After a Different World Transition, I Founded a Nation in a Week Chapter 62

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Five hours has pa.s.sed since we started the construction of the adventurers guild and houses for Grado villagers.

When the evening came, everything has been completed, including the guard station.

My guild members helped the the villagers move their belongings to their new residence. They burst into tears as soon as they were given permission to move.

Brunhilde's party looked at the spectacle from the entrance of the city with a stunned expression. They were deeply impressed.

「Hnn? Someone came?」

The dragonkin Lagreat, who's behind me, reported.

Looking at the other side of the huge gate at the entrance of the city, which had been opened as a pa.s.sage for the villagers, there were some men that look like merchants that are absentmindedly looking at here.

Everyone was dressed in a dull robe. Their luggage are in the horse drawn wagon.

There are approximately 20 of them.

That's quite a lot, is it a caravan?

I approached the group that has a fuzzy face.

「Welcome. Though it is not yet completed, this Grado village will be the capital city.」

When I said that, the middle-aged man regained consciousness and looked at me.

Though the robe he's wearing is a dirty brown robe, it seemed to be of high quality, his beard is shaved too.

Perhaps he's a merchant with name.

While I'm judging him, the middle-aged man bowed and opened his mouth.

「Thank you very much. We are the peddler group of the merchant guild. I am Kubido of the merchant guild.」

The merchant who introduces himself politely as Kubido looked at me with a sharp eye and bowed again.

While feeling the signs of being judged, I pasted a smile on my face and nodded.

「Is that so? I am the king of this country Einherjar. I welcome you, merchants.」

When I told him that, noise occurred from the men behind Kubido.

There are three people who didn't show a big change in emotion.

They are Kubido, who's in front of me, the beautiful woman in her mid twenties who is riding a horse, and the driver of the horse drawn carriage in his 30s with thin beard.

When Kubido raised his face, a soft smile floated in his face.

「So that's how it is. No, even if you're wearing an adventurer like easy to move armor, his majesty can't hide his n.o.ble aura.」

Kubido smiled after saying that. It’s a very clever way to grab the hearts of my guild members.

Since I was praised because of the appearance of the character I made, it didn't have impact on me.

「Is that so? By the way, as you can see, the capital city is still under construction. I would hope to welcome you at the castle that I built in this city, how about it?」

When I said that, voices were heard again from the back of Kubido.

Well, it is understandable that people who usually comes to Grado village won't believe that a castle was made.

In fact, it was made in three days.

「That's … the highest honor. Perhaps we're the one's who had the honor of intruding there the first time?」

Kubido says so as if gathering information like a spy.

It is a new country. It's probably a normal question?

However, I shook my head to deny it.

「No, Brunhilde's party were our first guests.」

When I said that, Kubido, together with the other merchants, raised a voice of surprise all together.

「Wh-what…no, surely there is an S rank adventurer named Brunhilde. The leader of the party named Silver Wind…Oh? Is Oguma-dono with you?」

Kubido saw Brunhilde and asked her.

Brunhilde opens her mouth and looks at Kubido.

「No, Oguma went to the Rembrandt Kingdom's capital to meet the king. Because we can't accept big quest without him, we came to the border city of Ramblas and heard about this country.」

When Brunhilde said that, Kubido nodded twice and stroked his chin with his finger.

「Is that so? I wanted to speak with Oguma-dono who was once called G.o.d of war…」

「Perhaps you can meet him after a few days. We will move our base to this town so you can surely meet him if you stay here.」

「You're moving your base here?」

Kubido muttered so while raising one of his eyebrows in response to Brunhilde.

Good. Brunhilde has leaked an information of great value to the merchants.

In response to my guess, the eye color of the merchants behind Kubido changed.

However, doubt springs before that.

Who is that Oguma?

Does that mean the Silver Wind is a five-person-party?

When I was thinking about such a thing, Brunhilde looked back at me several times without answering Kubido's question.


When she heard that, Brunhilde turned to me with a shy face.

「Ano… I’ll pay for the cost, so could you make a house for us that will also serve as our base? The house of the Grado villagers are really nice…」

Hou, have you become jealous?

After all, my layout is wonderful.

I was satisfied and nodded. I turned around at Dignity and gave instructions.

「Dignity, make a house for these girls behind the adventurers guild.」

「Okay, Boss? You guys, from the house you have seen today, which one do you like?」

When Dignity asked so, Brunhilde's party looked at each other to discuss and turned around.

「Ano, that one between the one story house and two story house….」

「Oh, you have good eyes, don’t you? Leave it to me.」

The choice made by the Brunhilde's party was a floor plan made by Dignity.

I'll remember this.

Read only at

「O, Oh … what is that …」

Kubido, who seemed to not show much emotions, opened his eyes wide and raised a voice.

There are no words that came out from the merchants behind him.

After all, Brunhilde's party's house base was completed in 30 minutes.

It is also furnished.

Brunhilde's party were pleased and rushed into their newly completed house.

「Holy molly… that was a surprise.」

Those are the only word of Kubido before he spit out a really deep breath.

「…To us merchants, the Rembrandt Kingdom's state is precarious. Therefore, it was only at the stable empire of Galland or the head of economics Maeas.」

When Kubido said that, he turned to me and opened his mouth.

「But from now on, people will gather here in the country of Dragon Knight-sama, Einherjar. We, the merchant guild, would like to make one large base here.」

Kubido said so and lowered his head.

Then, the beauty from behind walks forward.

She's a beautiful woman that has a glossy black hair as if it's wet. She might be the woman who was riding the horse until a while ago.

「I am Vian of the merchant guild, nice to meet you. Normally, even if he's an executive, I should have scold Kubido-san from making remarks as making base without permission but I also agree with it. If you don't mind, I would asked for a bigger building than the adventurers guild.」

The woman called Vian said so while making a flirty smile.

Judging from the conversation, she seems to be in a position equal or higher than an executive.

Well, she has a smile full of confidence, no, I think that's normal for a merchant.

「Is it necessary to make it bigger that the adventurers guild?」

When I replied with a bitter smile, Vian laughed as if just leaking a breath.

「It's just a sense of rivalry.」

「That’s not good. There are various restriction concerning the cityscape. Although there is no problem in making an underground warehouse.」

「Oh, that would be good.」

I am talking with Vian but Kubido answered from the side.

「Mou! Kubido, will you please don't get in my way? I'm still talking with his majesty.」

「But I was first…」

Because it seems that Kubido and Vian had begun to have trouble for some reason, I cough to clear my throat to shut them up.

「Either way, it will be for tomorrow. Anyway, I invite everyone of you to the castle for the time being. Come with me.」

I said so and took everyone to the castle.

The flock of merchants, who look up at the castle, are stunned.

As expected.

「Yo-Your Majesty,….the the castle…there's no way… Mit…」

Kubido looked at my face while stammering.

I nod slightly and open my mouth.

「The walls are mithril, the window frames and some decorations are orichalc.u.m.」

The merchant's screams at my reply.

「Mitrill. Wall… I can buy a country with just one side…」

While Kubido leaked those words, Vian gently came to me.

「Your majesty….have you find a way to process mithril… no, did you create one?」

Vian clings to my arm to confirm.

I shrugged my shoulders and moved away from Vian. I quickly headed for the castle.

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