You're Beautiful When You Smile Chapter 12 Part1

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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 12 Part 1

Ten minutes later.

“Delete the Weibo post.”


“Delete the Weibo post.”

“I won’t.”

“I’m telling you for the last time, delete the Weibo post.”

“I definitely won’t.”

Lu Sicheng sat on the sofa, glancing at the short haired girl sitting right across from him-- --The girl wore a t-s.h.i.+rt, flip flops, and big shorts.  An ugly cat sat in the crook of her arm. Her luggage stood beside her as she smiled brilliantly.


Lu Sicheng had seen enough.

He frowned and turned to look at his phone which he had thrown away earlier. He opened Weibo again-- --His Weibo had been quiet for over ten days, but just ten minutes ago, he kept getting new mentions. When he clicked on them, they were from fans who kept mentioning him under a certain Weibo post. The post read as follows-- --

[Smiling: I arrived at the base and knocked on the door. Cheng Ge came to answer the door, then he looked at me and shut the door-- --thus, I’m still standing in front of the door, with my Dabing.]

The text was superimposed on top of an image of an ugly cat collapsed underneath pots of plants. The background showed the front door of the ZGDX base.  Those pots had been planted by Xiaorui.

There were 700 comments.

A lot of people were saying things like, “Ahhhhhhh, I feel for you.” “My goodness, hahahahahahaha. Why? Hahahahahaha.” “Is it because you look too much like an insurance saleswoman?” “Dabing is cute.”......

Or the comments were like-- --

[Neat freak: Cheng Ge, how could you! It’s too much. Smiling, let’s retaliate together! How about you take some indecent pictures of him and sell it to us.]

[--Nini: Dabing, hurry, eat all of his fis.h.!.+ @ZGDXLu Sicheng.]

[Dreams of salty fish: I’m dying from laughter here @ZGDXLu Sicheng. Cheng Ge, open the door for my Smiling. She has a dream, she wants to play professionally!]

[Ahmaomao: Indeed, she isn’t good looking, but by opening the door again you still can’t give your new mid a new face like in a magic show @ZGDXLu Sicheng.]

[I’m your fangirl: It’s alright, keep her outside, but let our Dabing into the room [email protected] Sicheng.]

[I suspect you’re not salty fish: Eat his fish.]

[Chicken Mua: Eat the goldfis.h.!.+ Eat his goldfis.h.!.+ ! !]


Lu Sicheng threw his phone down and stood up to return to his computer to start a new ranked game. The others also went back to their computers after they had each greeted her…..The manager, Xiaorui, walked down the stairs. Tong Yao stood up from the sofa and nervously spoke, “Rui Ge, I’m reporting for duty.”

“Ah, you’re here.” Xiaorui hurried to Tong Yao’s side and, with s.h.i.+ning eyes, took the cat from her arms. “Come here, let me hold you, Dabing-- --Aiyo, this cat is heavy…...By the way, I saw your Weibo post, Lu Sicheng shut the door on you?”

Tong Yao twitched her lips.

Lu Sicheng: “I thought she’s a fan trying to gank our base.”

Xiaorui stroked Dabing’s head and the cat drooped its ears and purred in satisfaction…..Xiaorui looked down at Tong Yao’s flip flops, “Have you ever seen a fan dressed like this coming to gank the base?”

Lu Sicheng focused on his computer screen, replying matter of factly without even turning his head, “No, I haven’t. That’s why I shut the door.”

Tong Yao: “......”

Should she apologize for not dressing up?

Xiaorui: “Tong Yao, your room’s ready. Let’s go up and take a look? You can put down your luggage there. If you still need things like a toothbrush, toothpaste, or towel, I’ll have someone drive you to the nearby store to shop after you put away your luggage.”

Tong Yao nodded. Dabing seemed very happy inside Xiaorui’s arms, she was happy to let him take care of the cat for now. Just as she was about to pull her luggage to go upstairs, the top, Old Cat, kicked the support, Little Fatty, “Go help.”

Little Fatty had just finished a round while Old Cat was just starting another. He had no good excuse to refuse and walked over to help carry the luggage. Tong Yao kept thanking him as Little Fatty said matter of factly with a smile, “We’re teammates from now on, we should help each other out. Even though Cheng Ge doesn’t act very friendly……”

Tong Yao: “?”

Little Fatty: “Well, actually, he’s not very friendly at all.”

Tong Yao: “......”

Little Fatty: “But it doesn’t matter. Everyone, except him, at base is easy to talk to-- --After you settle down, come help me get some points. The end of month audit will be in two days, if I don’t get to Master tier again, I’ll get a deduction on my salary.”

Tong Yao looked at Little Fatty in confusion about the quick change in topic. Little Fatty said with a grin, “It’s hard for support to get points in ranked games.”

“Oh, sure.” Tong Yao nodded, “I’ll help.”

Little Fatty was satisfied with the answer.  Not long after, Old Cat called from downstairs as if he was clairaudient, “Tong Yao, don’t let him fool you. He only causes trouble when he plays. If you play with him, then you’re giving away your own points.”

Little Fatty delivered Tong Yao and her luggage to the outside of her room. Tong Yao turned and saw a small open area across from her room with several computers set up there. There were people in front of each computers. Tong Yao looked at Little Fatty.

Little Fatty told her, “They’re kids from the B team.”

Tong Yao nodded. Little Fatty rushed to leave after telling her “Let’s play duos tonight”, preventing any chance for her to refuse…...Tong Yao turned to go into her own room. The people at base had really spent a lot effort to prepare the room for her. It was very clean, the room had brand new beddings, a white closet and dresser, and a fluffy carpet under the bed. It was obvious this was a teenage girl’s room just by the look of it!

Translated by Team DHH at

You're Beautiful When You Smile Chapter 12 Part1

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