After a Different World Transition, I Founded a Nation in a Week Chapter 21

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After a Different World Transition, I Founded a Nation in a Week

AN: There are times when the atmosphere is a little heavy and disturbing.

Author is puzzled as what I write is in an unplanned direction.

If Conan is here

He'll probably points at me and say

The criminal is Nyūsankin!

My head is anxious about Conan.

The room is filled with heavy atmosphere.


This is because they finally went berserk.

Sedeia uses Silent Step to increase speed, Sunny has fire magic on standby indoor, and Sainos is at the end of the rope of using his sword.

By the way, this is the first time that I seriously tried to stop my subordinates ever since I came to this world.

I use a skill to restrict the three who were trying to kill Baron Bowarei. I was able to stop their movement including the chant.

Other that us, the others probably didn't know what happened.

I scoffed the earl and the baron who asked for explanation with "Silence" and let the three, who were about to charge, do seiza in the corner of the room.

「Sedeia, Sunny,…and Sainos.」

When I called the name of the three, they shrugged their shoulders.

「You tried to do something on your own even though I told you to don't do anything.」

When I say that, the three of them are silently wander their gaze.

When I looked at their faces, they have gloomy expression that is full of anxiety but I must not waver.

I looked down at the three of them with a heart of a demon.

「Why did you try to annihilate everyone?」

As I said so, the three raised their faces at the same time.

「Just the baron…」

「I also…Bowarei」

「Because I'm irritated.」

Sedeia and Sainos responded fearfully to the reb.u.t.tal but for some reason, Sunny clearly said why.

That is the worst reason.

「No matter what you think, what the three of you have done is more than enough to kill Baron Bowarei alone. Well, there won't be much problem if you kill the baron but,」

「Oi! What are you…」

The nearby baron tried to raise a voice of anger but the people around him forcibly closed his mouth.

When I turned my gaze back to the three, they lowered their heads again.

「All right you three. This time, I forgive specially because no one died by chance, but don’t kill people unless I say it's okay to do so. Ah, if you feel threatened, I permit self defence.」

The three of them looked up at me with a bright face when I said so.

And then, Sunny stands up.

「I felt danger! I feel the threat is coming from the baron!」

「No quibble.」

I got angry and repressed Sunny's head with one of my hand. Sunny was displeased and pouted.

I finished the sermon for the time being. I turned to the direction of the earl and moved to the center of the room where I stood until a little while ago.

「Earl Villiers, I apologize for having taken extra time.」

「Ah, is, is that so? Don't worry, I don't mind.」

Hearing my apology, the earl somehow responded as a n.o.ble but nods like wobbling.

「Then, let's get back to the topic.」

「A, ah! I don’t have a problem with that mercenary group. I will subdue it with the knights order. I'll a.s.semble 500 so that mercenary group will tremble!」

When I tried to get back to the topic, the earl confidently said such a thing.

Well, if they are not a problem, why bother adventurers?

I glanced at the earl who dynamically laughs alone and turned my face towards Bart.

「Then, we’re going home.」

As I said so, Bart, who noticed that I was talking to him, nodded many times on the spot.

「Welcome home.」

Dion was standing again in the front gate of G.I.Jou when we return. Proudia and the maid corps are behind him this time.

How did they know the time of my return?

「Today, everyone was outside to study. Though we can't come close to my lord's intelligence…」

I sensed that Dion was trying to poison vomit so I slipped through him at a quick pace.

「Master, would you like to have a bath or dinner? Or a wild s.e.x…」


I quickly pa.s.sed the side of Proudia which seemed to say something obscene.

Neither of them will defy me.

Sainos, Sedeia, and Sunny acted without an order but they did not rebelled against me.

However, something in my heart doesn't settle down.

The uneasiness like seeing the omen of collapse and it has spread on the depths of my chest.

As I was silently moving through the castle, everyone was quietly following me from behind.

I wonder whether I was a man who could normally talk about killing someone.

I wonder if the dilemma arises because my subordinate acted frantically.

This feeling of uneasiness must be greatly related to uneasiness of oneself.

I wonder if yesterday’s dinner was a trigger. Half of all the guild members gathered together in the dining room.

In the nearest seat, Eleanor sat down and looked at me who is eating with anxiety.


「Ye, yes, master?」

Eleanor replied in a hurry when I called her name.

「Eleanor, if I were to order, how far can you follow? Can you say yes no matter how much unreasonable my demand is?」

When I asked her words that word that can't easily be digested, Eleanor straightened her back and turned her body to me.

「Of course, whatever the challenge, I'll accomplish it. If you ask the destruction of the world, it will perish. If you ask me to present my heart right now, I'll immediately take it out. Rather, such a question saddens me. I am in accordance with Ren Ren-sama, who is the creator of my life.」

Eleanor said so in a m.u.f.fled voice.

Her expression, not even a fragment of lie can be found.

「That’s right … I’m sorry.」

When I lower my head seriously, Eleanor wags her head.

「No master. I am happier here than living in a heavenly paradise just by staying with my master. So, please ask anything. Eleanor will grant all the wishes of master. Of course, the others feel the same.」

Eleanor said so and turned her face around. I was also tempted and turned my eyes to the surroundings, everyone in the dining room unexpectedly was watching me.

「…I see. It's a blessing.」

When I said that, Eleanor stood up and raised a gla.s.s.

「A toast to swear fidelity to master.」

When Eleanor said those words, everyone raised a gla.s.s at once.

And the cheers roar.

Each and everyone of the characters I created whom I lavish great care and raised.

I remember all their name, race, job, skills, equipment, and fighting style.

If I won't believe them, who will?

Seeing everyone’s smile, I felt my anxiety fade away.

But in the words that came from Eleanor’s lips, I felt something was caught in my heart.

What have been caught?

After all, I never remembered it during the meal.

After taking a bath, Eleanor walked along the hallway and followed to the bedroom as usual.

However, today's scenery was different from usual.

It was because there were figures next to the door before the going to the bedroom.

Sainos, Sedeia, and Sunny.

「My lord! I'm truly sorry for today!」

Sainos lowered his heads, the other two also lowered their heads.

「Ah, it’s fine, don't worry about it. You acted that way thinking of me. Well, take a rest and prepare for tomorrow.」

When I said so as I pa.s.sed by, I felt a sign of something terrible behind me.

「You guys… What the h.e.l.l is this…?」

It was not the level of DOS, but it felt like Eleanor's voice echoes from nethermost h.e.l.l from behind.

***TN: ドス(DOS) - Disk Operating System. Probably because the author considered DOS as something that is lower than h.e.l.l? I don't know in what aspect though.***

I opened the door to the bedroom to shake off the fear and fled into my suite room.

Eleanor-san, you’re so scary.

AN: At this rate, it is impossible to build a country.

I have received a lot of such messages.

I might have changed the t.i.tle to one month?

At that time, everyone, please throw stones together.

I'll avoid them with effort!

After a Different World Transition, I Founded a Nation in a Week Chapter 21

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