Ankoku Kishi Monogatari ~Yuusha Wo Taosu Tameni Maou Ni Shoukansaremashita~ Chapter 37.4 - Ball Of Velos

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Chapter 37.4 : Ball of Velos

The dance of the first song has ended.
Those males were coming toward us. Naturally, their aim was to have a chance to dance with Kyouka.
I'm going to step out to protect her.
「My apologies, but princess Kyouka is going to have dinner with me. So may I ask you, gentleman, to hold back?」
Naturally, there was no such plan. But Kyouka didn't seem to be willing to dance with them. Thus, I came up with that plan to slip out from this place.
Thinking so, I looked at Kyouka.
But, Kyouka didn't even seem to spare a glance for the men that came for her.
Kyouka was looking in a different direction. There was a much larger crowd of men than the one gathered around her.
I barely managed to sneak a peek from the narrow gap between those males.
There was a pair of male and female dancing in the middle of that crowd. I received the greatest shock of my life the moment I saw the face of the female.
「Silver… Witch」
I unintentionally muttered that name. Despite wearing such a beautiful dress, there was no way to mistake that beautiful face and that silver-colored hair for someone else.
I'm absolutely sure that she's the silver witch who I met in the goblin nest. I don't think I saw her before the first song. There's no way I missed such a beautiful woman, after all. Why the h.e.l.l is this woman here? Could it be that she chased after me?
I was told that she's not my enemy by mother, so she might have nothing to do with me. In that case, I think I should just leave her alone.
「That person. It feels like… I've met him somewhere before」
Kyouka was muttering so in a low voice. The one Kyouka was looking at was the man beside the silver witch. He might be her dancing partner. Who the h.e.l.l is he?
But it's not my place to worry about that matter. I have to leave this place ASAP.
「Let's go there. Please lead the way」
But, Kyouka seized my arm and dragged me along towards the silver witch. What the heck is with this monstrous power? She might accidentally tear my arm off if I resised her.

The men in the surrounding steped aside due to Kyouka's pressure.
It became a straight line walk toward the silver witch.
Someone, please help me.
Naturally, no one was coming to save me despite me screaming inside.
Thus, I ended up getting drawn into this mess.

◆Dark Knight, Kuroki

I was glad I came to this place as soon as I looked at Kuna wearing her dress.
The gems and the blue frills furnis.h.i.+ng the deep blue base brighten the dress. Kuna was dangerously cute in this dress.
Well, I did get clothes from the dwarf worker when Kuna was just born. But this dress that was amongst those gifts never had its chance to see the light of day – until today.
Kuna's short stature aside, this dress is a perfect fit for her. This dwarf-made dress seems to be raising my lovely Kuna's charm to the maximum.
I can see Kuna's rich cleavage from the small opening of the chest part of her dress. But it doesn't become a vulgar scene, rather the flower-shaped light blue-colored gem converts that scene into a refined one. And then, her glossy indigo long skirt flows down brilliantly from her tight waist.
Those dwarves did a fantastic job in that part.
I expressed my grat.i.tude to the dwarf artisan who conceived and made this dress.
It all began two days ago when Kuna said that she wanted to go to the ball in Velos. It seems she was really interested in the ball dance due to the story in the children's book which I read for her before.
Well, one could say that her interest in the ball is normal since Kuna is a girl too.
To be honest, I wasn't too interested to attend such an event when she asked me to attend the ball along with her. I'm really not comfortable in this kind of showy place.
But, when Kuna made that pleading face, I decided to go to the Velos kingdom since I wanted to see her happy.
I learned to dance from Regena. She told me that it's her late mother who taught her how to dance since it might be useful in the future. Though her mother pa.s.sed away three years ago, Regena perfectly memorized what her mother taught her.
Though there wasn't that much time, Kuna somehow managed to learn it. The only problem was that Kuna was always pouting when I danced with Regena while training.
Thus, Regena decided to come to this ball, too. She might be interested in this kind of ball.
Though Kuna was frowning when she found out that Regena was coming along, since she taught us how to dance, she agreed to that with the condition that Regena would not be dancing with me.
Well, although she couldn't dance with me, I don't think she would be incapable of finding a dance partner; she's a beauty, after all.
On the appointed day, I gasped in shock upon seeing Kuna in her dress. Kuna is originally a beautiful girl. She became resplendent in this dress.
I'll go to b.a.l.l.s no matter how many times if I can dance with this beautiful girl.
Thus, we headed toward Velos.
It was quite simple to partic.i.p.ate in the ball of the Velos kingdom. Anyone could partic.i.p.ate as long as they paid a certain amount of money.
It seems this was the suggestion of the queen of Velos. For this reason, there were many merchants from various kingdoms at this party.
The economic goal of this ball looked good. It seems they were using the special products of their kingdom for this ball's food, and not just limited to food, they were also using this occasion to promote other new products.
The queen called Corfyna seemed to be a bright person.
The queen also seemed to be popular amongst the citizens of this kingdom. I heard that she rescued this kingdom from being ruined by corrupt merchants by ruling from the shadows. Thanks to her policies, the price of the commodities went down to only a fifth of the original price.
I also heard that traffic management is also far better than before. Thanks to her policy, the economy of this kingdom was experiencing a rapid growth.
But, despite the rapid economic growth, the same things couldn't be said for the public order. Even people like us could easily sneak into this kingdom. Since we could partic.i.p.ate in this ball because of that gap, I guess we should just enjoy this.
I entered the ball venue along with Kuna. It seems we arrived right when the first tune began.

Ankoku Kishi Monogatari ~Yuusha Wo Taosu Tameni Maou Ni Shoukansaremashita~ Chapter 37.4 - Ball Of Velos

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