After a Different World Transition, I Founded a Nation in a Week Chapter 47

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Chapter 47 – Eleanor is a Mother

I sit on the throne and look at the three people lining up under the stairs. The three of them knelt in one knee.

Sainos and Sedeia were the only one’s who remained as my escort. The other guild members have left their post to look for building materials for the castle.

By the way, Eleanor is standing next to me but I’m scared so I did not look at her.

「Now, the three of you will be our newest members. Would you like to know what I’m planning to do with you?」

As I said so, Dan raised his face.

「Yes, I would like be Ren-sama’s escort…」

When Dan said that, Sainos and Sedeia, who were standing before the throne, and Eleanor, who’s standing next to me, looked at him.

「Could you please leave it as a subst.i.tute for a s.h.i.+eld to protect Ren-sama?」

「Hmmm… I could hire you as an escort if you can withstand a single blow from Sainos.」

When I said that, Sainos looked up at me with a fearless smile.

「My liege, are you not going to show mercy?」

「You don’t have to go that far, no, don’t do it at all.」

When I returned to Sainos’ confirmation, Dan, who was listening to us, lowered his head.

「I humbly request you.」

I nodded at Dan’s reply. I looked at Miera and Sherry.

「I want Miera to work in the kitchen. Ask the maids for details. Sherry will be taught by one of our mages, Wilby.  And also help the maids with the preservation of the castle.」


「Thank you.」

They gave a positive reply to my words and lowered their heads.

「When the castle we’re making in Grado is completed, we’ll move to that castle. I want informations about G.I.Jou be confidential so that other countries will not know this place.」

When I said that, I raised my hips from the throne.

「Well, I didn’t take a bath yesterday. I’m going to take a bath. Sainos, lead Dan to the large bathhouse. Sedeia, take Miera and Sherry in the open-air bath.」

「Oh, we’ll also take a bath?」

When I gave instructions, Dan panicked and asked me so.

「If you’re sweating, you feel bad, right?」

When I said that, the Dan couple were speechless and hardened.

The other one didn’t move as well.

When I was looking at the three with a wry smile, Eleanor stepped forward and opened her mouth.

「Now, Sainos, Sedeia, take the three of them. I will take care of master.」

Though it’s beautiful, a chilling voice comes out from Eleanor’s mouth. Sainos and Sedeia moved quikly and took the Dan family like they were kidnapping them.

Hey, why didn’t you looked back here at least once…



There are only two people at the throne room now. Eleanor’s voice echoed when she called out and I answered obediently.

When I stealthily looked at Eleanor’s face, Eleanor stared at me with tears in her eyes.

「… I was worried.」


「Please contact someone when you will be staying out next time.」


「If you’re going to bring in someone, please inform us.」


「I feel a little lonely the night when master is not around.」


「If you’re not going to contact us, please be sure to come at by 8 o’clock in the evening.」

「Curfew system!?」

When I surprised and raised a voice, Eleanor was chuckling with a mischievous face.

I was relieved but I felt like I was being scolded by my mother.

Although I also felt that she was like a sulky lover.

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「Wh-wha-wha-what is this place!?」

The scream of a girl echoed in the sky. It is Sherry.

Sherry who untied her dark blue hair has taken all her clothes of and is naked.

Sherry doesn’t have any special disposition. She’s currently standing at the open-air bath built on the roof of the west side of G.I.Jou.

Sherry is standing with a towel that covers her thighs, her small chest, and her slender body.

「…This is amazing. My common sense is collapsing.」

Miera, who appeared from behind, described more detailed comments than Sherry.

Miera also walks while concealing her body with a towel like Sherry.

「Leader seriously created this bath. There are also an indoor public baths and an underground resort type baths. If you’re interested, you can check them out by looking for a signboard before the entrance of the bathhouse.」

A tall beautiful woman who had a slightly dark skin appeared there. It is the dark elf Sedeia.

Sedeia didn’t mind hiding her body so she’s standing there with her big chests exposed as if two deva king stand.

「Wash your body with hot water here. Make sure that you are soaked from head to toe. If you didn’t scrubbed your body yesterday, you have to wash your body first before soaking at the bath. That’s how one should use this bath. What will you do? Wash your body?」

「Oh, ah ah… Oh, we’ll wash first.」

Sherry who were just informed on the bathroom etiquette nodded to Sedeia to the point that her eyes were black and white. Miera nods while giving a wry smile.

「Wash your body here. The water is in that tank so if you twist the faucet, the water will come out. The hot water is in the tank on the other side. This faucet is for hot water.」

Sedeia showed the two of the the wash area for 20 people with mirror. She explained it so while looking back at the two of them.

「Well, I… What a beautiful mirror… I’ve never seen such a mirror even when I was at the kingdom’s capital.」

As Miera was astonished by the mirror, Sherry turned her eyes to the tank that Sedeia had talked about.

Sherry was looking at a silver cylinder in which one person could easily fit in. It is not noticeable because rocks and trees are set around the open-air bath.

「The hot water is coming from that tank? How does it work…」

「I don’t know either. After leader created this castle, before I noticed it, he already created this outdoor bath. There were days when I could not meet leader at all so I guess he’s creating this during those times.」

Sedeia answered Sherry’s question while sitting in one of the was.h.i.+ng areas.

Sherry was surprised and opened her eyes wide while she looked around the bath.

「He created everything here alone? That’s…」

「Because it’s leader. From around the time when he created this castle, we kept hunting for dragons of color altogether, so maybe he needs materials from dragon.」

「Dr-dragon? To easily hunt one…」

「Eleanor, the blonde from a while ago, and leader were hunting dragons with just the two of them. I’m not very good at fighting large enemies. In that case, we might need to be accompanied by another one.」

When Sedeia said so in an atmosphere like it’s just some small talk, Sherry stood up and made a dry laugh.

「Ha, haha… he really is an apostle-sama…」

After a Different World Transition, I Founded a Nation in a Week Chapter 47

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