Rock Sugar And Pear Stew Chapter 85

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Chapter 85 - Natural charmer (Translated and edited by Xing)

In Tang Xue's memory, Li Yubing's mother was a beautiful and warm woman who sometimes gave her sweets. Thus, when she heard that Li Yubing's parents were coming, she was slightly excited and not nervous at all.

This was something that Xia Menghuan particularly admired about Tang Xue—her king never loses her cool no matter what.

"My king, aren't you worried that Li Yubing's parents would not like you?"

Tang Xue was startled by the question. "Why won't they like me?"


Xia Menghuan finally discovered how uniquely different Tang Xue's worldview was from the rest of the world. Any normal person would be worried that they would not be liked. On the contrary, Tang Xue felt that everyone with good taste would like her. That confidence…

"My king, how do I become as confident as you?" Xia Menghuan sought for her advice solemnly.

"Practice bragging more often," Tang Xue instructed in an equally serious manner.

Tang Xue asked Li Yubing what she should wear to meet his parents. After poring over her message, Li Yubing felt that she might be hinting something.

Therefore, the next day, Tang Xue received a package. She opened it to reveal a dress.

It was a pink, organza dress with… puffy princess sleeves.

The four people in the room surrounded the dress with stunned expressions on their faces. Finally, Xia Menghuan gulped and asked, "Is… this for Barbie?"

Tang Xue stuck her hands on her hips and stared at the dress. She shook her head. "Behold, the taste of a perfectly straight guy."

She sent a message to Li Yubing to ridicule his taste. However, Li Yubing was extremely convinced of his decision. "I want to see you in it."

In your dreams!

In the end, Li Yubing returned the dress regretfully under Tang Xue's strong 'persuasion'. Tang Xue decided to ignore his opinion and went shopping with Xia Menghuan to put together a clean and simple outfit.

Papa and Mama Li's train was to reach at 11 am. Tang Xue and Li Yubing went to the station to fetch them and waited at the exit. After the train arrived, Tang Xue spotted Mama Li in the surge of people exiting.

She waved at her with a bright smile. "Auntie, here!"

"Oh my!" Mama Li was pleasantly surprised. Tang Xue managed to spot her before her son.

The couple walked over and Tang Xue greeted them with confidence.

Mama Li knew how Tang Xue looked like as she had seen Tang Xue's photos from the internet. However, she was still slightly astonished when she saw Tang Xue in person. She sighed, "In my mind, you were still a child. You're so grown now. Quick, let auntie take a look at you. Tsk, how beautiful, girls do really blossom when they grow[1]."

Tang Xue giggled as she spun a couple of rounds in place for Mama Li to examine her. Then, she remarked, "Auntie, you haven't changed a single bit."

Mama Li touched her own cheek and broke into a smile. "Goodness, child. Auntie is much older now."

"You're exactly the same as how I remembered you. If not, how could I have recognized you at first sight?"

"Right, you're so much better than Yubing."  Mama Li glanced at her son as she spoke. "Why are you wearing a mask?"

Tang Xue explained, "He's now famous enough to be recognized in public."

The bunch of them chattered on as they headed out for lunch. After that one meal, Tang Xue was like family with Papa and Mama Li. Even the normally quiet Papa Li spoke a lot more than usual.

Tang Xue had a special talent. This chapter is a labour of love that should not be found outside of teafragrance[dot]wordpress[dot]com.

She did not have the best reputation among her peers. However, when it came to those of the older generation, her reputation was perfect. This was the case for both her family elders and those whom she met outside. For instance, even the numerous elderly dancing or practicing the Taiji sword in the public square enjoyed talking to her.

After all, this was a beautiful and vibrant young girl br.i.m.m.i.n.g with natural grace and confidence. She was bright and her mouth was sweet. Her character was genuine and unpretentious, and there was a candid charm to her words. In short, everyone 40 and above whom she knew were great fans of her.

At present moment, Papa and Mama Li had also fallen under her charm.

As for Tang Xue, she also felt that she clicked well with Li Yubing's parents.

The three of them conversed happily while Li Yubing was forgotten at the side. When he heard his mother's occasional laughter, he held his forehead, overwhelmed with his girlfriend's almost devilish appeal.

After lunch, they went to Wuling Mountain Park. As Tang Xue and Li Yubing were usually quite busy, they did not have time to take leisure trips. Thus, this was also their first visit to Wuling Mountain Park.

It was a season where flowers bloomed across the mountain. Wuling Mountain was simply stunning with countless flowering trees dotted across its mountain greenery. The lush flowers blossomed fervently like a scene from a landscape painting.

Mama Li wore heels and Tang Xue was worried that she would be exhausted. Thus, they did not climb the mountain and only strolled in the park briefly before heading to the lake for boat rowing.

The boat was the kind that can be peddled. The four of them got onto one boat with Papa Li and LI Yubing operating it while Mama Li and Tang Xue cheered them on from the back.

They luxuriated in the warm breeze and delightful scenery. When the sunlight hit the s.h.i.+ning water, it scattered into iridescent sparkles across the lake. Mama Li was at ease and relaxed as she took in the sight of the lake, the pa.s.sers-by in the distance, and the mountain and sky in the background.

Tang Xue was quite excited when she saw a fish leapt out of water. "Oh, what a huge fish."

"That should be a carp," Papa Li said.

"Wow, uncle, you're able to tell its breed with one glance? From such a far distance?"

Papa Li smiled and replied, "Mm, I like to keep fishes." He went on to explain the characteristics of the lake water and the fishes in it before sharing about the precious babies he kept at home.

Mama Li interrupted him. "Stop with the fishes, it's so boring. Tang Xue, shall we sing a song?"

"Okay!" Tang Xue nodded.

Li Yubing stopped them. "Don't."

Mama Li was puzzled. "Why?"

Tang Xue was a little embarra.s.sed. "Auntie, I tend to go a little off-tune when I sing."

A. Little.

Li Yubing's brows ticked. He thought, that's way too humble of you.

Mama Li did not think that it was a big deal. She waved it off. "We sing to make ourselves happy. It's not like we're going for a compet.i.tion so it's perfectly fine. Mm, what shall we sing? Shall we sing 'Let us raise the oars'?"


The two of them started to clap the beat and opened their mouths to sing. Translated by Xing for only teafragrance[dot]wordpress[dot]com.

"Let uus raaise the oaars—"

"Let us raise the oars…"

"The little boaat cuuts throuugh the waaves—"

"The little boat cuts through the waves…"

"Reflected on the seaa, the beaauutiful white paaG.o.daa—"

"Reflected on the sea, no…"

"Surrouunding it aall, green trees aand red waalls—"

Tang Xue was still lost in the tune when Mama Li stopped. She gazed at Tang Xue with stunned bewilderment.

Li Yubing turned to toss a glance at his mother. He shrugged lightly, a 'you completely deserve it' look on his face.

Mama Li glared at him. When Tang Xue finished a verse, Mama Li quickly handed her a bottle of water. "Here, have some water to moisten your throat."

"Thanks, auntie!"

"You're welcome… Hubby, hubby!"

Papa Li turned his head. "Ah?"

"Tell us about those fishes you keep."


This is an original work of 酒小七 (Jiu Xiaoqi) translated by Tea Fragrance. If you are not reading this at teafragrance[dot]wordpress[dot]com, this translation has been reposted without the translator's consent. Head there for extra content or to leave feedback and comments on the novel translation.

Translator's Notes:

[1] 女大十八变 (nǚ dà shí bā biàn): I translated it as "girls do really blossom when they grow" but this is actually a Chinese idiom commenting on how girls change radically appearances and temperaments-wise (usually for the better) after going through p.u.b.erty.

I know, the chapters have been coming out later and later. Will get it back on track this week.

My physical copy of 'Rock Sugar and Pear Stew' and 'Those Sweet Times' came! The physical books have a few extra side stories, one of which is on Tang Xue and Li Yubing's child. Shall we guess their child's gender~

Rock Sugar And Pear Stew Chapter 85

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