After a Different World Transition, I Founded a Nation in a Week Chapter 17

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After a Different World Transition, I Founded a Nation in a Week

AN: How! I noticed that there are a lot of comments!

What is your impression?

Are those comments from the people who read this?

I can't believe it!

I'm so excited to sleep today so I'll kneel in the ground until morning!

I apologize for being on a stride….!

I raised a gla.s.s in the dining hall of G. I. Jou.

「Everyone, you've done enough for today. Because there are a lot that can't go out, I, at least, want you to enjoy the food of this world. Though the ingredients we brought are limited, please enjoy them because we can hunt animals and take fruits around the area. Well then, cheers!」

I said so and lifted a little gla.s.s in my hand. A slightly yellowish liquid is shaking in the gla.s.s. This it the liquor I bought in Ramblas. The taste is close to whiskey.

I received a gaze from everyone, I put my mouth on the gla.s.s. Then, everyone also carries the liquor to their mouth one after another.

「Thanks for your hard work today, master.」

After taking off the gla.s.s in her mouth, Eleanor uttered a word of reward for me.

「Ah, Eleanor too. Did you have any problems with the report on today’s meeting?」

「It goes out without a hitch. I'll bring you the report later.」

I asked Eleanor to manage the base while I was away and it turns out pretty good.

It seems that she directed the corps who are searching around the base to go back at once before the end of the day. The rest of the day will be for collecting and arranging the information gathered.

She introduced an eight hour s.h.i.+ft system to the corps that are guarding the base. Seven corps are inside the castle for safety management including maintenance and inspection. One corps is guarding the perimeter of the wall and the observatory.

The remaining six corps are mobile unit which will help other corps if something happen or if their hands are insufficient.

Though I didn't teach it, it looks like a system of a 24-hour factory of the modern society.

However, it is regrettable that this company spirit will strain their natural body because a holiday was not arranged.

Should I tell them to stop exploring around once or twice a week in s.h.i.+fts to make a holiday?

Cartas and Rosa walked towards me when I was having trouble like the president of a company that had just started a business.

「Boss! Please let me accompany you next time!」

「Of course, I’m going too!」

When the two of them say so, the movement of the people who are drinking and eating nearby stops.

「This time, Sainos, Sedeia, and Sunny have registered with me as adventurers. They are already recognized as capable newcomers so if they were to disappear and were changed to new members, we'll absolutely be concluded of being a spy. 」

「Why don’t you go on a trip with six people?」

When I told them that I’m not going to change members, Rosa has been talking in the direction of increasing the members.

However, I want to gather information without showing the inside of my hand for a while. I thought so and shook my head against Rosa's proposal.

「At first, the members of my party as of now will be active in the City of Ramblas and in the City of Selenia. So far, I haven't seen any beastkins and dwarves, and I have only seen one elf. In other words, we’ve already been remembered by a lot of people.」

「Is is that so, my lord. So you'll only venture with the three of them from now on?」

After my explanation, Cartas, who seems about to cry, asked so. The figure of a bearded demonkin with tears in his eyes has an outstanding destructive power. It is painfully hot.

「For now, I will go with this in the neighborhood. However, I'm thinking of sending some members as a spy in another country.」

When I answered that, the people around other than Cartas and Rosa raised a fuss.

Though that time has yet to come, I'm glad that they are pleased with it.

By the way, Sainos, Sedeia, and Sunny boastfully talk about today's orc subjugation to those who seat with them in the same table.

I looked at the situation and thought about the monsters in this area.

Although they are a little weak for a subspecies of orc, I cannot judge their detailed parameters since the weapon we used this time is too irregular.

However, Sunny’s magic blow will be helpful.

As expected of an orc subspecies, it is not so weak to die from a single shot of Lightning Arrow.

There is a report that troll and sphinx, who were bosses in the middle stage of the game, were found in the vicinity of G. I. Jou.

Of course, those are not problem for the survey corps that has 10 members. It is needless to say that 2 member is already enough to hunt the black dragon which is the strongest boss for one party during the game.

***TN: It means that the black dragon is a boss that can be defeated by one party. There are raid bosses that is impossible to defeat by one party so multiple parties are needed to hunt it.***

If one of my survey corps were forced to withdraw, this margrave territory would have been destroyed with that scale of disaster.

Perhaps there might be someone skilled in this world who surpa.s.s us but at the moment, there is no such information.

The Orcs of this world are unlikely to be extremely weak. At least all of my guild members holds combat ability that is higher than an A rank adventurer.

What kind of country exists here? What kind of monsters are there? What kind of magic items are there?

We will be able to secure our safety as long as those are investigated.



Eleanor called me with a gentle voice so I unconsciously raised my face.

When I looked at Eleanor, I saw the maid troops guild members behind her. Furthermore, the head maid is just one step behind her.

The maid troops are wearing matching maid uniforms. Their heights are from 145cm to 155cm. Their hair lengths are from short to semi-long hair.

Their face and hair colors are all distinctly different but they all have the same atmosphere that has a sense of unity from a distance.

However, the head maid is different. The head maid has a character of a maid from old times which says the training is over.

***TN: Not sure what reference it is but I can imagine that her character is similar to Yuri Alpha.***

All the maids are human but the head maid is a high human. Her height is 175cm and she has a long silver hair.

In addition, the maids are

I might be poisoned if they hated me.

「What’s the matter? Why are you with Proudia?」

When I asked that, the Head Maid Proudia looked down at me with a despicable eyes.

I think it is related to me sitting down while Proudia is standing. Anyway, it is bad for my heart to be looked at with cold eyes by a tall beauty.

「Master, I've heard the story.」

「What are you talking about?」

Proudia began to speak in a strange way with her low, beautiful voice.

I wonder why. I don't remember hearing any story the would make her expression that way.

When I asked back, Proudia wrinkled her eyebrows as if looking something really unpleasant. It looks like she saw something infuriating.

「Eleanor and you not only exchanged hot kiss but also embraced each other's body to the point of almost scratching each other and put your….」


Her words that sound like recitation of a sensual novel started suddenly. I unintentionally raised my voice.

Did Proudia noticed my shyness? She quietly bowed her head.

Then, the maid squads that were lined up in front of Proudia retired to the left and right.

Walking along the way between the maids, Proudia has an almost expressionless face.

「I’m sorry, master. Then, please check the details of the report in this doc.u.ment.」

That said, Proudia has handed over a bunch of paper like a weekly magazine.

On the cover of the paper she handed,

My Lord, the Works of Love

Chapter 1 [Chast.i.ty Scatters]

「It’s still there!」

I pulled the thick paper with the t.i.tle and ripped it with both hands. I have given out an angry voice like an angry sengoku period commander.

I reflexively stretches my spine as soon as I saw the unrelated people in my view. Proudia bents her chest upward and looked down on me.

On the other hand, Eleanor is collecting the bunch of paper that I tore with a frantic face.

「Master has made a mistake in order so, although late, we came here to set the right track.」

「…right track? The right way? It’s not me who went off the road but Eleanor. Don’t make a mistake between the perpetrator and the victim.」

When I got angry and said so, Proudia clicks her tongue and looks at me.

「This is why master is a master after all nodesu.」

「You mixed up a fool to my honorary t.i.tle.」

I was rather surprised at the wording of Proudia. Who made this fellow a fool?

When I thought of that, Proudia steps forward and smiles deeply. It seems to be an abyss.

「The most important job of my lord and master is to have an heir but you have to practice a lot with the maids first.」


「Musicians, please brighten up the feast. We will take a few extra seats.」

「Musician corps, I entrusted the 10 of you to make sounds the will reach heaven.」

「That’s great. It will reach master's ear. Well then,」

「Uo!? Wait, you guys! Hey, stop! Really!」

I climbed three or four adult stairs again.

By force.

AN: The gentle one's comments correction again.

Is that okay?

With words in particular.

Just reading it makes me cry.

After a Different World Transition, I Founded a Nation in a Week Chapter 17

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