After a Different World Transition, I Founded a Nation in a Week Chapter 39

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After a Different World Transition, I Founded a Nation in a Week

—Turan's POV—

I finished reading the city's report for yesterday. I have finished signing the paperwork that needs to be approved by a magistrate. I thought about the report of the Rembrandt Kingdom invasion army which had not come yet.

Anyway, the Rembrandt Kingdom is now being aimed by three major powers which border its territory. Those who'll miss such a delicious situation are not be qualified to be an imperial magistrate.

The Rembrandt Kingdom, which is located right under the Galland Empire, is expanding its territory to the Immenstadt  Empire in the east. Because of that, their territory is now in contact with the northeaster country of Maeas that has a long oblique shape.

This destroys the equilibrium of the five major powers that last for hundreds of years.

Originally, Maeas was caught in the aggression of Rembrandt Kingdom to the Immenstadt Empire but it seemed that Maeas cooperated with Rembrandt Kingdom to deprive territory of Immenstadt Empire. But now, the situation was reversed.

The king of Rembrandt Kingdom, which was declared as a G.o.d of war, pa.s.sed away.

Although the power struggle within the kingdom ended soon without any problems, the current king of Rembrandt, who seems to have failed in domestic affairs, has halted its territorial expansion.

Though they have invaded the eastern empire, the eastern empire was able to prepare for the last five years to recapture their former territories.

Maeas, who is said to be an economic superpower, turned over.

When the kingdom was invading the empire, they made profits on the pretence of cooperation with supply. They'll take care of the circulation of goods when the empire starts a war of retaliation against the kingdom.

Maeas will continue to plunder as the eastern empire and our Galland Empire attack Rembrandt Kingdom.

With the involvement of Galland Empire, Rembrandt Kingdom who lost its strength will be a prey for it is not in a condition to fight in two fronts.

Both empires understand that Maeas will get the most profit but it is still a good opportunity to expand one's territory by 50%.

There is no reason not to ride the proposal of Maeas.

If Maeas is the one who'll earn the most, Galland Empire will obtain the most territory. The eastern empire will be satisfied to reclaim their original territory.

The economic strength of Maeas is due to its shape of being a long country. Maeas is involved in various imports and exports. There is no reason not to make profit.

However, at the dawn of becoming four major powers, Maeas, who became the world's biggest economic power, will be targeted at daybreak.

It is the country with most money and also a country which borders other country's territory. Its wide roads that were used for circulation of goods they made themselves will easily invite armies from other countries.

If Maeas is eaten and become the three major powers, our Galland Empire which has the most power and territory will be the next target.

Therefore, the empire must not fail in crus.h.i.+ng Maeas.

If it succeeds, the world is as good as being ruled by Galland Empire.

Because the country of elves in the north will not make their move first.

When I am loosening my mouth to the coming world unification of the Galland Empire, the soldier who is the gatekeeper came in.

It seems that the adventurers of the day before yesterday came.

Is it that impolite person?

I thought so momentarily but I reconsidered.

That man is idolized by Bowarei who has a rotten personality. He might be quite something.

He is a future S rank adventurer.

Such words came to my mind and disappeared.

At that time, those adventurers appeared in the office. Behind them are four selected soldiers in case of emergency.

One of them quietly prepared tea for me and adventurers and returned to the front of the door.

「Welcome Ren-dono, how have you been?」

I said so and stood up from the sofa.

Ren nodded in my words, answered only a word and sat on the sofa first.

He acts like a n.o.bleman who's showing off his power. However, if I do not sit down and dubiously looks at here, it won't look like natural.

I am irritated with the existence of Ren but I'm also interested at the same time.

「So, what's for today?」

I sat on the sofa facing Ren.

Since he is an adventurer, it is not surprising that he has a separate information network from the country.

As an adventurer, does he plan of moving from Rembrandt Kingdom to Galland Empire?

Yes, if he's a far-sighted individual, that might be the case for speaking with an officer of Galland Empire.

He has eyes and ears, if he has head, he'll be pretty good.

When I looked at Ren’s face thinking that, Ren put one hand on his knee and opened his mouth.

「We are people who owned a base in the forest of abyss but since we founded a nation, we came here to say h.e.l.lo.」

Ren says such a thing for an opening, he put his back on the sofa's backrest and tried to look at my reaction.

However, there is only one word that comes out when I opened my mouth.

What are you talking about?

That’s it.

Does he understand the current situation?

A great war between the major powers will occur and he's going to found a nation?

They'll end up being trampled as ants.

Or, with such fine clothes, are they venerable royal people that can prepare 100,000 troops?

If that is the case, it is possible to found a nation as a va.s.sal country of a major power.

… No, wait. What did he say just now?

「Ano, it seems that I misheard you, but you said you are based in the forest of abyss?」

When I asked, Ren frowned and looked at me.

「That's what I said… Is there anything that bothers you?」

Ren asked to me strangely, but I was driven by the urge to hold his head.

The forest of abyss.

Not to mention the Rembrandt Kingdom, even for the Galland Empire, it is an invincible land that can not be reclaimed.

Did this adventurer accomplished what the army can't?

If so, then it is certainly a historic accomplishment.

If that can be proven, his ability will be welcomed warmly by any large country. I will be able understand his arrogant att.i.tude.

However, his head seems to be bad.

「I see… the forest of abyss is an unexplored region that no one was able to develop. If you had developed the forest of abyss, you can certainly start a country.」

When I said that, I took the tea in my hand and put it in my mouth.

When I was enriching my dry throat with tea, Ren opened his mouth at the same time.

「Is that so? By the way, Earl Villiers said that he wants to cooperate with the country I founded. Apparently, from being a territory of the Rembrandt Kingdom, he's going to affiliate his territory with my country.」

I spit out a tea that I took in my mouth.

「Hey, that's dirty.」

Ren knitted his eyebrows to me who was coughing in disbelief.

「Wh-what are you talking about…! Didn't Earl Villiers wants to start a new country by being independent of Rembrandt Kingdom?」

I managed to breathe somehow and asked, Ren tilted his neck and looked at the ceiling.

「Well, I don't know such a thing. What I heard is the Galland Empire suddenly invaded the territory of the earl who was preparing for military exercises.」

Ren looked down at me as he said so. It made me realize that he was seriously talking and came here to counterattack.

「That's amusing. The earl certainly made a request here, right?」

「Is there a letter?」

「…It is not here now but the emperor has it.」

Ren was certainly smiling for a moment when I hesitated. It seems that I gave an obstinate answer on his investigation.

「Indeed. Then if I asked the earl, he should also have a letter from the emperor. Although there is no need to reply for a false promise, right? 」

I was done in.

What this guy wanted is to confirm the exchange of letters.

If the conversation ends here, I wouldn't be able to do anything.

With this, there will be an evidence that the Galland Empire is working on the shadow to divide the Rembrandt Kingdom.

The problem is not the truth but the impression manipulation to other countries.

And, the Galland Empire army that is currently in Rembrandt Kingdom….

「Please wait a minute.」

I finally noticed the discomfort.

Apparently, I was not able to think calmly by being put on his pace.

Yes, he knows the fact that the army of Galland Empire invaded the Rembrandt Kingdom.

In that state, he clarified the existence of letter that can be called secret agreement about building a country between the emperor and the earl.

But for what?

The margrave territory of the Rembrandt Kingdom can already be said that it is in a precarious state.

If so, what profit can he get?

「… I see. In other words, if we don't want that letter to be taken to another country, you want us to buy it at a high price?」

There is no point in selling favor to Rembrandt Kingdom at this point.

Then, as adventurers who travels in different countries, they only need money. This is frustrating but they are shrewd fellows…

「What are you talking about? I already said that I founded a nation. The letter exist and the Galland Empire's army are clearly there. With those, it is obvious what the Galland Empire is doing.  Then, it would be no problem to annihilate the invading forces of the Galland Empire in a defensive war, right?」


After a Different World Transition, I Founded a Nation in a Week Chapter 39

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