After a Different World Transition, I Founded a Nation in a Week Chapter 9

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After a Different World Transition, I Founded a Nation in a Week

AN: This chapter is in the village chief's POV

Someone is really pleased?

The one who wrote it, come out.

We finally regained our sanity after we saw them fly to the sky to the end of the world.

「Now, that's flying magic, right?」

「No, you idiot! Flying magic is a movement spell that can only be used by a court magician or a Magic Guild executive! Perhaps they are using a magic item or something …」

「That's impossible! Even in the hero story for children, there is no such magic item!」

「Then, did everyone of them fly with magic?」

「N, no… that's not what I'm trying to say…」

I was reminded by the villagers who were excited and make a commotion after remembering what happened a while ago.

A young man that seems to be their leader handed something like a medicine to Sherry.

They neutralize the mercenary group with just the ten of them. Furthermore, the leader of the mysterious group gave them medicine and flew in the sky.

What on earth was that?

I was not able to comprehend even if I think of it so I visited the house of Mr. and Mrs. Dan, Sherry's home.

「Dan! How's your body condition….」

When I knocked at the open door of the Dan's house, I saw the figure of Sherry embracing Miera who is lying on the bed. She's weeping.

Even Dan, who's not usually perturbed, is shedding tears.

No way.

I felt my chest tightened and quietly headed towards Dan.

「Da, Dan. Miera is…」

When he heard me, Dan look at me and raises the edge of his mouth.

「… She regained consciousness. However, she still can't get up.」

Dan muttered with a tear-dripping voice and quietly shed tears again.

「Hey, Sherry? Mom's body is mysteriously light. I think I should get up since the village chief is also here?」

「No, No. Absolutely not! You must take a rest today!」

Miera pats Sherry's head while giving a wry smile. Sherry weeps in joy as she sees her mother's energetic face.

I cried in the sight of the two of them.

However, medicine and recovery magic has no effect on Miera's condition. It is said the the only thing that can save her is life water which is a phantom secret medicine.

I thought up to there and was startled. As though the dam of my river of thought broke down, their words and behavior reproduced in my head.

「No, no, no, they were apostles of G.o.d that were sent here.」

In my mutter, Dan, who was next to me, looked at me with a frightened face.

「They quite smell of a human being…」

Dan replied with a negative connotation even though he's one of the party that benefited from the miracle.

「How about this? The apostles acted with that kind of att.i.tude on the purpose of use not getting nervous. That must be it.」

I admonished the disrespectful Dan but he just laughs with his nose and shrugged his shoulders.

「What is an apostle? Aren't they the one that runs an errand from G.o.d like granting weapons, armors, magic items and G.o.d's doctrine?」

「That's right! That must be it! You’ve seen their divine figure! Listen and be amazed. The apostles told me that they're going home and flew in the sky. Everyone saw it.」

When I raised my voice to my explanation, Dan looked at me with a shabby face.

「Then, rather than an apostle, aren't they heroes that received magic items? Did they really fly back? In the evening , the prairie ground fades away near the horizon.」

Oh, G.o.d. This stupid stubborn blockhead is making a profane remark. Please drop divine punishment on his head.

「Dan. As far as I can see, we cannot return the favor we received if you talk about them in an ill manner. Even if heaven forgives you, I will not forgive you.」

I was indignant at Dan's shameless remark. However, Dan shook his head with a smile. What is that smile? I am angry.

「I am just returning a just argument against your delusion. I will risk my life to repay the young man. That’s right, village chief. Where did they go? I want to take care of my wife if possible but I'll escort them around.」

「… So let’s say that those people flew away in the sky and returned home.」

As I announced it indignantly, Dan clearly sighed so I could hear it.

「Okay, okay. So, which way did they fly? They surely didn't flew straight up and disappear?」

Oh, G.o.d. Please direct divine punishment to this insolent person. If possible, drop a troll on this one.

「Gunununu….. They have gone to the direction of the forest. Even further than this farthest village. In the depths of that forest, at the foot of the sharp mountains, is the forest of abyss where the dragon lives.」

「It is only a rumor that there is a dragon there because it is called dragon valley. If we leave this area, the feudal lord's heart will stop first.」

「Wa, the village chief of the era saw it and told me about it when I was still a child! 」

「That's more than 100 years ago.」

「Shut up brat!」

-Sherry's POV-

I looked at my father and the village chief that were quarrelling like children. My mother laughs while laying in bed.

「Fufufu, he is really like a child.」

「Mo, mother? Is your body okay?」

「Fufu, it's okay. Although I feel like choking from laughing too much.」

My heart suddenly jumped when my mother coughs. But my mother smiled and looked up at me.

Father who had been quarreling a little while ago, were also anxiously looking at mother’s appearance.

「Those people might ready be apostles of G.o.d. My body is incredibly lighter like my sickness is a lie. Perhaps I can run to the next village like a young one.」

My mother laughed happily again when she said so. The complexion is certainly reddish and looks very healthy.

「Even if you become energetic, you can’t. It’s about time to relax. Look, it’s already night. You should sleep now.」

When I said that and took my mother’s hand, my mother made a wry smile and opened her mouth to the village chief.

「I’m sorry. As there is a nagging daughter, I am sorry, but I'll sleep early.」

「A, ah. I apologize for disturbing you. Dan, let's continue tomorrow.」

「You feel like coming tomorrow?」

「Shut up. I'll come again until you reform. Then, good night.」

「Walk by a troll and die!」

The village chief quarreled with my father until the end. Father also looks toward the door where the village chief exited with a ridiculous face.

「Just what is that old man saying.」

It was so unusual and interesting to see my father act like a child.

I was laughing aloud with my mother involuntarily.

The characters who came out was named for the first time.

The name was decided from the beginning.

It’s true.

After a Different World Transition, I Founded a Nation in a Week Chapter 9

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