After a Different World Transition, I Founded a Nation in a Week Chapter 54

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Chapter 54
Chapter 54 – Brunhilde’s Astonishment

The new castle at the back of Grado village, Val Valhalla castle.

Its name makes me want to bury myself under a hole but it fits the word majestic.

It has a black roof and the walls are plated with white silver mithril. The lattice window frames, the rain gutter, and outer pillars are plated with reddish gold orichalc.u.m.

From the gate of the castle, a pure white cobbled road stretches up to the castle. The bridge crossing the waterway is also made of white stone.

It is enclosed with walls. Now, all we need to do is to remodel the village little by little.

It is possible to complete the capital city in a week if we do our best.

However, my happy city building is not possible right now.

It’s the S rank adventurer, Brunhilde’s fault.

「Please, make me your disciple!」

「I don’t want to.」

Although Brunhilde claimed to be a magic swordsman, she’s only a swordswoman who can use magic.

She seems to be good enough but if you a.n.a.lyze her ability based on the game, she’s about 40% proficient as a swordsman and about 2% proficient as a mage.

She’s only about level 30.

「This is the first time I found someone I can call master!」

「Don’t selfishly push that on me.」

I was interacting with Brunhilde in front of the castle.

「Boss, we have done a lot inside?」

Then, there came Dignity. He said that while wiggling his body.

「Ah, thank you. Let’s look around.」

When I said that we’re going to look around the castle, Brunhilde came along with my escorts.

「Why are you coming, tall onee-san?」

「I have to go with my mentor.」

「Master did not allow you too.」

「Even so, sooner or later…」

「She’s not even a threat so just let her do what she wants.」


Brunhilde is following me with my escorts while Lagreat, Sunny, and Laurel are having such a conversation.

She has a very tough personality.

The inside of the castle seems to be complete as I look at it.

There are furnitures in every room and five of the maid corps are already cleaning.

「What a beautiful castle… I’ve seen many castles, but this is such a splendid castle.」

When we were visiting each room, Brunhilde finally gave me her impression of the castle.

「Have you seen other castles?」

When I asked, Brunhilde nodded and opened her mouth.

「Yes. I have seen the castle of the major powers except for the Immenstadt Empire and some n.o.ble’s castle.」

「Oh, including the country of the elves?」

I got interested so I asked Brunhilde.

Then, Brunhilde gives her affirmation.

「The royal castle of the elves is beautiful and majestic. It’s a splendid castle with stone floors and wall, and crystal chandelier. However, elves do not like metals very much so this is the first time I’ve seen a castle that uses gold and silver generously.」

「Our interior decoration is modest but we also used marble and plaster. Mithril and orichalc.u.m are also used on the walls.」

「What? Mithril?」

When I was explaining the castle, Brunhilde looked at me with a kyoton face.

She silently pulled out her sword. She stand by the window and compared her sword with the wall.


Brunhilde, who noticed the fact, got shocked and gave out a strange voice. She looked back at me.

「Mi-Mithril!? All of this!?」

「What? You only noticed now? I thought that you were aware because you’re always staring at it.」

「Th-that’s… using mithril as wall is…」

She heard me, right? Brunhilde murmured with an appalled face.

「You are surprised by mithril but why

don’t you have any response to orichalc.u.m?」

When I asked her so, Brunhilde knitted her brows and looked at me.

「Orichalc.u.m… is orichalc.u.m a metal that came from orichalc.u.m ore? An orichalc.u.m ore is something that cannot be processed so it became something like a decoration… Because it is a priceless treasure, it seems that some royalty decorates their room with it…」


No way, orichalc.u.m only exist as decoration?

I heard that magic carve seal is a lost technology but to think that the processing technology of orichalc.u.m was lost too.

It’s also possible that there is no processing technology from the beginning.

No, I wonder if it’s still sleeping at the deepest ruins of a dungeon and is waiting to be discovered?

Hmm? Dungeon?

「Come to think of it, Brunhilde, do you know of a dungeon?」

When I asked, Brunhilde raised her face.

「Dungeon? I am alone for the time being but… I have broke through a dungeon with a party.」

「You have been to? How many were you?」

「There were five of us.」

When I asked, Brunhilde seems to be apologetic and lowered her head.

Five people … five people?

Even if Brunhilde’s the weakest, there might have no big difference from other S rank adventurer.

If it’s a well balanced party, they probably have the ability to clear a beginner cla.s.s dungeon.

The beginner’s dungeon is a 20-30 floors, underground type labyrinth.

No enemies or traps are harsh.

When it comes to intermediate level, it gets pretty deep with the 40-60 floors.

「How many floors does that dungeon have?」

「About 10 levels underground.」

Ah, a tutorial or a bonus dungeon.

When I groaned with my arms folded up, I saw Brunhilde cower in my att.i.tude.

「There are not much discovered dungeons? If there are five adventurers that are as good as Brunhilde, you’ll be able to conquer a 30 floor dungeon.」

「Th-thirty floors?」

Brunhilde was exaggeratedly surprised to my line.

「Impossible! Dungeons with floor lower than the 10th floor underground are unidentified. The deepest dungeon known is the one that we’ve topped.」

「Hmm? So you’re the only adventurer’s party that were able to reached the deepest part of the dungeon? 」

As I asked for confirmation, Brunhilde shrugged her big body.

「Y-ye-yes. Because of that achievement I became an S rank adventurer … 」

Eh, you’ll be an S-rank if you clear a tutorial dungeon?

I felt dizzy with the tremendous difference in recognition. I pressed my forehead with one hand.

OK, let’s gather information on adventurers and dungeons and put the city planning on hold.

I secretly decided and resumed our tour of the Val Valhalla Castle.

After a Different World Transition, I Founded a Nation in a Week Chapter 54

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