Rebirth Of A Supermodel Chapter 205-206

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Chapter 205

The marketing social media accounts exposing Cheng Su and then the drug incident, everything happened in just three days. However, this was enough to make the cancer of the fas.h.i.+on industry unable to have a comeback.

At this moment, Cheng Su was at the police station and certain of the originator of the evil. In his heart, he had long recognized that only Xi Ze could make him fall to such an unbearable situation, making him lose so quickly and now having to coexist with fierce criminals.

However, this time Cheng Su really wronged Xi Ze.

Xi Ze did only one thing from the beginning, which was to let the head of Muse's legal department take this case.

The other matters, from contacting the marketing companies or directing public opinion with the media, were all the result of a small and witty Mushroom's cooperation with the Muse PR department.

Muse's PR department had never been involved in a struggle between their own models, but principles were involved in this battle.

On the day that Xi Ze and Ming Yu announced their relations.h.i.+p, Shen Xiang had already figured out who broke the news behind the scenes. Yes, it was Cheng Su and his a.s.sistant Xiao An.

Xi Ze and Ming Yu were top models with the highest level of attention in the company. Cheng Su's behavior seriously threatened the interests of the company. Now that it reached this extent, who cared if he was a Muse model?

He already crossed the line so don't blame the company for being ruthless!

The general direction was agreed upon by Ming Yu and Shen Xiang, with the specific steps being implemented by Muse's PR department.  In the end, the police really found a bottle of drugs in Cheng Su's home. Shen Xiang was really surprised and couldn't believe it.

Only Ming Xiaoyu sighed heavily, not uttering a single word.

Cheng Su's words in the police station weren't false. He wasn't the one who took drugs, it was Ming Yu. No, to be precise, it was the previous Ming Yu.

A 14 year old child was easily controlled. In the beginning, Cheng Su used Ming Yu and was able to control him well. However, the original Ming Yu became older and his contact with the industry increased, causing his mind to gradually mature.

The original was very dissatisfied that Cheng Su never kissed him. They only held hands or hugged.

Most people had a rebellious period. During this period, the original Ming Yu's temper was quite violent and he didn't pay much attention to Cheng Su's words. At this time, Cheng Su had already opened the door and was about to become a first-tier model.

Cheng Su was disgusted at having such a time bomb around him. He looked down on the original as a disgusting h.o.m.os.e.xual and wondered how to continue manipulating the original.

Cheng Su was thinking about this when a friend in the industry brought him a hallucinogen.

The friend said that the addiction of the hallucinogen wasn't very high but the effect was very good. If any woman wasn't obedient, he just needed to pour a little bit in her cup to ensure that the woman was intoxicated and unable to extricate herself. Then there was no problem doing what he wanted with her.

Cheng Su took this drug but it wasn't to use on a woman. In Cheng Su's eyes, any woman would definitely like him. Why would he need such a thing? Now that this happened, he could let the original Ming Yu try it.

The first time he tried it, the original body fainted.

After that, Cheng Su used this powder to hold onto the original, making the original obediently listen to him for a few months. Later, Zhao Rui didn't know it but the original secretly told Cheng Su about a resource and the requirements to get it. Then Cheng Su gave the hallucinogen to the original a second time.

Cheng Su hadn't expected that the original Ming Yu really liked him. The last time, he experienced such a wonderful feeling. Therefore, the original resisted the desires of his heart and decided to wait for Cheng Su to come back so they could try this powder together.

That night, Cheng Su finished shooting the cover of a first-tier magazine and returned home, only to see the original owner.

The child's temper had reared up again and Cheng Su saw that the original Ming Yu didn't have any more value to him. Therefore, Cheng Su exposed his ugly face.

"Ming Yu, you are so disgusting! Don't touch my hand. Every time I hold hands with you, I feel sick enough to vomit! Do you really think that I didn't kiss you because you are too young? Oh, I am disgusted with you! You are a disgusting h.o.m.os.e.xual, you shouldn't exist in this world!!"

That night, Cheng Su took his house keys from the original Ming Yu and rushed the child out.

For six months, the original had been in a rebellious period. Now he was ruthlessly humiliated and abandoned. This made him have many extreme thoughts and his temperament became more violent. In the end, he chose such a painful ending.

Ming Xiaoyu had some compa.s.sion for the original, but not that much. There was only one life and this was the original's choice. He chose to end his precious life because of a sc.u.m and this was his ending.

However, Ming Yu was completely disgusted with Cheng Su!

On the surface, the original owner was suicidal but he was also forced to death by this disgusting sc.u.m!

When Ming Xiaoyu had received the original body's memories, he learned that the original had hidden the hallucinogen in Cheng Su's wardrobe, only wanting to give a surprise to the person he liked and to share this with him.

Ming Xiaoyu's disgust went deep into his bones.

If the original's suicide was wrong, it was still his own choice. However, Cheng Su was really disgusting for leading the original owner to this end.

There was a saying about Cheng Su. It was precisely because there was such a small person who wanted to step on a bigger person that the industry became so murky!

He didn't think about how to improve his strength. Instead, he was thinking about how to suppress and steal from others. This person was doomed to not last long in the industry and to receive retribution.

Ming Xiaoyu didn't know that Xi Ze sent a top lawyer to 'help' Cheng Su. But he was ready. Once Cheng Su left the prison, he would let Cheng Su have a miserable time for the rest of his life.

In fact, for the next eight years, Cheng Su never stepped out of prison.

A bunch of bystanders didn't think that all types of charges were pressed on Cheng Su's body. Some netizens even felt that the eight year prison sentence was too heavy. However, he wasn't a good person so everyone was too lazy to say something good about him.

In the eight years, Cheng Su discovered that the prison that looked so well-ordered on the outside unexpectedly had so many dirty and terrible things…

A handsome supermodel was put into prison. The result that would happen, I'm afraid that anyone could think of it.

Eight years later, Cheng Su was extremely skinny when he left prison. The only handsome face had now become gaunt. He walked on the street and when he touched a man's body, he trembled with horror. He even shrank into a ball and was afraid to get up.

Disgusting h.o.m.os.e.xuals, disgusting h.o.m.os.e.xuals.

In the end, Cheng Su was the sc.u.m who insulted h.o.m.os.e.xuality but he really had the prison memories.

After Cheng Su was arrested by the police for drug matters, he truly disappeared from the public's field of view. No one had any goodwill towards him. Many people thought that this was the end of the matter, only for a netizen who didn't want to be named to release explosive materials about Cheng Su.

The person who framed Ming Yu and released those photos was Cheng Su!

This matter made Cheng Su's reputation even worse. It was so smelly that waves couldn't wash it clean.

The netizens scolded Cheng Su until he had no chance of turning over, while Muse officially dismissed a small a.s.sistant.

As Cheng Su's a.s.sistant Xiao An was leaving the company, Zhao Rui happily walked past him and said, "Helping that tyrant, did you think there would be a good end for you?"

This sentence caused Xiao An to shake with fright and he directly betrayed Cheng Su, explaining everything he did including keeping an eye on Ming Yu.

Ming Yu naturally didn't care about Xiao An's behaviour while Zhao Rui and Luo Ru just sneered.

As for the a.s.sistant Xiao An, it wasn't possible for him to work in any company in the industry anymore. It was because the modelling and entertainment companies all knew that Xiao An used to be Cheng Su's a.s.sistant. The actions that a model did, how could his a.s.sistant not know? He didn't get involved?

No one would believe that!

a.s.sistant Xiao An's bleak ending was easily imagined.

In any case, these events ended. After settling Cheng Su, Zhao Rui regained his spirit and asked with horror, "Xiaoyu, since when have you and Xi Ze been together? I didn’t know anything about it! He is really… you are…"

“Yes, we really are together." The youth smiled and said, "Brother Zhao, you can rest a.s.sured that we have a normal relations.h.i.+p and no other interests."

Ming Yu said this but Zhao Rui still felt a bit strange. He muttered with some hesitation, "I used to listen to A'Wei. Xi Ze's background isn't very simple. For him to suddenly open up about a relations.h.i.+p, it doesn't feel realistic…"

Ming Yu knew that Zhao Rui was naturally worried for him. Therefore, he changed the topic. "Brother Zhao, why are you saying this to me? You have known Sister Wei for so long, how can there still be no news?"

Zhao Rui was scared. "A'Wei? What news would I have with A'Wei?"

This time, Ming Yu didn't get the chance to speak. Luo Ru spoke up in agreement with him. "Of course, it is news regarding that matter. Brother Zhao, Sister Wei is 20 this you. If you don't take the initiative, be careful that Sister Wei doesn't turn her attention elsewhere."

Zhao Rui's face turned green when he heard this and he said with a frightened face, "A'Wei is my sister! What news can I have with her?!!!"

Luo Ru, "(⊙口⊙)!!!"

At this point, the misunderstanding that lasted for 700,000 words had been completely clarified.

Chapter 206

After Ming Xiaoyu and Xi Ze officially revealed their relations.h.i.+p, there was a burst of cheers from the pink fan circles. The comics, fan edited videos and stories were endless. Despite Luo Ru's words, Ming Xiaoyu clicked on his fan forum to see what the fans were writing about his relations.h.i.+p with Xi Ze.

Ming Xiaoyu only opened a few posts and was still quite happy.

There were many people with literary talents in the pink fan circle. Ming Yu sometimes laughed as he looked at these stories. It was because in these fan writings, Xi Ze was completely devoid of his poisonous tongue.

People regarded Xi Ze as the warm man who became hotter recently. He was 'cold on the outside, warm on the inside', 'there is a hot heart hidden under the icy appearance', 'he looks cold but he often rescues small animals', etc…

A hot heart…

Rescues small animals…

Do you know what Xi Ze was most afraid of? It was fluffy creatures!!

However, most of these stories were the so-called sweet and meng stories. There wasn't the BE abuse type text that was often seen with CPs. After all, the two people had already confirmed a love relations.h.i.+p. This was a big candy for every fan. How was it possible to sprinkle dog blood?

Ming Xiaoyu watched for a while before feeling tired. He intended to formally leave this section. He was just about to leave when he suddenly saw a post.

[Hehehe, a new wave of hehehe is here~ Come on~]

Ming Yu was slightly stunned before opening the post. He followed the address left by the LZ and downloaded the 'hehehe' file. Zhao Rui just opened to push open the door the moment Ming Xiaoyu opened the 'txt' file.

There was a flash of lightning.

Zhao Rui said, "Tomorrow's premier, you remember…"

Ming Xiaoyu, "…∑(っ °Д °;)っ!!!!!!"

There was a bang and Ming Yu hurriedly closed his computer. Zhao Rui looked at Ming Yu with a strange expression. He couldn't help asking, "Xiaoyu, what are you looking at? Why is the screen full of 'ah', ',' and ellipsis?"

The beautiful youth's ears reddened. He gritted his teeth and said, "Brother Zhao, you didn't see anything. Continue to speak. There is something I need to pay attention to at tomorrow's premier?"

The confused Zhao Rui touched his head. His IQ and emotional intelligence meant he didn't think too much. He just continued to talk with Ming Yu about matters related to tomorrow's job.

The stupid and pure Zhao Rui didn't know what the essence of the language he just saw was.

It was a burst of sweet and seductive moaning ah~!

He didn't know how to appreciate the essence of 'ah', ',' and ellipsis! And he didn't see the words that plugged up the mouth…

Oh, this was the fun~ you don't understand it~

Well, an old virgin certainly wouldn't understand. Zhao Rui, "(┙>∧<>

By the way, Xi Ze was busy with the Ji and Ya high-end show that would take place in February. Therefore, he didn't come to Muse and was busy at his high-end studio. But busy was busy. He still had a bit of free time to go online and checked the news about himself and Ming Xiaoyu.

The exposure of Xi Ze and Ming Yu's relations.h.i.+p last month, the entire Huaxia and global entertainment industries received a sensational earthquake. The aftermath spread for half a month and hadn't dissipated so far. People around the world and on the Internet kept talking about it.

Many people were talking about when Xi Ze and Ming Yu got together. There was also the media who ridiculed that the relations.h.i.+p between the two men wouldn't last long. Even the marriages between male and female stars would have one or two cheating, or one or two divorces. Not to mention the fact that two men couldn't have children together.

Once he saw these remarks, Xi Ze's face remained blank. Then he called Ding Bo to deal with the unscrupulous media who were harmful for the industry.

What was the reason?

Reporting false news, wasn't this good enough? It was simply leading people astray!

After taking care of the small media who dared to make up lies, Xi Ze opened his side account and started to show off his wealth. This time, G.o.d Z wasn't so dazzling. He only bought 1,000 copies— Yes, compared with the previous 5,000 and 10,000 copies, this was 'only' 1,000.

【 What? G.o.d Z is buying less magazines than before? 】

【 There is only 1,000! It took me 10 minutes compared to the piles in the past! 】

【 Ah, if I have G.o.d Z's financial resources, I would definitely buy a mountain of Ming Xiaoyu magazines! I will lick the full 360 degrees of every cover, without missing any corner. I want to let the whole world know that this magazine was contracted by me! 】

【 23333 The sister above, I give you the t.i.tle: Master of Magazines! Abbreviated to Mixed Master! 】……

Every time G.o.d Z supported Ming Xiaoyu, he would take a variety of photos and expose the areas he brought. This time he only bought 1,000 copies but it caused quite a stir among the pink fan circle, meaning it was quickly noticed by someone.

【 I want to break my wife's leg: Buying so much! [/Knife]// @Zyu: The new issue of Si Chen [/Photo] 】

Originally, 'I want to break my wife's leg' forward was mixed among thousands of other fans, making it not very eye-catching. After all, G.o.d Z was a mushroom fan leader with more than tens of thousands of fans. There was no way to compare with Xiao Xiao Yu Yu, but the number of forwards for his Weibo posts was very scary.

This time, some people accidentally discovered it and put it on the home page of Ming Xiaoyu's Muse fan forum.

[G.o.d Z shouted many times and this good legs sister didn't pay attention. Finally there is a miracle XDD]

Ming Xiaoyu's fan forum mostly published information about Ming Yu but it was also a chat area for fans. This miracle was actually an allusion. They all knew that since the end of last month, G.o.d Z had been posted on the Good Legs sister's Weibo. However, the Good Legs sister was so cold and didn't reply to G.o.d Z.

Many mushroom fans said: 【 Good Legs Sister actually replied to G.o.d Z, we are witnessing a miracle! 】

Why did people think that Good Legs was a sister? Of course, it was because the Good Legs Weibo account wrote that she was a woman. At the same time, how could G.o.d Z act like this every day if she wasn't a soft and cute girl?

Unless G.o.d Z was gay like G.o.d Xi and Mushroom ╮(╯_╰)╭

But how could there be so many gay people in the world? Don't think too much. Good Legs must be a soft sister!

This time, Good Legs forwarded G.o.d Z's Weibo and many fans started to pay attention to their movements. G.o.d Z soon replied within five minutes.

【 Zyu:I bought very little. I have been very good. [/Pitiful] // @I want to break my wife's leg: Buying… 】
After another five minutes.

【 I want to break my wife's leg: This is being very good? [/Knife] // @Zyu: I bought very… 】

Three minutes later.

【 Zyu: I want to support Ming Yu, don't deprive me of this hobby [/Kiss] 】

【 I want to break my wife's leg: You are shameless. 】

【 Zyu:I'm not shameless. Aren't I good? 】


Many onlooker fans: …Dammit!!  Showing love in broad daylight! Do they have any moral integrity? Don't do this during the day! This wasn't showing love. It was showing love that made people angry!!

Originally, fans wanted to see G.o.d Z's bought items. They didn't think they would see dog food! This was also luxury dog food! There was no energy when it suddenly came again!

【 I want to break my wife's leg: Do you want me? Oh, I don’t want you. 】

【 Zyu: I handed in my salary card. I will give you food and warm the bed for you. 】

【 I want to break my wife's leg: Saying this in public. G.o.d Z, aren't you afraid of being scolded by your fans? Your image! Pay attention to your image! 】

The moment the Good Legs Sister spoke, the hundreds of thousands of G.o.d Z's fans immediately responded.

【 That's right! My dog's eyes are blind! 】

【 I became G.o.d Z's fan because I like his n.o.ble and flamboyant self! I found that G.o.d Z is very cold. He always shows off and never replies to us. He also doesn't bother to argue about other issues. He just shows his surroundings, it is so cool! But today… G.o.d Z! You aren't my beloved G.o.d Z!! QAQ 】  Many fans talked about the Good Legs sister but they didn't know the meaning behind Ming Yu's words. He was saying: G.o.d Z, openly publis.h.i.+ng such unspeakable remarks on the Internet. Aren't you afraid of your millions of Weibo fans turning black if you are discovered?

In response, G.o.d Z response could be called: Foolis.h.!.+ In! Love!   

【 Zyu: As long as I have you, what do other people matter? My heart is very small. I can only contain you alone. When I see your beautiful slender and long legs, I bow before your jeans. I surrender and become a love slave. Do you remember our first encounter? You were so righteous, scolding me privately about my shameful behaviour. This overbearing president fell in love with you at first sight. It is unforgettable. Good, be my lover @I want to break my wife's leg.】

Rebirth Of A Supermodel Chapter 205-206

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