After a Different World Transition, I Founded a Nation in a Week Chapter 78

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Chapter 78
Chapter 78 – Morning of the Day Creivis Returns Home


The morning came.

For some reason, I feel stuffy today.

Is this the stress of entertaining a king last night?

No, it’s because he did not have the dignity of a king.

I lifted my face while groaning and saw the futon.

Looking at it, the futon had swelled to an impossible level.

Weird. Even if it is morning, it is too big.

I felt a breathtaking feeling as fingers crawl on my chest.

This is, that’s it.

One of the masterpiece of j.a.panese horror that brilliantly s.h.i.+nes.

Ju-On dearu.

TN: If you love horror films I’m sure you already heard about Ju-On The Grudge

Ju-On is a cursed demon who possesses a house. The thai woman named Kaiyanko use muay thai to kill…

TN: Last line has pun intended. I can’t translate it to a joke so I left it that way. Kayako is the name of the woman in the movie.

「Ah, good morning, master.」

When I froze, Mira came out from the futon and greeted me with a sleepy face.

I, I knew it.

I’m not surprised.

When I return Mira’s greeting with a natural smile, she hides her face back on the futon for some reason.

It’s not like you’ve seen anything.

Ah, behind me…

Translated by Elite4Harmon of

「Ano, master? I thought you were going to sleep well last night, but…」

「Do I look haggard?」

Sunny, who was called by Eleanor to act as my escort, said that to me who is sitting on the throne. My other escorts are Sainos and Lagreat.

The two of them nod vaguely. Sainos, who’s underneath the stairs, looked up to me with a smile and opened his mouth.

「Have you seen something that you should have not seen, my liege?」

「Sainos, seiza there」


After punis.h.i.+ng Sainos who said an unnecessary thing, Lagreat, who’s beside Sainos in seiza, opens his mouth.

「My lord, do I have to be a dragon today?」

Lagreat said so with his arms crossed while tilting his neck to one side.

「That’s right. Perhaps we’ll just go to the city… or have an excursion.」

When I said so, Lagreat pointed his lips.

「When in dragon form, I can’t eat cooked meals. I will not eat raw meat.」

「Shall I grill meat for you?」

「What about the sauce? It doesn’t taste good with salt and pepper alone.」

「Proudia’s Special grilled Yakiniku sauce」

「Good, let’s show the majesty of the dragon knight!」

Lagreat, who was informed of the content of the reward, laughed saying such a thing.

「I understand going to the city but what about the excursion? Are you going to send off King Creivis?」

Eleanor asked me that question after hearing my conversation with Lagreat.

I nod after looking at Eleanor. I opened my mouth remembering the person who’s in the city.

「It’s good that Creivis came here. I enjoyed making the capital too much that I have forgotten about the neighboring countries. Shall we move around soon?」

I said so, looked around, and raised the edge of my mouth.

「Let’s try to use that strategy.」

When I said that, Sainos in seiza raised his face.

「Oh, you’re going to use your head!」

「Sainos, be in seiza with only your underwear.」


Translated by Elite4Harmon of

I came to the Val Valhalla Castle with Sunny, Sainos, Lagreat, and my subordinate from Grado Village, Dan.

The reason I brought Dan is because I wanted to see Dan’s fighting ability.

I’ve always seen Dan during dinner at G.I.Jou full of wounds but this time, all his wounds are healed.

By the way, Dan is wearing full mithril equipments.

Orichalc.u.m equipments are one rank higher but this world thinks of mithril as superior.

「Oh, good morning! Your Majesty Ren-sama!」

Creivis gave me a cheerful morning greeting full of excitement.

I see Creivis like a spirited newcomer. I opened my mouth while comparing him to Yuta who refrained from the back.

「Good morning King Creivis. Are you going back to the kingdom’s capital today? So I thought that I should send you off.」

When I said that, Creivis made a face that was about to cry.

「I, I won’t go home!」

For some reason, Creivis refused to return home and shook his head. Yuta, who was behind him, shrugged his shoulder and vomited a sigh.

No, go home.

Without the king and the prime minister, the country will be in serious trouble.

「The king who was sent off by the dragon knight… sounds like a myth.」

As I said so, Creivis made a nice face and nodded.

「I’m going home! Thank you for sending me off!」

「Your Majesty…」

Looking at the simple Creivis, Yuta gave off a voice of grief.

Now, with this, one problem is cleared up. Next is the capital.

Translated by Elite4Harmon of

We went to the city while being called by the residents. I, Crevis, Yuta, and the escorts went straight to the Merchant Guild.

「Oh, the Merchant Guild’s building is superb.」

Utah looked up at the building and said so. Perhaps Yuta like baroque style.

「Is anyone there?」

Dan, who was brought in suddenly and still puzzled, told me so.

「Well, Dan, go and call for a person named Finkle. Maybe he’s still here.」

「Yes, I understand.」

Listening to my instructions, Dan quickly disappeared into the merchant guild.

I understand that he was unable to hear clearly because he’s wearing a mithril helmet.

While thinking about that, Creivis gently approached me and asked a question.

「Is he not the strongest brave under His Majesty King Ren-sama?」

Creivis asked me so with an excited face. I guess he might have judged it by looking at the equipment.

「No, he was an ordinary resident of this city. Because he’s weak, we strengthen him with moderate equipments. Well, there are better equipments but mithril is lighter.」

When I explained it, Creivis was astonished and opened his eyes wide.

「There’s a better equipment than mithril…!?」

I answered Creivis question with nod.

「Oh, there is Orichalc.u.m which is said to be the metal of G.o.d. After that, equipments with dragon scale and dragon leather of a dragon king.」

When I said so, I was surprised that the eavesdropping Yuta at the back gave a strange voice.

「Dra-dragon king!? Surely…the holy dragon king in the dragon valley…」

「Don’t tell me you were given scales by the holy dragon king…」

「No, I don’t know if it’s the same race but, it comes from the strongest dragon. They’re really strong. The dragon of colors are equal with each other but differs in attribute. It will even take Eleanor two hours to hunt one. 」

I answered with my in-game knowledge. The two of them were petrified halfway.

For a moment, I thought about showing them a skill of a magic swordsman equipped with an orichalc.u.m sword but I stopped because it seemed that the mind of these two would collapse.

I guess it would be a nasty surprise.

「Oh, Dan’s back.」

When I was thinking strange things, Lagreat said that while pointing at the merchant guild’s building.

The door opened and Dan and Finkle showed up.

「Good morning. I was asked to come.」

Finkle said so as an opening as he stands in front of me.

And by now, he noticed Creivis.

「This, this is…Are you by chance His Majesty the king of Rembrandt kingdom?」

Finkle asked so while gracefully bowing his head. Creivis nodded and looked down at Finkle.

「Umu, I’m the King of Rembrandt Kingdom, Creivis. Are you a peddler? You seem have acquainted with His Majesty King Ren-sama.」

Creivis talked like a dignified king or something.

「Oh, somehow you seem bossy.」

「Ha!? I’m sorry your majesty king Ren-sama! My tone has changed instinctively!」

I shut my eyes for my own shortcoming of muttering unconsciously. Creivis panicked, apologized, and lowered his head.

Finkle who saw that was astonished. By the way, even the residents who were walking on the main street before the merchant guild were astonished.

「…Yo-your Majesty Ren-sama. No way, Einherjar absorbed Rembrandt kingdom…?」

Finkle who heard that looked slightly tense and fearful.

But I shake my head to answer it.


「A-alliance… His Majesty who took territory of Rembrandt Kingdom allied with Rembrandt Kingdom…?」

Finkle looked at Creivis with suspicion but Creivis greatly agreed to what has Finkle said.

「Umu, I wanted to be his majesty King Ren-sama’s subordinate but my selfish prime minister was annoying…」

「Your Majesty!」

As Creivis revealed his terrible king’s feeling, Yuta intervened.

Although he was not able to make it in time.

In response to Creivis’ explanation, Finkle gave a dry smile and looked at me.

「Ha, haha…Although I considered this as a possibility, I never thought that it would really happen in reality…But seeing things as they are, Einherjar is in the higher place in this alliance… Ah, I remembered I had a little errand. I’m sorry, but for today…」

Finkle, who murmured something, looked back at the Merchant Guild’s building pretending to be busy.

I made a wry smile and throw a voice at the back of Finkle.

「It is surprising to use such a lame excuse. Finkle, I’m afraid that I’m going to take you out today.」

When I said that, Finkle looked back with a stiff expression.

Looking at Finkle’s face, I raised the edge of my mouth.

「I should have pretended to be out.」

After a Different World Transition, I Founded a Nation in a Week Chapter 78

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