You're Beautiful When You Smile Chapter 57 Part2

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You're Beautiful When You Smile
Chapter 57 Part 2

“It's alright. I was nervous in the beginning, afraid that I wouldn't be able to fit in. But later on I've found my teammates to be very friendly.” Tong Yao scratched her head: “It seems that they don't give me any special treatment because I'm a girl. It's actually turned out to be a good thing. I have to compliment my teammates once again. It seems that they don't think it's a big deal for a girl to play professionally. They have never thought in that way-- --”

Tong Yao lifted up the mic after she had put it down and added: “Actually, if girls want to join the esports scene, they can do it very well too. Esports shouldn't be a male only field. I hope those stubborn people who still think that way can change their minds.”

After speaking her mind, Tong Yao seemed to see some of the fangirls put down their cell phones and start to applaud vigorously.

Without knowing why, Tong Yao suddenly was reminded of Ming G.o.d's fangirl whom she had met at the spring season compet.i.tion. She wondered whether that girl had really given up the esports circle or was she still sitting in the audience like always and rooting for ZGDX-- --

Tong Yao squinted trying to make out the faces in the audience. She seemed to see her, but then felt she probably was mistaken.

The interviewer asked her a few more questions, like why did Tong Yao choose Diana. Tong Yao answered three or four more questions and thought the interview session was over. She was going to jump off the stool when the interviewer stopped her. Tong Yao turned and happened to meet the interviewer's smiling eyes: “We have one additional off-script question. All the fans here, including me, would very much to know what had happened the moment when our Chessman turned around suddenly and picked you up when your team was walking back after bowing to the audience…...In fact, it's hard to imagine to see such a romantic scene at a League of Legend compet.i.tion-- --”

The audience burst into laughter, they started to discuss it in small voices.

Tong Yao's lips twitched a little: “It's because Little Fatty stepped on my sandal. I tripped and Cheng Ge caught me.”

Interviewer: “But, lately on all the gossip forums, all the the discussions have been about you and our Cheng Ge……”

Tong Yao: “There's nothing between us. It's only that sometimes he says things to tease me or does some flirtatious things. Don't be tricked by that.”

The interviewer: “......”

Tong Yao: “If someday, our captain decides to like a human being and be with me, I'll definitely announce it to the whole world.”

The interviewer: “......”

The interviewer: “You really would let us know?”

Tong Yao: “I‘ll shout it with a bullhorn onstage.”

The interviewer: “Hahahaha!”

People began to believe that there was really nothing going on between the two since Tong Yao was so frank and unabashed about the topic. By the end of the interview, Tong Yao was very relaxed, laughing and joking with the interviewer…...Finally, the interviewer ended the session and fans gradually left, Tong Yao jumped off from the stool breathing a sigh of relief. She returned the mic to the interviewer and found that her palms were all sweaty.

…...What trouble did she have to go through in order to keep her captain's good name from being tarnished.

You're Beautiful When You Smile Chapter 57 Part2

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