Ankoku Kishi Monogatari ~Yuusha Wo Taosu Tameni Maou Ni Shoukansaremashita~ Chapter 35.1 - The Goblin And The Prince

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Chapter 35.1 : The Goblin And The Prince

◆Young Omiros

The moonlight is s.h.i.+ning upon the forest. The two of us keep continue walking in a place full of shadows.

「Sorry… I’m so sorry… Omiros. If only I never said I wanted to pick those flowers… Such things… Such things…」

Regena is sobbing non-stop.

There’s a certain flower which grows in the Akeron mountain range that can cure her mother's illness.

Regena, who knew about it, wanted to acquire that flower for her ill mother, but then we got lost on our way back.

We’re lost inside this forest and the day has turned into night.

「It’s okay, Regena. I wanted to help you, so this much isn’t a problem」

I’m saying this to comfort Regena even though I’m also scared of the dark night. But, I can't show such an unsightly state in front of her.

「It’s okay. I’m sure that the search party is on its way. We will return home for sure!」

Regena is nodding after hearing me saying so.

「Uhm, if Omiros says so…」

We began walking again, but this time I noticed that something was following us.

「Omiros… It seems that something has been following us for some time…」

Maybe due to her anxiety, Regena also noticed that.

「Yeah, I know…」

We shouldn't be walking with our backs facing the Akeron mountain range because we’re the people of Algore, the closest country to Nargol. There aren’t many humans inhabiting the area between the Algore kingdom and the Akeron mountain range, the border separating us from Nargol. The one following us might be a goblin.

I have heard a lot of things about goblins from my mother, cruel things… They are extremely ruthless monsters, so I don’t know what will become of us if we are captured.

「Could it be… A goblin?」

Now, Regena is uttering my suspicion aloud.

「R-Regena! Let’s sing! Goblins should be weak to songs!」

I heard about it from my mother. Goblins are weak against beautiful singing voices. I don’t really know the reason, but it seems that the human singing voice sounds terrifying to them.

「Singing… A song?」

「Yeah! Sing a song! I’m sure that no goblin will approach us due to your beautiful voice!!」

I heard Regena singing a song before. I remember that she has an extremely beautiful voice.

「Yeah. I understand, Omiros. But, what kind of song should I sing?」

「You sang a song in front of me once before, right? Let’s go with that one」

Regena nodded when I said so.

「I understand, that song huh…

 In the deep corner of the forest.

 A black bird is searching for true love.

 Crossing over the mountain in search of love.

 Flying over the blue sky.

 In the middle of the emerald forest.

 It met a white bird.

 The black bird is singing with joy, and yet.

 The white bird isn’t singing.

 In the midst of the black bird's cry.

It's flying toward the evening sun」

We continue walking with Regena singing that song.

Her beautiful voice reverberates inside the dark forest.

I’m listening to her singing voice in ecstasy. Our connected hands that trembled slightly have eased up a little. It seems that the song also eased up our fear.

The signs that someone is following us are gradually disappearing, too.

It seems we might be able to get back safe and sound.

「You… Have a beautiful voice, huh?」

A voice is saying so from inside the darkness.

Regena, who stopped singing, and I peer at the darkness. Someone is hiding there.

「W-Who are you!?」

I went in front of Regena in order to protect her.

Someone is coming out from the darkness.

「Go… Blin」

The one who appeared under the moonlight was a goblin.

He came out despite Regena's singing voice. Is there a goblin who can resist singing voices amongst the goblins?

「I’m not a goblin, human」

The goblin is saying so with a pouting face.

「No way! I’m sure that the one standing before me is a goblin. Your face is that of a goblin!」

Surely, the goblin who appeared in front of us is closer to a human when compared to usual goblins, but his features are not that much different from a goblin's. So, he might be a humanoid goblin.

「CEH! You won’t believe me, huh. Eh, whatever」

The humanoid goblin is saying so while looking at Regena.

「My subordinates were running away because of the singing voice of that female over there, thus I had no choice but to show myself」

「Running away because of a singing voice? Isn’t that a proof that you are a goblin?!」

But the humanoid goblin is shaking his head in denial.

「My underlings are goblins, but I am a HUMAN!」

I’m shocked from hearing that. Goblins are supposed to be creatures that tend to attack humans. Or so I've been taught.

And this guy just said that those goblins are his underlings, didn’t he?

「If you really are human, you should have saved us you know!」

When I said so, the humanoid goblin made a surprised face.

「Why must this great me have to save you? I hate males」

The humanoid goblin turned his sight to Regena.

I saw a dangerous glint in his eyes.

「Let’s run, Regena!」


I felt that this humanoid goblin was up to no good, so I grab Regena's hand to run away from this place, especially from him.

「As if I’ll let you! PARALYZE!」

But my body felt sluggish when the humanoid goblin said that word.

Regena is also on her knees since her body is likely to have been paralyzed, too.


「Sorry… Omiros…」

Regena is apologizing. Though the effect is weaker on my body, it seems that Regena has been completely paralysed.

「Huhm, so you can withstand the magic of the great me, huh?」

The humanoid goblin is approaching us while saying so.

「Stay away from Regena!」

I stand before the humanoid goblin.


Since I can’t see the surroundings because of the darkness, I was tripped to my side by the humanoid goblin's feet.


I fell while screaming like that.


Regena screamed after hearing my sorrowful scream.

But, she’s falling over since her body is still in a paralyzed state.


The humanoid goblin standing in front of Regena seized her chin to take a closer look at her face.

「No… Let go, LET GO OF ME…!」

I'm starting to hear Regena's crying voice.

「Release Regena!」

I’m desperately trying to raise my body, but he kicked me and made me fall again.


The humanoid goblin then trampled over my back with his foot, all the while his hand holding Regena's chin.

「Be a good child!」

After saying so, the humanoid goblin put more strength into his feet.


That power is enough to make me moan in pain.

「If not, I’ll crush you to death!」

The humanoid goblin is increasing the amount of pressure on my back. I couldn’t even take a breath anymore.

「Stop, don’t do such cruel things to Omiros…」

Regena is saying so despite her condition.

「I see, I see. Well, if you say so」

The humanoid goblin stopped applying his weight on his foot. Thanks to that, I’m no longer in pain, but my body can’t move since his foot is still on my back.


Regena screamed in fright. When I leaned my head to the side to see what just happened, the humanoid goblin seems to be embracing Regena.

「So you’re a female human, huh?」

Saying so, the humanoid goblin's hand brushes on Regena's skin while sniffing her scent.

「Your skin is softer than that of a female goblin, and your smell is so nice」

It was as if the humanoid goblin is getting excited. It really is frustrating to not be able to do anything but watch.

Regena became more frightened.

「R-Re… Guargh…」

I can’t speak very well. The reason might be the foot that's placed on my back. Tears are streaming down from my eyes.

「I’ve decided! You’ll become my woman!」

After saying so, the humanoid goblin then licked Regena's face.


Regena lets out a m.u.f.fled scream.

「I have imprinted my saliva on you. Now, you’re MINE. My name is Goz! Your man!」

The humanoid goblin called Goz is laughing.

「I’m going to find you after you become an adult, so wait for me till then!」

After saying so, Goz vanished into the forest.

A while later, the paralyzed me and the crying Regena are left behind.

Ankoku Kishi Monogatari ~Yuusha Wo Taosu Tameni Maou Ni Shoukansaremashita~ Chapter 35.1 - The Goblin And The Prince

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