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Published at 29th of March 2020 05:25:09 PM
Chapter 1036: 1036

Chapter 1036 Ice Element Imperial Realm!

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He must leave the domain territory of these imperial realm formidable warriors . Tang Ningyu knew that Mu Chaoran's body was unable to withstand another injury . The force of a battle between imperial realm formidable warriors was enough to destroy everything around them . The closer they were to the imperial realm formidable warriors, the greater the fight's impact had on them .

Mu Chaoran knew that leaving was the best decision . He looked at the location of the battle behind them . He wanted to know who saved them but the distance was too far, so he couldn't see anything .

The force of presence exuding out of Sword Monarch got stronger . Below, Ling Lan increased her force of presence too . Although the Sword Monarch was on higher ground, their force of presence was equally as powerful .

In a certain room, a young man asked the elder beside him, “Mister Lang Yi, why haven't they started fighting yet?”

The elder was focused on the battle between the two imperial realm formidable warriors, as this was a rare opportunity for him to get a glimpse of the battle between two imperial realm formidable warriors . He turned and replied, “Prince Tali, the fights between imperial realm formidable warriors are not like the usual fights . The result of the battle will occur in an instant . They won't have to fight for days and nights . To launch their lethal attack, they just needed to increase their force of presence to the highest level . ”

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The young man nodded in comprehension but he still seemed a little confused . The old man sighed when he noticed the confusion . Prince Tali was lacking in the mental department, but he still hoped that Prince Tali would be able to gain some enlightenment from this battle and not waste this rare opportunity .

“Luckily, the rooms of Mai'er Fa are able to withstand three attacks from an imperial realm formidable warriors . If not, I won't dare to let you watch this match so closely . ” The elder felt fortunate that they were at Mailer Fa to spectate this scene .

“Why? Aren't you able to protect us?” Another lady with red hair asked curiously .

“Princess Irene, you're thinking too highly of me . Although imperial stage domain experts like me are imperial stage experts, we're still a half step to becoming an imperial realm formidable warrior . People like us are still considered humans when compared to imperial realm formidable warrior . ” The elder sighed lightly . “No matter how strong a human is, they're nothing in front of G.o.ds . Imperial realm formidable warriors are like half-G.o.ds . They just possessed traits of G.o.ds . They're not someone people like us can handle . ”

Prince Tali and Princess Irene's faces turned pale . They looked at the transparent gla.s.s in front of them in fear . If Mister Lang Yi was right, would this brittle gla.s.s be able to withstand the attack of an imperial realm formidable warrior?

“Don't worry . Mai'er Fa abides by their promise . If they said this gla.s.s can withstand three attacks from an imperial realm formidable warrior, it can . Plus, these gla.s.s windows have been tested before . No matter how weak they are, they will at least be able to withstand two attacks . ” The elder consoled the young people when he saw the fear in their eyes .

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“Ah! They started to actually fight . ” Irene had been staring at Ling Lan all these while . She exclaimed instantly when she saw Ling Lan moving .

The elder didn't have the time to chat with them anymore . This battle between imperial realm formidable warriors was useful to imperial stage domain experts like him . It might be their opportunity to advance to the imperial realm if they could peer through the secrets of the imperial realm from the fight .

Ling Lan took a step forward and pointed at Sword Monarch who was in the air .

A huge ice sword instantly appeared on top of Sword Monarch and it slashed towards Sword Monarch .

Ling Lan chose her most powerful single-target technique .

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“It's the ice element!” Now, all the domain realm masters knew what Ling Lan's element was the moment they saw her technique .

“Sword Monarch should win this match . ”

“A single target technique imbued with the ice element is powerful but compared to Sword Monarch's technique using the metal element, it's not as strong . This is a bad fight . ”

Everyone thought that Ling Lan was fighting an already predetermined fight due to her not fully utilizing her ice element by choosing to use a single target technique instead of something like territorial technique which played to the strength of her technique and not her opponent's strength . Hence, they thought that Sword Monarch would be winning this match no matter what .

They couldn't be blamed for thinking this way . After all, no mistakes were allowed in a battle between imperial realm formidable warrior .

Sword Monarch saw his opponent using a single target technique and felt elated . He was stunned but happy at the same time . He already gained an advantage before the fight really started .

Sword Monarch waved his hand and a huge metal sword rose from the grounds of the arena . It clashed with the ice sword that slashed at him .

Clang! The two huge swords swung at each other . The huge force destroyed most of the structures below it . Luckily, Mai'er Fa was true to their promise . Although the structures around them were destroyed, the main pillar and rooms were still standing .

The people in the VIP rooms felt at ease . They could watch the match with a relaxed heart now .

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