You're Beautiful When You Smile Chapter 74 Part3

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You're Beautiful When You Smile
Chapter 74 Part 3

Tong Yao couldn't believe what she had heard and turned around to look at Lu Sicheng: A man driving a Maserati is bargain for fifty cents off. That's inhumane.

What surprised her more was that the owner agreed to it.

The owner happily packed up the red goldfish and said to Lu Sicheng when he handed the fish over: “My girlfriend is exactly the same as yours: headstrong. I can't rein her in no matter what.”

Lu Sicheng didn't say anything. He took the plastic bag and lifted it up high to check the goldfish against the sunlight -- --

The serious and affectionate look on his face made him truly like an idiot

Tong Yao rolled her eyes and said to the owner: “I and this friend aren't like what you think-- --”

A hand lightly pat the back of head stopping her in mid sentence for the second time. She looked up and saw Lu Sicheng, expressionless, looking at her with his aloof dark brown eyes: “What are you looking at? Pay.”


Tong Yao had no choice but to pull out a coin from her pocket and placed it in the owner's hands.

“Let's go.” He said and turned to leave, Tong Yao stood up to follow him-- --A man pus.h.i.+ng a cart full of goods happened to come by right between Tong Yao and Lu Sicheng. Tong Yao had to stop and wait till the cart pa.s.sed. The crowd soon blocked her view. Tong Yao stood on her tippy toes trying to find where Lu Sicheng had gone to. Right then, a large hand reaching over from the side and suddenly yanked her: “I'm here, where are you looking at?”

Tong Yao staggered towards his direction.

“Why are you wearing a long sleeve s.h.i.+rt on a hot day?”

When she was close enough to him, she heard him comment flatly. Tong Yao looked up in surprise but found little emotion on Lu Sicheng's face. He turned to move forward. One of his hand carried the swimming goldfish inside the plastic bag and his other hand was clasped on her thin wrist, not letting go……

He didn't release his hold until they were back at the entrance of the market where there was less people. He aimlessly looked at the cars and people around him and slightly frowned, having forgotten where he parked the car. “Every time you come to this place, you lose three years of your life expectancy. If you want me to die early, you can just let your cat eat one of my fish again.”

Tong Yao: “......”

Tong Yao was about to say something when her attention was distracted by a few kittens at a stand by the roadside-- --One of the kittens, inside a shabby cardboard box, was sound asleep under the sunlight, looking silly and carefree just like Dabing……

That kitten pulled Tong Yao over like a magnet.

Lu Sicheng, now annoyed that he couldn't find his car, turned his head around to find the person who was standing right next to him a second ago had disappeared. He raised his eyebrows and started searching with his eyes. On the roadside, he found his mid in a short skirt and those furry little animals right in front of her-- --

He got even more annoyed.

He walked up and was about to warn Tong Yao not to do anything hasty as Tong Yao was already asking the owner how much the little kitten cost. Right then he heard a soft female voice from behind: “Aiya, what a cute little kitten!”

Right afterwards, a hand reached from behind, pushed Tong Yao's hand to the side, and picked up the kitten…...Tong Yao, irritated, felt like someone had taken a bite of food straight out of her mouth. She frowned and was about to say that she had been there first, but when she looked up, she saw a tall man behind a pretty woman. The man was well dressed, wearing a face mask that only exposed half of his nose, a pair of thick eyebrows, and big eyes-- --

He looked very familiar.

Tong Yao: “Eh.” She wracked her brain trying to match the face to the people she knew. Then she heard Lu Sichengg from behind her greet the man in Korean in a rather cold tone of voice.

Judging from the p.r.o.nunciation, Lu Sicheng was addressing him as a Ge.

…...Tailun Ge?

You're Beautiful When You Smile Chapter 74 Part3

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