Master Devil Don't Kiss Me Chapter 345-346

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Could It Be That You Want To Be My ….

Translated by nightcache

Edited and proofread by newbienoona

Ling Hanyu can't help but turn around when he hears her shout behind him. An Chuxia, who’s about six to seven meters away, falls to the ground. Her form looked comical; her complexion, painful.

Alarm rings in his heart. He turns around and runs to her. Meanwhile, the stoic Kuni remains indifferent. Although his eyes are still, a trace of undetectable humor exists.

Is there something that is more important than the old madam's manhua? Finally, is there something that has more meaningful existence? This good news is, it necessary to tell the old master? Not yet, the situation now is too complicated.

When he turns around, dust swirls upward, and Kuni disappears on the spot. This time, this place, now belongs to the young master and miss Chuxia.

An Chuxia, who's fallen down, is still distracted. She curses herself for being out of luck. She wants to get up, but a large hand suddenly appears in front of her. A breeze blows through her long hair, and the rubber binding her hair unknowingly breaks. Although her hair fan out messily, it gives her extra charm.

When she raises her head, she sees Ling Hanyu and his expressionless face. She sputters out at this moment, "Ling Hanyu, if you were smiling, you would've looked cute."

The color on Ling Hanyu's face s.h.i.+fts, still complex. At the end, he can't help but deeply sigh. "Are you really fond of …lying on ground?"

Ah! She forgot she's still on the ground. Ling Hanyu's outstretch hand is still. Without hesitation, she grabs his hand. Using some strength to pull her up, she ends up in his embrace.

His warm breath fans her as blood unconsciously rushes to her face, making her face red and scalding hot.

She pays attention to his line of sight traveling up and down, and finally, stopping over her…her face reddens more. When she wants to severely scold this rouge, he plucks some straws from the bottom b.u.t.ton of her s.h.i.+rt where her stomach collected the items as she fell to the ground.

So, actually… she thought too much.

"What reason did you seek me out." His statement is more declarative.

After leaning back, Ling Hanyu pushes An Chuxia away. Fortunately, the shove isn't harsh; she recoils and takes a step back before standing firmly This queer guy is too arrogant. If she was a man, he will be the first person she would take. Ah ha ha….

"If there isn't an issue, then I'll be leaving." Ling Hanyu realizes the absence of her response, so he raises his eye lids and prepares to leave.

While An Chuxia is busy straighening out her clothes, she magically produces the light blue covered manhua. At that moment, An Chuxia clearly witnesses the surprise in Ling Hanyu's eyes.

"How about this? Aren't you feeling grateful?" An Chuxia raises her eyebrows. "No need to thank me. Please invite me to lunch! I am starving to death!"

Ling Hanyu gives her a cold look. "This boss has no reason to invite one's employee to lunch, unless…"

As soon as the words turn, he looks straight into her eyes: “Unless you want to oversee my unwritten rules?”

This speech pattern closely resembles the Ling Hanyu she knows! Her heart sighs with sorrow, and her expression falls, "Unwritten rules, whatever! Make haste and invite me to lunch; no arguing!" Besides, who threatened her not to call him BOSS!

After finis.h.i.+ng eating at a high-end restaurant, she beautifully pats her full belly. "Ling Hanyu, I will help introduce you to a jie… correction, introduce you to a husband."

She says these words brazenly in the restaurant, knowing they're the only ones in attendance, and the waiters were away from them.

CHAPTER 346 For You

Translated, edited and proofread by newbienoona

Ling Hanyu, who's been consuming a bowl of tomato and egg soup, chokes and starts coughing. An Chuxia reaches over and caresses his back. "Look, the place is empty. No one is going to steal your food. Don't eat so fast!"

At the same time, Jiang Yuan, who is headed to the school to discuss the cla.s.s trip, by. Her eagle eyes sees the back of a boy and a girl who closely resembles An Chuxia.

Suddenly, her high heels click faster. She wants to rush over and take her An Chuxia home. A worried steward Han, standing on her other side, holds her back. “Madam, this isn't like the past. There's a big difference."

"Is that what you think?" Jiang Yuan says through her teeth. "My daughter-in-law almost became the young lady of the Ling residence. Right now, I still care about this whole situation!"

As she was about to rush into the restaurant, steward Han looks at her again. "Madam, please don't do this. There's paparazzi everywhere."

"Stupid old man! What newspaper would publish something about the Hans without our approval? Let's go!"

"Madam, think about it. If you go in now, you'll just make things worse, not better. #@#@#@." He whispers something in Jiang Yuan's ear. Her eyes jump, as her lips bend into a smile. Appreciative of steward Han, she takes her mobile phone out of her bag and takes a picture of the restaurant.

Since they're sitting right in front of the gla.s.s window, the image on the phone is excellent. The photo clearly shows An Chuxia's worried expression, while her hand rests on the boy's back.

Jiang Yuan searches for Han Qilu's phone number and texts him the photo. As a mother, she finds this enough reason for her son to come back!

On the other side of the world, Han Qilu has finally fallen asleep when he hears his text message tone. He frowns before rolling over to sleep.

Jiang Yuan happily walks away to the school. An Chuxia isn't aware of what just happened. She whispers to herself, "You might want to slow down. Otherwise, you'd choke to death, and no one would pay me my wages."

"Am I nothing but a money tree to you?" He frowns as he pulls the hand patting his back. He is extremely unhappy.

An Chuxia tucks her chin and shoots him a serious look. She shakes her head and says, "Of course not! You're still… my way!"

"Your way?" he asks, puzzled.

"Correct!" She snaps her finger. "Many of my friends have paved a way for me! Growing up with this kind of education provides me opportunities to find my way!"

His face turns blue. "Then I ask you again."

"Ask!" she says with determination.

"Why do you think I'm gay?" He couldn't care less that his father thinks he has an abnormal s.e.xual orientation, but coming from her, it makes him feel uncomfortable!

"Of course… " she prolongs her answer. "It's a woman's intuition!"

The spoon clatters from his hand as he quickly stand up. "Then you feel your woman's intuition is enough!"

Huh? What does that mean?

"Hey! Where are you going? Wait for me!" An Chuxia hurriedly catches up.

A few minutes later, she sees his car pa.s.s by. She wants to cry. This is the first time she's truly been left behind. The mood is really… .

Sprite, cold through the core! The soda ad suddenly provides a new meaning to her.

Master Devil Don't Kiss Me Chapter 345-346

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