After a Different World Transition, I Founded a Nation in a Week Chapter 41

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After a Different World Transition, I Founded a Nation in a Week

AN: This chapter is not related to the progression of the story.

If you only want to read what is related to the story, please skip this one.

—Eleanor's POV—

「Welcome back. Thank you for your hard work, master.」

When I heard that master, who's riding on the back of Lagreat in his dragon form, has returned, I hurriedly face master to greet him.

「Ah, I'm back. I'm tired so I'll just take a bath.」

「Are you sure you don't want to eat?」

「Ah, I’m not hungry.」

He said so and went into the castle. Even though he looks tired, he still smiled at me.

「Master. If I may, can help you with bathing?」

「There is no need. I’ll be all right alone.」

Master embarra.s.singly laughs as he declined my suggestion with waving one hand.

I reluctantly walk behind master.

When I saw the back of master who is walking in front of me, I noticed that master's back was curled up just a little bit more than usual.

I move to the next of the master in a hurry and confirm his physical condition in detail.

「Hnn? What?」

「No, please don't mind me.」

I checked master's face who tilted his neck. I noticed that his eyes are slightly bloodshot.

His beautiful face is also slightly saturated.

He must be tired after all.

Let's ma.s.sage your whole body before going to sleep today.

If I may recall, it seems that he's not feeling good this morning.

No, of course, when I say such thing, it's just master is acting a bit different ever since we wandered into this world.

However, I recognize that he's just simply changing our way of life compared to living for battles like before.

As a member of the guild, I was the first one to be created by master but I don't even know how he lives his life till then.

Master, who had already built a base of about five rooms, was strong even in my earliest memories. He was taciturn but was brave enough to always step forward.

But what if he wasn't like that from the beginning?

The master who we do not know might be a very weak existence.

What if he experienced a lot of worries, suffering and defeats? What would I do?

If he is presently experiencing that but still stronger than anyone, the only word that can describe my impression of him is respect.

However, coming to this world might have make him feeling dark alone. I want to lessen his burden in his mind even a little.

At any kind of time, I will be at master's side.

Whenever I can, I will risk my life to protect master.

Time for master's bath.

I managed to hold my feet against the ground while fidgety protecting the throne.

If master is not commanding the guild, I will be his representative.

I'll stand in front of the stairway to the throne and receive today's report from the guild members that are coming one after another then summarize them.

「Eleanor, are you listening?」

「Yes, I’m listening.」

I returned an answer to Sedeia who's looking at me with a dubious face. I raised my head.

「Really? Your reply today are very short, or rather less… Is something bothering you?」

「It’s okay. This is my important role」

「Eh? Ah, as leader's representative? Sure, it’s a heavy burden. Because subst.i.tuting leader is impossible, don't you think so?」

Sedeia said so and gave a dry laugh.

While listening to Sedeia’s laughter, I confirm the report from Sedeia.

Master decided to divide the guild members into corps and the leader of each team will submit a report to me.

But those who have been escorting master are submitting reports in turns because it is hard to decide who is the leader.

There are generally no problems but Sunny is different.

Sunny’s report is not well understood. It is similar to a child's diary.

Therefore, Sunny is exempted in submitting reports.

However, there are many other people who usually submit a terrible report.

Sainos' report is like a trivia for weapons.

Lagreat omit things without permission and his writing is messy.

Surprisingly, Cartas writes a lot of complaints. It seems that he wants to accompany master but never had a chance to do so.

And Sedeia writes a pretty polite report.

Today’s events. People they met. Information she heard.

She even write important things in details.

When I read Sedeia's report, the information that I heard from Sunny caught my eye.

My finger tips trembled as I read the report on how master ordered the annihilation of the Galland Empire's forces.

However, he seems to have returned to the usual master when they moved from Rembrandt Kingdom to Galland Empire afterwards.

「That’s why, I told Sainos. I’m sorry. Nevertheless, Sainos is still complaining when we were at Galland Empire… What's wrong, Eleanor?」

Sedeia knitted her brows as she worriedly looked at me while I was reading her report.

「…No. It's nothing.」

When I said so, Sedeia cranked up and sighed.

「No, there is something.  Hey, maybe it's time for you to rest for today. Have Soarer or Milenia…」

「I agree. Then I’ll ask of you, Sedeia.」


When I responded to her wonderful proposal, Sedeia stopped moving.

When I pushed all the reports against Sedeia, she restarted.

「N-no no no! I can't do it!」

「What are you saying? Sedeia is the only one I can ask of this. Ah, thank you. Because of Sedeia, the thorns of anxiety may have escaped my heart.」

I jokingly said so to Sedeia.

However, it is also true. Sedeia would summarize the report carefully.

It is a complicated work even for me and master but I can trust Sedeia.

I'll just directly take master's scolding for abandoning my duty.

「…..Ah! I understand! Leader asked finally asked for Eleanor. Also, leader seems to be tired.」

「… Did you notice?」

When I stopped my legs and looked back at Sedeia, she becomes sulky as she sounded her nose.

「If you are a guild member, you will notice it. No, if you're a female guild member you'll notice it, right?」

Sedia said those to me in a certain expression and showed a smile.


When I smiled back to Sedeia, I returned my heel and headed down to master.

「Excuse me.」

As I got an answer, I entered master's bedroom but master had already turn off the lights in his bedroom.

「Eleanor, come over here.」

Unusual, no, this is the first time.

That I was called by master in the bedroom.


But my heart is beating greatly in a different way.

When I approached, I saw master sitting on the edge of the bed looking up at me.

The smile on his face feels somewhat dark.

「Is there something wrong?」

When I asked, the master looked up at me and answered.

「I thought I was okay. But I can't stop my fingers from shaking. Why, Eleanor?」

Master said so and showed his hand on me.

I was aware of it from the time I saw you, master.

Looking at it again, master's fingertips continue to tremble faintly.

I was filled with the feeling that I wanted to hug the hands of master. But now, I feel like I have to listen to master’s story.

「Master, please order me to do anything. Eleanor will fulfill it. So please, cheer up.」

When I said that, master smiled and lowered his hand.

「…coming to this world, I feel like I'm no longer myself.」

As master muttered, I took his hand.

「This feeling, the light of Eleanor’s eyes, the smell of this room and you, I can sense that this is reality. But I’m not sure I’m myself. Do you understand?」

Master said so and turned his eyes to me.

「…I do not understand. However, master is master.」

I answered him with the mortifying feeling of wanting to die because of embarra.s.sment.

I don't mind being miserable if I can help master.

「People lives… You're right, Eleanor. Did Eleanor meet someone you could respect?」


「…No, no. I'm the first person you met in this world.」

I twist my head to master's words.


Someone I could respect?

「There is none.」

I made a quick answer. Even after reading the report of the members of the guild, no one will come out.

「Why? For example, how about Earl Villiers? He is a n.o.ble with a certain position in a large country.」

「It’s a meaningless position for me.」

「Galland Empire's magistrate?」

「It is a similar n.o.ble position.」

As I answered without question, master nods with a wry smile.

「Certainly, it’s none of our business. However, from the other party's standpoint, we should have given them some. I think that n.o.bility would be a stalwart of the country. But if I am to say it strictly, I admit that I have a little respect with adventurer Wolf. Although I am probably the same human being as the others.」

Master said so while giving a thirsty laugh while raising his face.

However, from my point of view, you are not the same human being.

Master is holier than G.o.d.

However, master doesn't want to hear such an answer.

「…Master is our creator, the highest existence of human, a high human…and…」

「What? What did you just say?」


Master suddenly looked at me while I was choosing words to tell him.

「High Human… Yes, I am a high human. The soul is mine but, is my mind influenced by my body? No, wait… Then there are still other physical changes…」

Master suddenly murmured something with his mouth and turned his eyes from me to the wall.

After a while, master looked at me with a slightly brighter face.

「Thank you, Eleanor. I think that you gave me a clue.」

「No, Master. I feel like rising up to heaven just by being at master's side.」

I knelt as I said those word that came from the bottom of my heart.

In my words, master cheerfully laughs.

「Can you stay by my side for a long time?」

「Yes! Of course!」

When I say so loudly, I raise my face and look at master’s face.

「I'll be at your side at any time.」

「I will protect master at any time.」

「I, I deeply love master.」

I told master my overflowing feelings.

Then, the master opened his mouth with a bitter smile and placed his hand on my head.

「You’re too fanatical. Even so, Eleanor. Your usage of honorifics is a little bit strange.」


AN: Eleanor-san's stalker beam.

A scary love…

A scary lover…

After a Different World Transition, I Founded a Nation in a Week Chapter 41

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