You're Beautiful When You Smile Chapter 52 Part2

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You're Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 52 Part 2

Lu Sicheng muttered: “Useless.” Then he stood up to go outside to finish the
conversation…... After he left, everyone at the table resumed speaking at their normal
volume. Tong Yao poured some soju for herself, took a sip, then raised her eyebrows:
“Is Cheng Ge really going to have a blind date?”

“He'll probably just go through with it.  It's usually impossible to change anything my mom has
decided.” Lu Yue shrugged. “Besides, if the girl is really as good as she said, it'll be nice for
him to fall in love. It's better than him living like a robot now.”

Tong Yao: “Oh. It's easy for you to say that. Why did you throw away the phone when your
mom was going to arrange a blind date for you too?”

“I'm different.” Lu Yue giggled: “I have League of Legends. Diana, Scorn of the Moon, is
my girlfriend.”

Tong Yao: “......”


Lu Sicheng didn't mention anything about the blind date later on. Everyone seemed to have
forgotten about it after a while.

For the second week of the compet.i.tion, ZGDX was scheduled to play against Huawei on
Thursday at 5 o'clock in the afternoon and against Lan on Sunday afternoon at 5 o'clock------
Among all the teams in ZGDX's group, these two teams could count as the more difficult

Lan was a veteran team; though the team hadn't been doing too well in recent years, it had
never fallen out of the major league. Its rank mostly hovered around the middle of the league.
The team worked well together and was particularly tenacious. Checking the team's record,
they've beaten all the other teams and have lost to all of them as well. They had defeated
ZGDX but it also had lost to a minor league team, the most amazing thing was that the win
and loss happened in the same week-----It was truly pitiful to be the fans of this team, one
second in heaven and in the next second, h.e.l.l.

Huawei team's condition was a bit more complicated than Lan. In theory, it was the only
team which could counter ZGDX in this group…...This team had a Korean player that the
team had bought from last year's world champions.h.i.+p team TAT. He had joined TAT after
Lu Sicheng had left the team, an old teammate of Pope. His name was Kun and his ability
to control the jungle was better than Old K. He was also good at discerning the weakness
of his opponents and creating an advantage for his teammates------

During the last skirmish, Old Cat was harra.s.sed so much by Kun that he couldn't do anything
to help the team. In the end, it was Tong Yao who had built the foothold at mid and the
advantage created by the pair at bot that Lu Sicheng could take control of the match in the
late game to win the skirmish……

Out of the respect to Kun, the champion jungler, ZGDX had began studying Huawei's game
videos early on. The notes on Tong Yao's little notebook increased by the speed of 3 pages
a day since Monday……

Other than doing the necessary ranked games and skirmishes, Tong Yao would sit on the
sofa, holding her cat, watching videos with Ming G.o.d and discussed about their players from
time to time-----

“If they are on the blue side, Kun will definitely go for the crab.” Tong Yao pointed at the
screen. “If you have vision from the crab, he can see the enemy jungler's movement and
invade the enemy jungle or wait for a chance to counter jungle. His success rate is rather
high. Here, here, and here, he's done it……”

Tong Yao kept clicking to pause the video.

“On the contrary, if he didn't get to the Crabgot in the beginning and removed all the wards
near him, then his tempo isn't as good.” Ming G.o.d bent over to click on the mouse. “It was
like that at this match against CK. Because he lost his tempo in the early game, Yang G.o.d
almost took over the whole jungle.”

Tong Yao quickly jotted down some notes in her notebook.

You're Beautiful When You Smile Chapter 52 Part2

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