Crossing to the Future, it's Not Easy to Be a Man Chapter 898 - Appearance Of [Belief]

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Chapter 898: Appearance Of [Belief]

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"Huh?" Han Jijyun was still immersed in his thoughts so he was surprised when Li Lanfeng suddenly gave him an unexpected order.

"I want everyone who is still alive in this base to know who is risking his life to save them! I want them to know who is fighting for them! The things our regiment commander does cannot go unnoticed." Li Lanfeng's eyes were burning with ambition. He must let everyone know who their savior was. It wasn't the reinforcements, it was the commanding officer of Base 013, the regiment commander of 250 Ace Mecha Clan, the leader of the Lingtian Battle Team, Ling Lan.

Han Jijyun felt his heart trembling. "Yes, I understand." Indeed, they couldn't let their Boss efforts go unnoticed.

Hence, all the screens in the base started showing the quiet ejection port instead of their enemies outside.

Just as everyone thought that the mainframe was malfunctioning because too much energy had been depleted from the protective s.h.i.+eld, the ejection port started turning on.

"Huh, what's happening? We are not allowed to go out, right? Why is the ejection port turning on?" The mecha operators waiting in the mecha hold started creating a commotion. They made an application to go out but the JMCs rejected them because the commanding officer didn't allow anyone to enter the battlefield. The mecha engineers also ignored their request to equip their mechas so they could only wait in the mecha hold in frustration.

After Ling Lan left the command center, she arrived at the mecha hold in an instant. She saw Chang Xinyuan and Li s.h.i.+yu in front of the huge container. "I was expecting the two of you to be here."

Li s.h.i.+yu took out 10 agents and pa.s.sed them to Ling Lan. "My brother asked me to pa.s.s you this." Three days ago, Li Lanfeng came to find him to pa.s.s Li s.h.i.+yu back the agents he gave him. At the same time, he asked Li s.h.i.+yu to prepare the agents he left for himself. He told him that Ling Lan might have a need for it in the next few days. Just like what he said, Ling Lan needed it now.

Ling Lan took the ten agents. As expected, Li Lanfeng knew her well. Even if he didn't approve of her decision, he still prepared everything for her.

Chang Xinyuan took out the control keys he carried with him and aimed the keys at the container. The container split up and revealed a huge mecha. It had been lying quietly in the container for all these months. No one knew that there was a frightening ultimate weapon hidden within the mecha hold of Base 013.

"[Belief], sorry to keep you waiting," Ling Lan said quietly to the mecha.

The mecha suddenly woke up from its sleep. Its eyes turned blue as it sat up instantly. It turned around and looked at Ling Lan. A robotic voice was heard, "Ling Lan, nice to meet you."

"I'll have to invite you to fight with me this time," Ling Lan said sincerely. Ling Four said that the mainframe of a G.o.d-cla.s.s mecha was different from every other mecha. They were not just numbers and data. They had the ability to think, so they could be considered as intelligent ent.i.ties.

"I understand. General Ling Xiao asked me to cooperate with you. Please don't worry." [Belief] opened its c.o.c.kpit automatically.

Ling Lan entered the c.o.c.kpit. Li s.h.i.+yu shouted quickly, "Boss, one agent can only last for one minute. With your ten additional agents, you can last for a total of 20 minutes. Don't forget about this." The backlash from a G.o.d-cla.s.s mecha was so strong that even one nuwa agent couldn't help her to last longer than one minute.

"I know." Ling Lan touched the nine agents in her pockets. She had diluted one of the agents and made it into ten agents to pa.s.s to her team leaders so that they could use it whenever they faced an emergency. However, Li s.h.i.+yu didn't know about this.

Actually, with her capabilities, she was able to operate [Belief] for five minutes. This was the main reason why her father dared to pa.s.s [Belief] to her. In order to hide the fact that [Belief] was with her, she had no choice but to let her men ran a marathon. She placed [Belief] among the transport vehicles, and it was successfully transported to Base 013 along with the other ace mechas.

This G.o.d-cla.s.s mecha was the reason why Ling Xiao believed that Ling Lan was able to last until the reinforcements arrive. He announced that Ling Lan was his son too because once Ling Lan operated [Belief], this fact would be exposed anyway. In that case, why not take the initiative to announce this fact and solve the problem beforehand.

With 19 agents and her own capabilities, the maximum time Ling Lan could operate [Belief] was 24 minutes. Ling Lan's gaze was resolute. No matter what, she must hold on for more than 25 minutes. This was the only way she could create an impact on the Hailiyan army and gain more time for the reinforcements to arrive.

The c.o.c.kpit closed. The entire c.o.c.kpit turned dark. Soon, images started appearing around her. She felt as though she was floating in the air with nothing around her. There was no control panel or control stick in the c.o.c.kpit. The mecha could only be moved through the actions of its operator as well as the spiritual power control.

This meant that all the actions of the operator would be reflected back on the mecha on the outside. If the body and spiritual power of the operator was not strong enough, a single action might cause irrecoverable damage to both the body and mind. The operator might even internally explode and die. This was why no one dared to jump level and operate a G.o.d-cla.s.s mecha. Even if they didn't die, there would be serious implications. The future of the mecha operator might be destroyed.

Most importantly, no G.o.d-cla.s.s operator would be willing to place their ultimate weapon into the hands of other people. This weapon was something that could decide their life-or-death. Only Ling Xiao was willing to pa.s.s his life to his daughter. No one else would dare to do this.

Ling Lan operated [Belief] and stepped onto the platform. This simple action had already caused her to lose her breath, as she felt a huge pressure boring on her. She even felt her bones moaning and her muscles groaning.

Soon, the movable platform transferred [Belief] into the ejection port. The huge mecha body of [Belief] appeared on all the screens in Base 013.

The mecha operators and logisticians, even those injured and were lying on their beds, were flabbergasted when they saw this.

Ling Xiao's fame rose not long ago. The military promoted him greatly so every single soldier knew him and his G.o.d-cla.s.s mecha [Belief]. Thus, when they saw this mecha, they immediately knew what it was.

"This is, this is…" They rubbed their eyes uncontrollably. They wondered if they were under an illusion.

In the end, they realized that it was not an illusion. It was the real [Belief]. Everyone shouted excitedly. Many mecha operators cried in joy. "It's really [Belief]. It's General Ling Xiao's [Belief]. We're saved. We're saved."

Hope came so suddenly. The strong soldiers who never shed a tear in the face of death all cried in happiness.

"No, this isn't right. General Ling Xiao is at the Federation. He can't be here." The mecha operators were elated but they still managed to maintain their composure and noticed that something was amiss.

If [Belief] appeared from outside the base, they could still believe that General Ling Xiao had come personally. However, it appeared within the base. Unless General Ling Xiao had arrived much earlier, he couldn't be inside the base. However, if he did arrive earlier, their situation would not be like this. The Federation would have taken control over Planet Haijiao a long time ago.

At this moment, a cold and familiar voice echoed through the entire base.

"[Belief] request to be ejected."

It's really [belief]. However, the voice belonged to the commanding officer of Base 013, the regiment commander of 250 Ace Mecha Clan, Ling Lan. Everyone was surprised and shocked. They were also puzzled as to why General Ling Xiao's [Belief] was in Ling Lan's hands.

"Your request is approved. Commander Ling Lan, we'll wait for you to come back." The gentle voice of a JMC sounded. It confirmed everyone's suspicion that the person piloting [Belief] was Ling Lan.

"I'll come back. At the same time, I, Ling Lan, the son of Ling Xiao, swear that I'll bring everyone back home." Ling Lan's firm voice resounded through the entire base. She explained why this G.o.d-cla.s.s mecha appeared in Base 013.

This was the most powerful amulet that her beloved father gave her——G.o.d-cla.s.s mecha [Belief].

Everyone now knew who was operating [Belief]. They also knew that Ling Lan was definitely not a G.o.d-cla.s.s mecha master. She was jumping in levels when she operating [Belief]. The people at the scene were all mecha operators, so they knew the consequences of jumping levels. However, the consequences that Ling Lan would get was even harsher than normal as she was operating a G.o.d-cla.s.s mecha.

Their commanding officer never gave up hope after all. He didn't want his soldiers to sacrifice needlessly so he stopped everyone from going out. Yet, he sacrificed himself to create a miracle for everyone.

"Regiment Commander Ling…"

"Commanding Officer Ling…"

"Regiment commander…"

"Commanding officer…"

All the people in the base looked at the cold and resolute face. They were touched as they exclaimed in their hearts. Some even started sobbing. Most of the ladies in the JMC office were crying furiously.

They were fortunate to have a commanding officer who treasured his soldiers and were willing to do so much for them.

Crossing to the Future, it's Not Easy to Be a Man Chapter 898 - Appearance Of [Belief]

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