After a Different World Transition, I Founded a Nation in a Week Chapter 76

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Chapter 76
Chapter 76 – The Adventurer’s Party Silver Wind a.s.sembles Again

The night came. I decided to host a feast for the King of Rembrandt who I still need to speak with.

Well, I intended to do that from the beginning.

Now, me, Eleanor, Creivis, and Yuta are in the same table in the dining room.

I thought that it was a fun dinner but for some reason, Creivis is eating the crocodile head camel meat with tears in his eyes.

「This is… This is the taste of the myth…!」

What taste is that?

It’s just a crocodile head camel meat.

「Your majesty, it is certainly a marvel but crying is… your dignity as a king….」

No, his majesty’s dignity has already collapsed and even the fragments weathered.

「Ah, this liquor is great too. What kind of liquor is this?」

「Village Chief Killer.」

「Sonchōgoros.h.i.+… This is exactly the taste of the myth…」

TN: Ren said the name of the liquor(?) in kanji while Creivis said it in Katakana. Something that is written in katakana is usually an indication of a noun or shout. English names/words are also written in katakana

No good. Whatever happens, makes this guy tears up.

He has tears of grat.i.tude even with lines he doesn’t understand the meaning.

I gave up conversing with him and looked around. The members of Silver Wind had gathered to a place next to a table where Oguma is.

「Oguma! I never thought that I’ll meet you in this castle!」

Ataratte spoke with Oguma first. Oguma nodded and points to a table to sit.

「Sit down.」Read only at

「Eh, me?」

Oguma’s voice is low, Ataratte pointed at herself while tilting her neck.

The other three seemed to have felt that Oguma was angry from the beginning to they sit quietly.

Ataratte seems to be insensitive. She sat down dissatisfied.

After confirming that everyone is seated, Oguma looks at everyone and opens his mouth.

「… You seem to have bought a house.」

When Oguma said so. The other four looked at each other.

They had chosen Brunhilde as the representative with eye contact. She opens her mouth.

「Ah, that one Oguma. That is something Ren-sama built.」

As Brunhilde says so, the other members also open their mouth one after another as if to support it.

「Oh, yeah. It’s amazing, it was built in no time! Moreover, it’s free!」

「Besides, we’re going to make this city our base…」

「That’s right. We are going to conquer the unprecedented forest of abyss…」

While watching the four of them desperately make excuses, Oguma, who finished listening to all of their words, opened his mouth.

「… What about taxes? Did you ever talk about that in the capital of Rembrandt kingdom which was our base? Only us can accept S rank mission from the Adventurers guild.」

When Oguma said those, the four became silent and looked down.

A night like atmosphere was born on that table, I became worried.

Oguma, if you can pay attention to the adventurers guild, consider me too.

There is no way I can have a good meal with the table next to me being as dark as the bottom of the sea.

「Oguma, do it for me. I am the one who kindles the capture of the forest of abyss.」

「…Why the forest of abyss? Excuse me but, what is there?」

As I said that as a follow up, Oguma looked at me with a stupid face and asked.

「My real castle is at the depths of the forest of abyss.」

When I said so, Oguma wrinkled the middle of his forehead and groaned.

And Creivis, who was sitting at the same table as I looked at us.

「Real castle!?」

When Creivis shouted, Yuta also turned his face here.

「Then, this castle&h


「This is a new castle that we built in 3 days. Well, this is good but my real castle is even more amazing.I spent a few months to build it.」

As I said so, the three of them stared and solidified.

「…Th-three days? Three days? Then, His Majesty will build new defense bases in your new territory…」

Although Yuta has uttered something disturbing, Creivis raised his face with a sparkling smile.

「What are you saying!? It’s like my ancestors, the mythical king who founded the Rembrandt Kingdom…」

Creivis talked about something with excitement but Oguma interrupted and talked to me.

「Is it possible to do such a thing like this castle three days?」

When they heard the Oguma seemed not to believe my words, the other members of Silver Wind, who are on the same table as Oguma, opened their mouth.

「No, no, no it’s true! Even our house was built in an instant.」

「That’s right, moreover, it’s free.」

「Furthermore, because they have done it in a flash, I thought that the interior is constructed simply …」

「Yeah! It is very beautiful and gorgeous…! It’s like a n.o.ble’s residence.」

The four of them kept talking until Oguma nodded several times while being puzzled.

「Okay, okay, I understand…Show it to me later.」

I made a wry smile while looking at the the members of Silver Wind eating together. Suddenly, I noticed something.

「…N? Although you call yourself Silver Wind, why is Brunhilde the only one who has a mithril equipment?」

When I asked, the five members of Silver Wind looked at me with a depressed face.

「…It is because there are only five equipment made of mithril…」

Oguma said so in a not amaze voice and stopped moving.

The other four members looked Oguma poorly.

「…I still can’t believe that the walls are made of mithril.」

「There’s even a full plate mithril armor in the corridor.」

「What are you talking about? Even the candle holders are mithril.」

「Thinking about it, the tablewares are also mithril.」

「What!?」Read only at

Because Oguma’s anger has settled, the next table became lively.

Oguma usually has a serious atmosphere.

I thought it was awkward, I decided to propose something for Oguma.

「Is it alright for a guy to equip mithril bracelet?」


Oguma blinked and looked at me after hearing what I said.

「Here. Mithril bracelet, mithril gloves, mithril rings, mithril earrings, mithril leg protector, mithril….」

I said those while lining up mithril accessories on top of the table. The S rank adventurer party completely stopped.

「Wow, me too! I also want an item from dragon knight-sama! Item! A collar is also fine!」

Creivis, who was watching, made a fuss.

I thought for a moment. I judged that there will be no problem if it’s mithril so I nod.

「Because you’re a king… Do you want a mithril dagger?」

I put a dagger with gorgeous decoration on the table. It’s just a cheap mithril item with no magic carve seal.

However, it seems to have become an enough blow to make Creivis’ face collapse.

Creivis misunderstood it as a family heirloom and held the dagger and the sheath with both hands.

Yuta looked at me on my face as if he wanted to say something but I just left him be.

I might have acted a bit too much.

I’ll just say that one person can only choose one.

80 percent of the guests took one.

… Don’t look at me, Yuta.

After a Different World Transition, I Founded a Nation in a Week Chapter 76

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