You're Beautiful When You Smile Chapter 66 Part3

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You're Beautiful When You Smile
Chapter 66 Part 3

All of a sudden, every media platform exploded, whether it be Weibo, Tieba, or lesser known forums. Many viewers who didn't really know what happened exactly, nonetheless shared the news. There were all sorts of comments-- --

[Oh my goodness, I've been looking forward to seeing some explosive news about our little sister for a few months now. News like she was having an affair, or hiring someone to play for her, or simply as eye candy. Yet I get none of them; the biggest news is that she was in a fight? ! Does this mean I get to have a laugh before I jump on the dissing bandwagon?]

[Is the woman going crazy?]

[This goes to prove once again that a normal girl can't be a professional player. She's either transs.e.xual or a nutcase.]

[Why did she hit you? What did you say to her? Make it clear. It can't be that she just started to hit you once she just sat down? What is the program about, the one that caused the argument?]

[Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, Isn't there a ZGDX tradition to starting a fight when there's disagreement? Aren't they toxic?]

[No matter what, it's not right to hit people. Hope OP is ok.]

[Well, well, it's especially exciting when women fight! You guys know how to have fun!]

[She has a worrisome att.i.tude judging by her looks.]


Tong Yao looked at all the comments one after another, but maintained her cool.

She turned to take a look at Lu Sicheng, sitting on the back of the bus. It was the first time she'd seen him not sleeping on the bus. He was holding his cell phone, doing something-- --Tong Yao hoped that he wasn't reading all those comments discussing with all seriousness whether she was crazy or not.

Tong Yao shrunk back into her seat quietly, knowing that she had done something wrong. She watched similar news about her fight with the showgirl on various news media for a while…...About 3:30 in the afternoon, she finally received a phone call from the club's upper management. The phone call was first for Xiao Rui. After being severely criticized, the phone was pa.s.sed on to Tong Yao who was scolded in turn. Then the club announced that Tong Yao would be deducted 2 months pay plus bonus and there would be an official reprimand on the official Weibo site. In addition, Tong Yao would be suspended for one match.



Tong Yao bit her nails with a frown, and obediently promised that she would go back and reflect on her mistakes-- --

But deep down she didn't think it was fair.

But she realized that she could no longer act on impulse to deal with everything once she had entered this business. The Club had done all it could to give her punishments that wouldn't cause any real damage to her career…...Tong Yao picked up her cell phone after she hung up and checked her Weibo account. Many people were sending her private messages criticizing her, some with very derogatory words, like narrow-minded, rude, disgrace to all girls and so on-- --

She read them without too much emotion.

Though she was the one who caused the commotion, she couldn't be exempted from feeling bad about being bad mouthed by so many people. All she could do was talk to Jinyang, other than that she wouldn't know how to respond to all those people who didn't really know what had happened in the afternoon and had only heard showgirl's side of the story.

There was no way for her to give a convincing explanation for her self-defense.

After Jinyang read some of Tong Yao's rambling, she immediately called Tong Yao on the phone instead: “Who isn't her parents' little princess? What's the problem for hitting her if she gets b.i.t.c.hy? Why didn't you give her one more slap at the time-- --Ai Jia, don't try to grab my phone? ! Get lost! Don't bother me!”

“Don't stir up more trouble for her.” Tong Yao could hear Ai Jia's voice from afar. “You can't act impulsively. Haven't you seen how they're talking online……”

“I've seen them. That's why I said to slap her a few more times.” Jinyang's voice was clear now, probably having won the tug of war for her phone: “Nowadays if a woman can't even crack down on another woman, then wouldn't all those b.i.t.c.hes be out of control? What's the point of reasoning with that b.i.t.c.h when she's making up things out of nothing?......But, Mulan, why do you sound so dejected as if you've been suspended for life?”

You're Beautiful When You Smile Chapter 66 Part3

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