was stunned at first then burst into laughter. The moment she took off
her earphones and stood up from her seat she could hear the roaring audience.
People were yelling-- --

“Nice! ZGDX, keep it up!”

“Ms. Smiling, marry me, ahhhhhhhh!”

She couldn't really make out the individuals in the audience, but gracefully
waved with a smile towards the direction someone was calling her name.
Then she turned to rush to the restroom-- --

“......d.a.m.n, I'm dying from holding it for so long.”

Finally, she could relax, then she discovered that the urge had disappeared…...
Tong Yao started to check Tieba and Weibo as she sat on the toilet-- --

[The coolest thing is that CK had to surrender!]

[They had to under the circ.u.mstances. Wouldn't it be better than have their
confidence totally shattered?]

[Before it felt like ZGDX had a sign down out bot that said “beware of dog.”
Now with Smiling, it has become 2 dogs.]

[......During the whole match, I just saw cards flying up and down killing
everyone in a frenzy. It looks like ZGDX has two junglers! Their Twisted Fate
is really strong at getting to the right position!]

[In comparison, it felt like Yang G.o.d was sleepwalking.]

[What's the matter with CK lately. It seems like they aren't in the best condition.
I heard not too long ago that they lost to YQCB in a skirmish. They didn't perform
like a top team at this match either.]

[.....................It seemed that both Cheng Ge and Tong Yao were kind of in a rush in
this match. Both were speeding out of control. What were they in such a hurry for?]

[Reply to the last comment, probably in a hurry to go the bathroom.

Tong Yao: “......”

Tong Yao quietly turned off her cellphone and stood up from the toilet.

She washed her hands and left the restroom. When she went back to the rest
area, she saw the sickly Lu Sicheng huddling in the corner, a total contrast to
the energetic killing machine while playing the game.

Little Fatty greeted Tong Yao with a smile as she walked in: “Done relieving

Tong Yao answered with a serious face: “I'm constipated.”

LIttle Fatty: “Someone said that ZGDX now has two uncontrollable mad dogs.”

Tong Yao: “...... Isn't that a good thing? Esports is a young people's sport.
Pa.s.sion, pa.s.sion is very important.”

Lu Sicheng changed his position and coughed a couple times. Tong Yao walked
over and lifted the clothes he had over his face. Then she felt his forehead-- --
When the man impatiently opened his dark brown eyes, she fearlessly fixed her
eyes on his: “Captain, you have a fever.”

Lu Sicheng: “Oh.”

The intermission was almost over, Xiao Rui came to hustle them back onstage-- --

During the second match, Lu Sicheng was obviously not doing as well as the first
one. In the early game, he was held down by b.u.t.terfly quite a bit. The two teams
were going back and forth until the mid game, when they were fighting over dragon!

This time it was Old K who stepped up to the plate. He used Smite to claim dragon
while Tong Yao's Leblanc chained b.u.t.terfly, completely throwing the enemy into
disarray. ZGDX won this important team fight and began to catch up from the early
disadvantage the team had suffered.

ZGDX grabbed the chance and kept the momentum, turning the game around.
They didn't give CK a chance for a comeback. They pushed through turrets, slew
dragons, and farmed until they were invading the enemy base-- --

At 42nd minute, ZGDX won another team fight in the enemy base and finished
the match!

ZGDX had won their first match!

You're Beautiful When You Smile Chapter 39 Part4

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