After a Different World Transition, I Founded a Nation in a Week Chapter 59

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The S rank adventurer, golden demon eyes, didn't stop crying.

Meldia is crying and around her are her friends who are prostrating with their heads down.

And a tall man is looking down at the four of them.

A magnificent sight.

Don’t do that.

I have to put out a gentle personality in the city which will be part of my country.

I must not be seen with this kind of circ.u.mstances.

Well, it was me who took them out of Ramblas.

And the result is this.

I may need to come back to earth if they don't stop crying.

Dragon Knight-sama was a brutal person making the S rank adventurers cry while prostrating on the ground!

Such a rumor will flow without a doubt.

「…Lagreat, excuse me but can you call the dragon for a moment?」


In my remark, Lagreat knitted his eyebrows.

Hurry up, Lagreat.

I decided to throw a more flashy rumor before the dangerous rumor spreads.

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「Tttthhhhhaaaaaattttttttttt is….!」

「Awesome… It's really a dragon…」

「This world's…. dragon knight..」

「U-uwa… Dra-dragon knight-sama…dragon knight-sama…」

The S rank adventurer's party was greatly upheavaled upon seeing Lagreat's dragon appearance.

Is Sherry afraid of dragons? She's clinging on Io.

Their sight is amusing.

By the way, Sunny has been leaning on my back the whole time and did not move at all.

While I was looking at everyone, Lagreat cried with a dissatisfied voice.

Even though I'm already familiar with it, Lagreat is really unhappy when he's in his dragon form.

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「Oh, can you see it? That's my castle.」

When I said that, everyone looked at the Val Valhalla castle which is constructed at the back of Grado Village.

「Wow, that’s amazing … It’s a silver castle…」

The three who saw the castle for the first time got their eyes stolen by it as if their gaze were sewn.

There, Brunhilde opened her mouth with proud expression.

「It’s really amazing. I mean, that stunning castle is made of mithril…」


The three of them reacted to Brunhilde's words simultaneously.

The three looked back at the castle again and stare at it as if to devour it.

「Not just the wall, the interior decorations are made of mithril too.」

When I added a supplementary explanation to Brunhilde’s commentary, Ataratte and Marina were speechless and looked back at me.

「I can't believe it…Mithril, which is also known as the metal of G.o.d, used as wall…?」

「I-I'm sorry. I'm really sorry… I'll never be rude again…」

「It seems like we have wandered to a mythical world…」

While the three, Marina, Ataratte, and Meldia, showed the surprise of their lives, Lagreat landed in front of the castle.

I turned my face on Brunhilde and the three who were unmoving while looking up at the castle.

「Brunhilde, stay in the castle today. Or do you have any urgent business?」

「Ah, yes. There is no problem. It's a great honor.」

I nod to the words of Brunhilde who finally smiled a little. I stepped towards the castle.

As we walked through the corridor, Meldia is leaking voice of admirations whenever she saw a door or a decoration.

When we arrived at the throne room, Cartas and Rosa were standing there.

「Welcome home, my liege!」

「I’m home.」

I returned a greeting to Cartas and Rosa, who had lowered their heads. I climbed the stairs, sat on the throne, and looked back at Brunhilde's party.

「Now, welcome to the Kingdom of Einherjar, adventurers. Again, I am Ren, the king of this country.」

When I say so, Bruhnilde's party kneeled and bowed all together.

I find it strange that they seem to have learnt courtesy splendidly as I looked at them.

I opened my mouth while looking down at the four who are kneeling. By the way, Sherry is kneeling with them but let's leave her be.

「You have not readily believe it but did you believe that I founded a country now?」

When I I asked a bit of a spiteful question as I laughed, the four of them fearfully lowered their head deeper.

「Hou… Do this people doubted my liege?」


Anger comes out in the lines of Cartas and Rosa.

「Do not get angry. Apparently, there have been a number of fakes claiming to be Dragon Knights. They have made a mistake because of it.」

When I said so, the two demons kept their anger in check while still having their stern look and looked at me.

「However, they should have felt the aura just by looking at my liege.」


The two of them said that while looking at me but thinking about it, Brunhilde's party seem to didn't notice anything.

Because of that, the four who are kneeling further shrink themselves.

I was a little sorry to see four of them like that and opened my mouth.



When I called Brunhilde's name, she replied while maintaining her posture.



「Ataratte, Marina」

「Ah, ye-ye-yes!」


I made sure everyone replied, I nodded and opened my mouth at once.

「Actually, this castle is not our home base. Our real base is in the depths of the forest of abyss.」

When I said that, the four of them involuntarily raised their faces and looked at me.

「Real base!?」

「No way, the myth…」

「Wa-wait a minute! Then, this castle…」

Cartas who's standing next to me rang his nose as the four of them reacted simultaneously.

「This castle is a temporary thing. It is needed when my liege decided to create a country. The real residence of my liege is far more splendid than this one!」

Cartas said that and laughed loudly as he saw the four who were dumbfounded.

In terms of facility, the original is surely luxurious but I think that this castle is very luxurious too.

I felt that Brunhilde's party's expectations were growing too much because of Cartas.

「… Well, good. So, that’s it. Why don’t you try capturing the forest of abyss in your spare time?」

「The forest of abyss!?」

Brunhilde raised a voice of surprise to my proposal.

I nodded to Brunhilde.

「That’s right. At this rate, there will be no hero to appear in our base. This is my unofficial request to the S rank adventurer party, Silver Wind.」

I said those one word at a time. I looked at the four of them and opened my mouth with a smile.

「Become the heroes who'll reach us.」

When I say so, four people open and close their mouths as if they had forgotten how to breath while they opened their eyes wide.

At the moment, Meldia got up vigorously, looked straight at me and nodded.

「We-we'll surely reach it! The land of myth! 」

The other three agreed in a panic to the words of the strongly determined Meldia.

I nodded deeply to the four of them who looked at me in my eyes.

Now, I made some good billboards.

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Brunhilde's party and Sherry went for a meal and a bath. I breathed out slowly while sitting on the throne at the time when my guild members were the only one's there.

「My liege, was it good to reveal our base? 」

「I've gathered information about this world and it seems that there is no problem. 」

I answered Cartas' question with a fearless smile.

Then, Lagreat, who returned to his human figure, nodded.

「My lord is right. It amazes me how he has been too careful until this time. I missed the days where we slaughtered enemies everyday. 」

「Even if you say that Lagreat, I think boss should have just moved forward without thinking about us like always. 」

I'm not a dictator.

「But it's almost impossible for those fellows. 」

While I was dissatisfied with how my members see me, Sunny commented from the side.

「That's right. The way I see it, I don't think they can even beat a lesser dragon. 」

Io agreed with Sunny.

I laughed and looked at my guild members. I put my weight on my right arm on the elbow rest and tilted my body.

「S rank adventurers continue to challenge the forest of abyss where no one can advance. It’s going to be a good rumor, isn’t it? If adventurers like them changed their base to the country founded by the dragon knight…it will be a great way to gather people. After that, it would be enough for the adventurers to find armors as they advanced to the forest of abyss.」

When I said that, my guild members raised a voice of admiration.

「As expected of my liege! You're really vicious! 」


After a Different World Transition, I Founded a Nation in a Week Chapter 59

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