After a Different World Transition, I Founded a Nation in a Week Chapter 30

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After a Different World Transition, I Founded a Nation in a Week

AN: After utilizing Bowarei, there is a storm of complaints!

I have to s.h.i.+ft to a more serious direction!

And just to say it, it is a stage before waging war!

Now, from here on you'll have a sense of exhilaration!

G.o.d, please give talent to the author.

「I am the magistrate of the Alda prefecture, Turan. Nice to meet you.」

The young man named Turan greeted so and handed the right hand to here.

「A polite person, thanks. I am the adventurer Ren. Nice to meet you too.」

I got a little pleased with Turan's att.i.tude and grabbed his hand and gave a natural smile.

This is my first handshake in this different world. It is somewhat strange like the time when I was able to meet an executive for the first time.

After all, those people who leads others are supposed to be like this. While thinking about such a thing, I sat down on a sofa that was placed against Turan.

This is the private room of the magistrate Turan. It is oval shaped and it seems that it also acts as a parlor.

The walls and ceilings in the room are wooden but the floor is made up of lined up stone that are cut neatly.

There is a large office desk, bookshelf as high as the ceiling, and even a closet.

There are two sofas with a table in the middle. Turan and I are sitting face to face on those sofas.

Turan is a slender man with short brown hair and eyes of the same hue. Age is about 30 or so.

「…Oya, Lord Bowarei? Aren't you going to sit?」

Suddenly, Turan finds it mysterious that Bowarei does not sit on the sofa.

「No, I will stand here. Turan-dono, concentrate with your meeting with Ren-dono by all means.」

When Bowarei answered Turan’s question, Turan looked stunned and looked at the face of Bowarei.

Bowarei calls me Ren-dono in public. Calling me Your Excellency will probably feel out of place.

「Is, is that so? Well then, Ren-dono, can we proceed with our meeting immediately?」

When Turan said so, I cleared my throat, corrected my posture and looked at his face.

「Normally, it is not possible to talk about this with Ren-dono suddenly because it is our first meeting but I will trust and talk with you about it since Bowarei-dono brought me a letter from the earl. The content of this talk is completely confidential and can not be leaked outside, okay?」

Turan asked me as to confirm and looked at my expression.

I nodded as I looked in Turan's eyes and opened my mouth.

「Ah, no problem.」

When I acknowledged, Turan nodded without expression.

「Well then… First of all, our army's dispatched as requested by the earl, the emperor will fully cooperate with it. Therefore, there will be quite a lot more troops than the  5000 soldiers requested will be dispatched.」

「Hou! That’s great! The seriousness of the Galland Empire is transmitted,those will be good decisive power! It is a wonderful news!」

When Turan said so, Bowarei gave a cheer readily. Turan narrows his eyes.

I got the feeling of chill in my head.

「…How much is quite a lot?」

When I asked, Turan looked back at me with a smile.

「Yes, I understand… I don't know the correct figure but it will be an excellent troops of about 10,000 or  20,000? It is for your independence from that Rembrandt Kingdom. It is natural for the Emperor to be serious and give that much support.」

「Hou, that’s great. So, when will these soldiers go to Rembrandt Kingdom?」

When I asked more questions, Turan momentarily stiffened his body.

However, as soon as he gained composure, he said a word to me.

「I heard that it is tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.」

「What!? That’s too soon!」

To the words of Turan, Bowarei opened eyes wide and screamed.

「We’re not ready yet! Even though Earl Villiers territory is a border territory, if a large army from the Galland Empire stayed for days, it will be known to the kingdom's capital in two days!」

When Bowarei cried out, Turan laughed as if he was in trouble.

「Oh. Did we misunderstand the schedule here…? No, I am sorry.But rest a.s.sured. The army should have a considerable number of provisions. They carry about 1 or 2 months worth. So let them camp in the suburbs, not in the town that is visible to public eyes. No one will notice them for a few days.」

Turan laughed cheerfully when explaining so, Bowarei groaned with a difficult face.

「No, not at all… Can you manage to get through with being found out? But still a few days… contacting each lord and gathering them will take about…10 days? No, we have to make it in time. I have to get ready in a hurry!」

Bowarei stood up in a hurry while calculating the number of days in his head with a cloudy face.

「Sorry, we will be rude with this! If you are able to gather soldiers promptly, can you please keep the soldiers here!」

Bowarei said that and tried to get out of the room but stopped upon seeing that I didn’t move.

I stare at Turan who's looking back at me mysteriously and opens my mouth.

「I didn't hear where the dispatched soldier of the Galland Empire will go first?」

When I asked, Turan answered with a smile.

「Hasn't it been decided that it will be at the margrave territory of Earl Villiers? Then, they'll join up with you and move to action? Ah, please contact the border security properly. It will be serious if it gets attacked.」

Turan smiled and gave a bitter laugh.

「Is that so? I'll tell them properly.」

When I said that, I left the room with a farewell greeting.

「Nu, with His Excellency's flight magic, we'll make it in time. However, it will be at the last minute! Come on, we must go quickly!」

Bowarei who's going out of town told me so but I shook my head and answered.

「Impossible, we'll not make it in time.」

「Wh, what!?」

Bowarei was astonished at my reply and stopped.

「Why is that?」

I will briefly explain the upset Bowarei the reason.

「Those guys are planning to enlarge their territory using the independence plan of the earl from the beginning but their movements were faster than I imagined. I thought that they will support the independent country of the earl then pilfer the newly established country but it seems that they gathered enough soldiers to occupy it.」

「What… but, using power to expand territory, the other countries will not keep silent. Even though the Rembrandt Kingdom has made many enemies, the Galland Empire will no go unscatched. Don't you think it's too disadvantageous?」

Bowarei wrinkles his brows and said such a thing.

「That's a foolish remark. Hasn't the Rembrandt Kingdom repeatedly expanded its territory through war? The Rembrandt Kingdom will gather soldiers and attack the Galland Empire soldiers in the margrave territory, this will be a just cause for attacking and invading the kingdom. With that, other countries can't complain publicly.」

「A, ah… that said… what should we do…」

Bowarei who heard my explanation looked at me with a pale face.

Either way, the earl’s army will not make it in time.

Of course, the army of the Rembrandt Kingdom who knows nothing will not be in time either.

Then, there is only one answer.

「Lagreat, will you make one historic flight for the sake of our flashy nation founding?」

When I said that, Lagreat laughed happily.

「I want to do everything in a flashy way. 」

After hearing Lagreat, Mira and Rosa looked at each other and shrugged their shoulder all together.

AN: The feeling of exhilaration…

No, wait a little longer!

You feel a storm of exhilaration before you notice it!

The feeling of exhilaration that projects like rain and wind!

Hey, that's scary!

The feeling of exhilaration is scary!

After a Different World Transition, I Founded a Nation in a Week Chapter 30

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