Rock Sugar And Pear Stew Chapter 87

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Chapter 87

Chapter 87 – (Translated and edited by Xing)

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Tang Xue did not let her family know about Li Yubing and her as she was afraid that her father would receive a terrible shock . After experiencing the warmth of Li Yubing’s parents, she felt somewhat guilty .

Looks like it’s time to give Li Yubing an official status…

Of course, she still did not inform her father directly . What she did was to call her mother first .

When Mama Tang heard that Tang Xue was together with Li Yubing, she was not very surprised . Instead, she was a little reproachful . She commented, “Why not tell me only after the two of you get married?”

“Mom, that’s because I’m afraid…”

“Oh, so there’s actually something that you’re afraid of in this world?” Mama Tang was tickled . She continued, “You met his parents after being together for how long? Are they rus.h.i.+ng to get a daughter-in-law? Why so enthusiastic? You need to pay more care to this . I’m telling you, I’ve seen plenty of cases like this . ”

Tang Xue startled . “What sort of cases?”

“Cases where one party has a genetic disorder and purposely hides it . They’ll appear exceptionally warm to the person that they’re cheating and be extremely enthusiastic . ”

“…” Tang Xue felt that her mother was indeed worthy of her profession as a doctor . What a unique train of thoughts . She nodded and said, “All right, I’ll definitely pay more care . To be fair, it’s not exactly an official parents meeting . His parents merely came over to find us for some fun and to have a meal together . The mood was light and I feel that I can click quite well with both his dad and mom . ”

“You click well with anyone . ”


On the issue of Tang Xue’s boyfriend, Mama Tang told it to not only her husband but also the four heavenly guardians at home . Tang was not happy . On the other hand, the four heavenly guardians were excited and br.i.m.m.i.n.g with enthusiasm to see what did Tang Xue’s boyfriend looked like .

“Li Yubing . Why does this name sound so familiar?” Tang Xue’s maternal grandmother mused .

“It’s that child . ” Grandma Tang replied . “The one that Xue Xue thanked first when she got the gold medal . ”

“Ah! Him?”

Blah blah blah… Tang’s face darkened another shade .

Mama Tang thought of the gift that Li Yubing’s parents gave Tang Xue . She whispered to Tang, “Shouldn’t we express something as well?”

“Express what? Do you expect me to provide him with feed after he dug up my house’s cabbage? Dream on, I’m not giving him a single thing! You’re not allowed to give either!”

“To be honest, I also think that we should wait until their relations.h.i.+p stabilizes . However, Tang Xue has accepted a Cartier from them . It’s not cheap and inappropriate for us to ignore that . ”

“That’s easy . Have her return it . ”

“Oh, so this is appropriate?”

“How is it not appropriate?”

“Did you sleep your way up to your position of”



In the end, Mama Tang transferred her daughter a sum of money and had her buy some gifts in return .


Time flew and soon it was May .

Halfway through May, an event that was of little importance to ordinary people but shook the entire ice sports world happened .

Through a series of votes, the International Ice Hockey Federation decided that China’s national ice hockey teams could qualify directly for the 2020 Winter Olympics . This meant that both the men’s and women’s ice hockey team could receive a spot without partic.i.p.ating in the qualifying tournaments .

This was of significant importance to China’s ice hockey teams . In particular, this was a historic breakthrough for the men’s ice hockey team as they had never partic.i.p.ated in the Olympics .

That night, Tang Xue and Li Yubing did not have training . The two of them were in the library, watching the news with their earpieces plugged in . When they saw this decision being announced, Tang Xue had gooseb.u.mps and grabbed Li Yubing’s hand .

Li Yubing returned her grip . He interlocked his fingers with hers .

“Li Yubing . ”


“Let’s go have a drink . ”

“Okay . ”

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On such a joyous day, the two of them drank . Feeling that it was not lively enough, Tang Xue called Liao Zhenyu, Xia Menghuan and her speed skating teammates over . Li Yubing called his ice hockey buddies over as well .

Li Yubing drank a bit much . Tang Xue discovered that when he drank a bit more, he became an overly attached boyfriend . He kept her in his arms, not bearing to let her go . Then, he pressed his face next to hers and rubbed his cheeks against hers with half-open eyes .

Everyone began cheering loudly .


The next day, Manager Wu went to find Li Yubing for a discussion .

China’s ice hockey scene was entering a phase of rapid development over the next few years . The state was placing great importance on it and had created favourable policies to support this decision . The general populace was paying more attention while the market was expanding . On a whole, the general strength of the domestic ice hockey teams was improving and there was an increasing number of outstanding ice hockey players . This meant that the commercial value of this sport could only increase .

The direction of this development was obvious .

Manager Wu asked Li Yubing if he was interested in becoming a professional ice hockey player .

If he was interested in representing his country and partic.i.p.ating in an Olympics[1] held on this soil .

Actually, that last bit was all he needed to be swayed .


Li Yubing told what Manager Wu discussed with him to Tang Xue . After he finished recapping, his face was unperturbed as he asked Tang Xue, “What do you think?”

Tang Xue was filled with deep envy . She chided him indignantly, “You’re blatantly showing off . Showing . Off . ”

Li Yubing tried to soothe her . He said, “I’m merely discussing what happened to me with my girlfriend . ”

“That’s showing off!”

Li Yubing tried to comfort her, “I’ll only be partic.i.p.ating in the professional team’s training . Whether I’ll enter the national team would depend on my subsequent performance . ”

“That’s amazing enough . ” Tang Xue held her chin, lost in thoughts . She suddenly sighed after recalling something .  This chapter is a labour of love that should not be found outside of teafragrance[dot]wordpress[dot]com .

Li Yubing scrutinized her expression . He asked gently, “You’re not happy?”

“No, I’m quite happy for you . It’s just that… we started ice skating together . You’re charging ahead at an increasingly high speed while I, I’m still stuck at the original spot . I don’t even know when I can get to enter the national team . I want to have the chance to represent my country at a Winter Olympics held on our home ground as well . It’s a once-in-lifetime opportunity,” As Tang Xue went on, she felt even more melancholic .

Li Yubing stroke her head . “There’s still time . ”

“And you have so many fans . My fans are only my roommates and my parents . ”

Li Yubing said softly, “You forgot one more person . ”


“Me . ”

Tang Xue felt a wave of sweetness in her heart . Pointing at him, she laughed and scoffed, “Consort Dog, you’re getting better and better at smooth talking . ”

Li Yubing chuckled . “Punish me, then . ”

“Oh, punish in what way?”

“You can bite me . ”


Tang Xue was only sad for a teeny tiny while . She soon cheered up and attended training with renewed confidence . Her optimism was not in vain . That night, she received some happy news .

A girl going by the ID of “Lil’ Tease” messaged Tang Xue, wanting to create a fan group for her .

An organic fan group!

After chatting with that girl for a while, Tang Xue discovered that she actually did have a smattering of real fans . Even though the bulk of them were from Li Yubing’s camp, they were ultimately now her actual fans .

Tang Xue was extremely warm towards this fan, to the extent of offering to treat her to a meal when she comes to Rain City in the future . This made the girl very excited . She immediately went to create accounts named “Tang Xue’s Fan Group” on Weibo, WeChat, Tieba Forum and so on and so forth, causing a lively stir .

The next day, however, the girl came crying to Tang Xue .

Lil’ Tease: Xue Xue, I’m sorry . QAQ

Tang Xue: What’s wrong?

Lil’ Tease: It’s my fault . As I was too eager to register the accounts, I didn’t think it through and forgot to add in the word “global” .

Tang Xue: Calm down, tell me what happened .

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Lil’ Tease: It’s like this . We registered a “Tang Xue’s Fan Group” Weibo account yesterday . Then, today I found a similar Weibo account with the name “Tang Xue’s Global Fan Group” . The extra word “global” makes it sound much more sophisticated and that account have way more followers than us . Though we’re obviously the official group, it seems otherwise now . Xue Xue, you need to get justice for us . #wails# #wails#

Tang Xue: …

Lil’ Tease: Xue Xue, you do know about this, right?

Tang Xue: Err… I don’t . Who did it?

Lil’ Tease: Your boyfriend, Li Yubing!

Tang Xue: ………

Tang Xue clicked into her list of followed accounts and discovered that Li Yubing that rascal had indeed changed his account name to “Tang Xue’s Global Fan Group” . Not only so, just 20 minutes ago, he even reposted an advertiser’s Weibo post brazenly using this ID without a care in the world .

Even if she put up with such ridiculous behaviour, how could the advertisers tolerate it?

What Tang Xue did not know was how high the advertisers’ tolerance could be .

This Weibo post was to publicize the advertiser’s event . Li Yubing was one of the special guests and the marketer tagged all special guests when crafting that post . There was nothing she could do about Li Yubing’s changed name and she simply tagged the new ID .

Thus, out popped a “Tang Xue’s Global Fan Group” among the reputable list of names, appearing especially comical .

The fans of the other guests were puzzled who in the world Tang Xue was . They could not figure out why her fan club was invited as a special guest . When they clicked into the post’s comments, they became even more baffled .

[Wtf Hahahahaha Ice G.o.d is so playful!]

[This is simply ma.s.s dog abuse . ]

[Hi everyone, I’m a fan of Tang Xue’s Global Fan Group . ]

[Add~on~WeChat~to~see~full~collection~of~Ice-Snow videos, spreading the joy~]

[Am I the only one confused? Who is Tang Xue? And who is Ice G.o.d?]

[Listen to me, if you’re a single dog, don’t be curious and search Tang Xue and Ice G.o.d . You’ll cry . ]

[Ice G.o.d, can you return the fan club name to us!! QAQ]


This post had an extraordinary number of shares and comments . It even trended for a short while . This was the advertiser’s most popular Weibo post to date . Therefore, even though Ice G.o.d’s new account name seemed a little strange, the advertiser hoped that he would never change it back .

Tang Xue was quite impressed with Li Yubing . A person with a high IQ was indeed different; he was always full of such innovative tricks . She gave Li Yubing a call and asked him to change his ID back but Li Yubing refused . Li Yubing felt that his current ID was quite awesome . He claimed that his mood was fantastic after changing it and his luck had even improved .  

What the actual h.e.l.l!

Unable to do anything about it, Tang Xue went back to Lil’ Tease and comforted her .

Lil’ Tease had a good temper . She ended up soothing Tang Xue instead .

Lil’ Tease: Xue Xue, it’s fine, we know that that’s because Ice G.o.d likes you . I’m happy for you~ Though in my heart I selfishly wish that you only belong to me . #hehe#

Tang Xue: I have a solution .

Lil’ Tease: Oh?

Tang Xue: Before Li Yubing gives up that ID, you guys can call yourself “Tang Xue’s Universal Fan Group . The universe is on a higher level than something global . ”

Lil’ Tease: This works?

Tang Xue: Of course .

Lil’ Tease: Okay, I’ll do as Xue Xue says!

From then on, Tang Xue’s fan groups were unlimited in their creativity when creating their group names . Other people’s fan groups had names like “Global Fan Group”, “Beijing Fan Group” and “Shanghai Fan Group” . As for Tang Xue, her fan groups had names like “Universal Fan Group”, “Solar System Fan Group” and “Galactic Fan Group”… As for the “Global Fan Group”, they were sorry to say that it was the lowest tier .


In June, Li Yubing officially joined Dauntless Dragan Club as a professional ice hockey player . However, his life did not change much . He went about his studies and trainings in school as usual, and only attended the club training during the weekends .

Overall, he was now busier than before .

Tang Xue was busier as well . Li Yubing was running further and further away . She was discontent to lag behind . What she wanted in a relations.h.i.+p was not wors.h.i.+p and admiration from afar . She wanted the fervour of forging ahead shoulder to shoulder . In the past, she wanted to dominate the ice alone . Now, she wanted to stand out as a pair with Li Yubing .

As both of them were busier, the time they spent with each other became pathetically little .

And the bulk of it was in public s.p.a.ces too . They could not be overly intimate in the public eye .

The only time when they could be intimate was at night, in a place without people nor light . Li Yubing liked to hug Tang Xue . Neither of them would speak; they silently savoured the warmth and strength brought by each other . Their fatigue seemed to disappear after hugging together like this for a while .

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Love could replenish energy .

However, the first night they did this, they went back full of mosquito bites . Subsequently, Li Yubing brought mosquito repellent along .

When they part, he would kiss her .

No matter what sort of kiss it was in the beginning, it would always turn into a French kiss at the end .

In her lifetime, Tang Xue shared numerous kisses with Li Yubing . However, the kiss most deeply engraved in her memory would be the ones that happened this summer every night without fail .

The corner was dark while the air was humid with stifled heat .

Nearby, crickets chirped . In the background, there was the sound of people .

Fervent breathes entwined with lingering touches .

To cap it off, the faint floral fragrance of Liu Shen Ice Lotus insect repellent surrounding them .

This repeated, one day after another, deeply branding itself into an unforgettable memory .


During summer vacation, Li Yubing did not go home . Instead, he followed the club to Russia for training in preparation of the compet.i.tion in September . As for Tang Xue, she only went home for a few days . She followed the school team to train with the province speed skating team . This training was originally only two weeks long . However, Tang Xue felt that it was effective and shamelessly stayed on by paying out of her own pockets . As the province coach really liked her, she made an exception for Tang Xue to stay on .

The coach liked to tease her, “Do you want to consider joining the province team? We have better conditions than your school team . ”

Tang Xue replied, “Thanks, coach, but Coach Chu won’t release me . ”

“I’ll talk to Coach Chu . ”

“Well, I still have to attend cla.s.s . My major is great . I managed to get in after putting in much effort . ”

“What do you major in?”

“Veterinary science . If I can’t go on skating, I’ll open a pet shop . I’ll invite you to cut the ribbon at the opening ceremony . Do give me the honour by turning up . ”

“Veterinary science? My cat is sick . Can you take a look at it?”

“Sure, bring it to me tomorrow . What’s wrong with it?”

“It always ignores me . ”

“That’s easy . Take a walk at the seafood market . When you get back smelling of fish, it’ll definitely stick to you . ”

“Hahaha, goodness, child!”


Li Yubing returned to Rain City two days before the new term started .

Manger Wu had thoughts of stirring things up . He originally intended to reveal Li Yubing’s schedule in order to let his fans receive him at the airport . Luckily, he did not act on it without consulting Li Yubing .

Li Yubing stopped Manager Wu from carrying it out . “Manager Wu, everyone is my senior at the club . You need to spare a thought for how they would feel if we get off the plane together and I get surrounded by a bunch of girls . ”

Manager Wu thought about it and felt that it was true . He was overly focused on engaging Li Yubing’s fans and had derived ideas from the entertainment industry . However, this was putting the cart before the horse . Li Yubing was not an entertainment celebrity nor someone who made a living with his looks . He was an ice hockey player and his results were what mattered the most . Having just joined the club, he had yet to play a single game . It was inappropriate to be too ostentatious . He was a little too eager to market Li Yubing .

Manager Wu was ashamed of how inconsiderate he was . Sighing over Li Yubing’s composed and mature thoughts, he was a little puzzled and asked, “How are you able to be so collected when there are so many girls going crazy over you?”

“Manager, I can’t afford to not be collected . ” There was a hint of amus.e.m.e.nt in Li Yubing’s voice . “There’s a green-eyed monster at home . ”

Manager Wu did not sense a single bit of resentment from being oppressed by a green-eyed monster . On the contrary, he seemed to be somewhat revelling in it!


Therefore, there were no fans to receive him when Li Yubing went back to Rain City . Only his girlfriend was there .

That day, Tang Xue wore a blush cotton dress with princess sleeves that straight guy Li Yubing especially liked . She paired it with a pair of nude heels, wore makeup and applied lipstick .

When she looked into the mirror, she felt that she looked like an idiot .

Even though her brain was fried, she still had to go out and fetch her boyfriend home .  This chapter is a labour of love that should not be found outside of teafragrance[dot]wordpress[dot]com .


Li Yubing saw Tang Xue at first glance when he towed his luggage out of the hall .

She was originally fair . Wearing the blush dress, her skin appeared white as snow . The dress had a square neckline which showed off her exquisitely beautiful collarbone . Below the neckline, the soft material clung to luscious curves .

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Li Yubing was dazed .

Tang Xue was scrutinizing the people exiting the hall . When she saw Li Yubing, her eyes brightened and she waved to him . “Hey, still recognize me? Scoundrel, I still recognize you even though you’re wearing a mask . ”

Li Yubing walked towards her with his luggage . When he cleared the barrier, he saw her cute billowy skirt, her round and smooth knees and her fair pencil-straight legs .

Li Yubing walked towards her slowly . One step, two steps, three steps… He could hear his heart beating .  Thump, thump, thump .  Each and every beat was distinct and strong .

He walked to her front and lowered his head to gaze at her .

Tang Xue raised her head and looked at him . As he wore a mask, she was unable to see his expression . She could only see him gazing deeply at her, his eyes so bright it was almost a sin .

The atmosphere was a little strange . She smiled and teased, “Hey, have you turned dumb?”

Li Yubing pa.s.sed his luggage to the person behind him . “Brother Pang, help me to take this for a while, thanks . ”

Brother Pang tossed a knowing look towards him and Tang Xue . “Sure!”

Then, tugging on Tang Xue’s hand, Li Yubing strode off .

His steps were too large . Tang Xue was almost being towed by him and she had to jog to keep up . Trailing behind him, she remarked bewilderedly, “Li Yubing, was your brain damaged in Russia because it was too cold? Do you still remember who I am? I’m your long-lost father!”

“Shut up . ”

“Wow, wow, wow, look at how you’re speaking to me . You have guts . ”

Li Yubing looked at the signs as he moved . When he found the rest rooms reception, he asked for a double room .

It was 108 yuan for an hour .

Tang Xue looked at Li Yubing’s side profile as he paid the deposit calmly with his phone . Due to the black mask, the bulk of his face was hidden and she could only see his lowered lashes which was long and dense . For a split second, she felt a little afraid . She tugged on the hem of his s.h.i.+rt furtively and said, “You need to say my name now or I’m calling the cops . ”

“Tang Xue . ” After paying the money, Li Yubing took the receipt, grabbed her wrist and walked towards the rest rooms .

“I need to kiss you now,” he said .

Tang Xue’s face reddened . Silently, she trailed after him .


It was a simple room was with a double bed, a shower room and some storage s.p.a.ce . The whole room was only a few square metres but it was very clean . After they went in, Li Yubing closed and locked the door before suddenly pressing Tang Xue onto the door .

Tang Xue was shocked . “Hey mmhm—”

Li Yubing tugged down his mask and lowered his head to capture her lips .

His kiss was somewhat frantic, as if he was about to swallow her . Tang Xue raised her face to receive him but she could not keep up with his sweeping storm . In the end, she merely parted her lips and followed his movements . Li Yubing slipped his tongue in, claiming her mouth and consuming her till her lips were numb .

In the small and narrow s.p.a.ce, the searing kiss interweaved with chaotic and heated gasps . Even the taste of the air began to change . Tang Xue only knew that her mind was in disarray while her belly felt like heated mush .

After Li Yubing kissed her for a long while, he finally let her breathe . Then, he pressed his forehead against hers and stretched out the tip of his tongue to lick the edge of her lips . His pink tongue was as lively as a snake . It reached out to brush against her soft lips . As he kissed her, he whispered, “Miss me?”

Tang Xue felt embarra.s.sed instinctively . She ducked her head . “No, not at all . ”

Li Yubing’s throat rumbled with a light chuckle . His teeth against her lips, he gave a gentle nip . “Liar . ”


When they exited the room and walked to the payment counter, Tang Xue’s face was still slightly heated . The cas.h.i.+er pa.s.sed the bill to Li Yubing . Li Yubing lowered his head and casually signed it before stuffing the customer copy into Tang Xue’s bag . He looked up and glanced at her . She was looking at him as well, a rare dazed expression on her face .

Li Yubing put his hand on her head and ruffled her hair . “Let’s go . ” As he spoke, his hand slipped down to hold her hand .

When she turned, Tang Xue heard Li Yubing laughing beside her . His laughter was soft and warm with a tiny hint of glee . He said, “The way you’re dressed today is really pretty . ”

“Oh . ” Tang Xue felt that Li Yubing’s tail was raised so high that it was about to reach the sky . She felt obliged to correct his att.i.tude . Thus, she pulled her hand back, crossed her arms and looked up at him with narrowed eyes . “Really pretty?”


“Then I’ll buy one for you as well . You can wear the skirt to find me tomorrow . ” After saying this, like a domineering CEO, she turned and strode off with her head high and chest raised .

Li Yubing quickly chased after her . “Hey, hey, hey, I was wrong . ”

Translator’s Notes:

[1] The 2020 Winter Olympics is held in Beijing .

Rock Sugar And Pear Stew Chapter 87

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