You're Beautiful When You Smile Chapter 79 Part3

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You're Beautiful When You Smile
Chapter 79 Part 3

Tong Yao opened Xu Tailun's stream.

[Since Huawei beats ZGDX using the same strategy last time, so I wanted to try it too. Didn't expect that it wouldn't work this time.] Xu Tailun was sitting in front of the computer, resuming his gentle and easygoing persona. [Sorry, I lost the match.]

The bullet comments had responses like, “It's alright,” “Try harder next time,” “Win the next match” trying to comfort him…...There were people asking him whether he was taking revenge on Tong Yao because of what she said on stream. To those questions, Xu Tailun's reply was-- --

[Those rumors aren't true anyway. I didn't do anything bad with fans.] Xu Tailun said, [Actually, what Smiling said is true. If I didn't do it, there's nothing to be afraid of-- --My girlfriend and I love each other very much and it's impossible for me to like anyone else. She was sad after hearing those rumors, I've been comforting her for a while now, but she's alright now.]

Tong Yao: “......”

Tong Yao made a face like she was going to throw up onto the screen.

[The cat? It's sick, but it's nothing serious.] Xu Tailun said while looking at the bullet comments, [What do you mean a week cat?[1] Oh, I see. No, it's not like that. It just has a cold, a common cold-- --I've already asked a friend to take it to the vet.]

Tong Yao remembered the little kitty struggling inside Xu Tailun's date's bag and became expressionless.

[Yeah, I've been having bad luck lately-- --many bad things have happened. We lost the second match as well. I wasn't going to go to mid at first, but my teammate at mid signaled me to go and I thought maybe I could succeed. But who knew…...Ahh, it certainly isn't my teammate's fault. I'm just very sad now! No need to comfort me, it's just that I didn't do well…...Give me a gift? You don't need to give me gifts. I didn't play well today. I'm not worthy of receiving gifts.]

As he was speaking, the bullet comments were covered with crying faces or sympathetic words-- --What surprised Tong Yao the most was that after saying he didn't deserve any gifts, Xu Tailun clicked open the official website of Givenchy and started checking their newest T-s.h.i.+rts……

Tong Yao couldn't believe Xu Tailun's behavior.

Yet, she found it rather interesting to watch his stream-- --

She sat on a stone stool in the yard outside the base, with one hand supporting her chin, watching Xu Tailun acting on stream for over one and a half hours with great interest. She didn't put down her cell phone until she heard the ringing of the delivery man's motorcycle.  Tong Yao stretched her neck to take a look-- --

Tong Yao stood up to walk out of the yard and stopped the delivery man before he entered the yard. The delivery man knew Tong Yao and handed the food to her without any suspicion: “Mosquitoes are everywhere in this heat, why are you out here all by yourself?”

“Enjoying the cool air.”

Tong Yao took all the boxes and replied nonchalantly.

After the delivery man left, Tong Yao carried everyone's dinner to the door and yelled: “h.e.l.lo, you guys have two choices. Either you let me in or I'll die from mosquito bites and you'll die from hunger. Make your choice!”

One minute later, the door opened.

Tong Yao lifted up all the boxes in her hand with a big smile and said to the man who stood at the ajar door with a stone face: “Mr. Lu, your dinner?”

[1]: The equivalent of a lemon car, but for a cat.

You're Beautiful When You Smile Chapter 79 Part3

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