After a Different World Transition, I Founded a Nation in a Week Chapter 12

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After a Different World Transition, I Founded a Nation in a Week

AN: They'll be given an adventurer examination here.

They should regard atmosphere as important.

If you want to become an adventurer, please come to the Ramblas Adventurer Guild.

My three elves and beastkin companion won't be able to ask for directions. Because of that, I , myself did the asking for direction on the location of the adventurers guild.

Perhaps, with the people in this towns point of view, it is unbelievable for someone like me, who is wearing an incredibly brilliant equipment, to ask for direction on the location of the adventurers guild.

They might have thought of me as a stupid son of an incredibly rich upstart and was innocent enough to think that becoming an adventurer is interesting.

When I realized that I'm inducing paranoia, we reached the target location.

The Adventurers Guild, it is a big two story stone building. It occupies the corner lot of  the intersection in the center of the city.

Some parchment that seems to be requests are pasted in the wall outside, it includes the prize money.

I opened the double door and went into the Guild building immediately.

It seemed to be a little dim as I expected. The light in the room comes from the lamps and the windows.

Contrary to its outside appearance, the indoor floor and walls are covered with wooden boards. There is a long counter on the front wall and there are two woman who seems to be receptionist standing. Other than that, there is a stair that leads to the second floor and common simple chairs and tables.

When I look at a state of the inside with fascination, the figures of man and woman in the room farther us that are staring at us and it is not a pretty glance.

There are female adventurers unexpectedly. The ratio is about 70% men and 30% women.

While exposed to stare and unreserved gaze, we headed to the counter nearby.

Both of the women at the counter are incredibly beautiful. They are women in their early twenties with red hair and green hair that can't be found in Earth.

For some reason, the two of them are staring at me with a face that looks surprised by something and they are not moving too much.

「I’m sorry, but I need to ask you something.」

「Yyyyes! What is it?!」

When I speak out to them, the woman with red hair replied with a perplexed voice.

She might be a rookie.

I suddenly felt like I was at a convenience store in my neighborhood when I look at the woman’s face.

「I want to register as an adventurer, can it be done here?」

When I asked her, receptionist-san panickly put out a parchment under the counter and spread it on  the table.

「Here you go. Please write your name, race and job here. It is optional but if you write what you are good at, sometimes you can get a nomination request.」

When I was listening to the explanation from the receptionist, the big man who was sitting at a nearby table came near here holding a metal cup.

「That's strange nii-chan. You're wearing such a gaudy armor and you're not an adventurer? Were you a mercenary?」

The big man stood next to me while spitting his breath and looked at me from head to toes.

「Well, that’s about it. Is it unusual?」

As I looked up at the giant while listening to it, the big man laughed at his nose and shook his head.

「No, it’s not unusual. It's easy to become an adventurer after being a mercenary. However, nii-chan who is wearing such an armor and is bringing elves and beastkin is unusual.」

The big man pointed around my waist.

「By the way, it is unusual for someone who makes a living with fighting to walk around with a single weapon.」

As he said so, the big man brought out the cup he had in his mouth. If you look at him, you can see an ax that is about 1 meter on his back.

「Wolf-san! If you don’t have any business, please drink there. I’m busy right now.」

Whether she could not bear with the drunk chat that began suddenly, the receptionist complained unexpectedly to the big man.

The big man who was called Wolf laughed loudly to the receptionist’s complaint, and showed his teeth as he looks down at me.

「It seems like nii-chan doesn't mind. The three guys in the back has no opening. You guys are going to be big so I'm going to sell favor. If you are having troubles, ask me.」

Wolf smiled and put the gla.s.s on the table and left the guild.

「He is a good person…」

Looking at the direction Wolf went off, I heard the receptionist murmured.

「Good person?」

When I return the answer to the receptionist’s monologue, the receptionist opens her mouth with a smile.

「Everytime, Wolf-san is aaa… Since you are a newcomer, he called out to you who is likely to be in trouble because of the looks of envy. Wolf-san is a strong person and is a B-rank. n.o.body would put hands on someone who has the favor of Wolf-san.」

The receptionist said so and shrugged her shoulders.

「I see. So that was what he meant for selling a favor? I’ll try to buy him a drink when I get a reward.」

When I said that and laughed, the receptionist was looking up at me with a dazed face again.


When I tilted my neck to the receptionist's reaction, Sedeia pushed my back with her elbow.

「Leader, can you drop your play with receptionist-san?」


I asked not knowing the meaning behind Sedeia's remark. Then, Sedeia look me with an amazed face.

「Leader…. have you ever seen your face in a mirror? Although you're a human, you look better than an elf.」

I was instinctively surprised to what Sedeia had said. By the way, when I was making my own character, I was so obsessed with the modeling to death.

Seeing how surprised I was, Sedeia looked at me with warm eyes.

Okay, let’s drop the receptionist.

Let’s finish the adventurer registration.

I filled my profile on the parchment while shaking off my wicked thoughts and handed it to receptionist-san. Though I just recalled after pa.s.sing it, I fill the information in j.a.panese and the requests that are pasted outside are also written in j.a.panese.

「Um, Ren-san. You’re a human? Not an elf? Huh? Magic Swordsman…? Your good as a vanguard and can use recovery magic… is that true? Is this a joke?」

It seems that the profile I wrote was able to be read firmly, apparently the content seems to be caught in the review.

Was it because I shortened my in game name which is Ren Ren? Or do I have to use my real name?

「It's true but… is it unusual?」

I was a little uneasy with what I heard. Will they be able to know that Sunny is a high-elf? Or Sainos job is sword king which is one of the most in demand job?

No, I wrote human but I am a high human.

When I was worrying, receptionist-san was nodding several times then mutter something to herself.

「Th, that's right. Perhaps there are people like this too. Then what should I do? No, no, I can't be impatient. The first thing to do is to be good friends. Yes.」

I felt like I could hear a monologue that I should not listen to but I decided not to ask anything to receptionist-san.

「Should I rewrite it?」

「Y, yes. Ah, no, no! I will accept it as it is so please be relieved. By the way, there is a rule where you need to pay a silver coin for registration fee or receive a request from us here.」

I nodded to receptionist-san who had suddenly became enthusiastic and answered suddenly. This might me a relief plan for newcomers without money.

「Hmm, let me ask you something. What kind of request is it?」

Well, there is no choice because we have no money.

I asked in a relaxed atmosphere so as not to let out what's in my mind.

Then, receptionist-san took out some parchments under the counter and it arranged it to the table.

Somehow, the receptionist with green hair that is standing next to her is looking with a surprised face.

「Please choose from here.」

The receptionist said that with a full smile, but was it not the guild that would designate it?

「Wa, wait a minute Miria… is it fine…」

There is a voice that tried to stop the receptionist called Miria, it was a small voice from beside her.

But Miria did not stop.

「It is recommended to complete it in a short time. This and this is less dangerous. On the contrary, the most difficult quest is to kill this orc. This will consume the least amount of time but orcs are usually a crowd…」

When Miria began doing detailed commentary, the eyes of the receptionist with green hair opened wide enough to pop out.

「Miria! Mi, Miria… A, ano, please choose quickly. I will return the other request soon…!」

The receptionist with green hair has said to me with a teary eye. It seems that even if she pulled her arm, Miria won't notice it.

I think if she pretended that she didn't see it, this receptionist will become an accomplice as well.

I choose the goblin subjugation request that Miria recommended because it seems that they can be easily found in the plains through the highway around the town.

When I receive my request, Miria nods with a smile, and in the background, the receptionist with green hair took the other request form under the counter.

「.. Thank you. We'll take care of it immediately.」

「Yes, be careful!」

AN: The journey of promising adventurer starts!

I have a hunch of them ranking up by about two stages!

I want to improve the tempo.

After a Different World Transition, I Founded a Nation in a Week Chapter 12

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