You're Beautiful When You Smile Chapter 6 Part1

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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 6 Part 1

At the time when Yu Ming was walking back to the stage, Tong Yao was looking for the restroom in a hurry.

The Spring finals were a best of three. After every round, there was a fifteen minute intermission.

Tong Yao got up after the first round -- -- the girl who was distributing the banners sitting next to her asked while pulling her legs back to let her pa.s.s, “Going to the bathroom?”

“Yeah.” Tong Yao joked, “I have a weak bladder.”

The girls in front of her all turned their heads and giggled…...Tong Yao blushed and rushed to get away…...she got out of the arena, took a breath of fresh air, and started searching around for the restroom sign-- --

However, she found her ex-boyfriend before the bathroom.

It looked like her ex had been standing at the door for some time now. When Tong Yao walked out, he was surrounded by fangirls who were trying to get him to pose with them and sign autographs. The players had their own bathroom in their rest area. Those fangirls weren’t expecting to see their Yang G.o.d out and about during an intermission……

Looking at the way he was surrounded by a sea of fans……

Tsk, tsk.

It looked as if it was a flower in full bloom.

Feeling a mix of emotions, Tong Yao took out her phone to text Jinyang on WeChat: [My friend, I saw Yang G.o.d. He’s surrounded by fangirls, trapped in a sea of happiness.]

Jinyang replied instantly: [So have you decided?]

Tong Yao: [Walk past him with a poker face and look straight ahead. The problem is how should I walk to show my pride and presence? How about in goosesteps?]

“-- --Tong Yao!”

Tong Yao’s finger froze on top of the send key, she raised her head slowly to see dozens of pairs of eyes looking at her from a short distance away-- --

In the middle of those pairs of eyes was Jian Yang’s pitiful eyes.

However, the look didn’t arouse any empathy in Tong Yao. She cursed silently, “d.a.m.n,” then put down her cell phone and stiffly curved up her lip. “What a coincidence. Why are you here?”

She sounded like she had just met someone unimportant on the street.

Jian Yang frowned slightly but relaxed his eyebrows the next moment. He pushed his way out of the fans and muttering, “excuse me,” “my friend,” “no more autographs,” “I’ll pose with you later”......then under the gaze of all the fangirls, he stood right in front of Tong Yao. He uneasily paused a second before asking, “Why are you in Shanghai? Didn’t school already start over there?”

“I’m taking a year off.”

“A year off? What happened to you? Why did you take off from school-- --” This time, Jian Yang didn’t release his knitted eyebrows. He paused and then opened his mouth wide, “Are you sick?”

This kid was as silly as in the past.

“You’re the one who’s sick.” Tong Yao rolled her eyes. “What are you doing here?”

“Playing games.”


Tong Yao showed an expression of understanding.

Jian Yang blinked then realized what she was actually asking. He quickly replied, “I just saw you, on the big screen. I thought that maybe I could see you when you went to the bathroom……”

“You’re just waiting here like an idiot? What if I have a strong bladder? Couldn’t you call me if you’re looking for me? Are you living in the prehistoric age?”


As Jian Yang looked on embarra.s.sedly, Tong Yao realized that she had blocked all lines of communication with him, including the telephone, WeChat, and even email, which would be automatically deleted after 7 days in the trash box……

Now it was her turn to feel embarra.s.sed for accusing him for not calling her while she was the one who blocked him…...Tong Yao grinned sheepishly and spoke with a nicer tone, “What are you looking for me for?”

“I just, I just want to ask how you’re doing lately?”

Jian Yang seemed nervous. He rubbed his hands against each other and his uniform was wrinkled in some places-- --the spirited esports star on the stage during the opening ceremony had dissolved into a normal, nervous young man…...Tong Yao’s gave him a “you’re kidding me” look, he hurriedly continued, “Really, I haven't stopped caring for you after that! I want to know how you’re doing, but Chen Jinyang won’t let me ask. I asked Ai Jia, but she would scold him too if he said anything. Ai, I don’t known how have you’ve been since that day-- --”

“How have I been? I’m very happy. It’s too boring to fall in love, I would be much happier playing games if I had the time.”

Tong Yao turned her eyes to look beyond Jian Yang’s shoulder. Those fangirls behind him were trying to eavesdrop on their conversation…...Tong Yao thought about the big news that was about to come, she really didn’t have the time to create some gossip with her ex at this time. She patted Jian Yang’s shoulder and simply and cruelly concluded, “It’s all in the past. Don’t you keep thinking about it…...All you need to know is that we both live happily after.”


Jian Yang raised his eyebrows as if he hadn’t expected that Tong Yao would put it that way-- --

Right at that moment, there was a commotion coming from inside the arena!

Everyone, including Tong Yao and Jian Yang, turned to look and saw ZGDX’s mid, Yu Ming, walk by himself out of the rest area. The instance he walked out, the lights inside the arena darkened. The spotlight shone on the only person on the stage, Yu Ming……


Tong Yao’s stomach jerked a bit. She knew what was coming-- --

Translated by Team DHH at

You're Beautiful When You Smile Chapter 6 Part1

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