Eternal Reverence Chapter 421

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After arriving at the courtyard silently, Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist opened the door and entered.

Inside the s.p.a.cious room, Zhao Mingyue was currently feeding medicine to her grandfather, Zhao Wujin. Seeing how weak her grandfather was, Zhao Mingyue constantly felt like crying.

Zhao Mingyue turned around after hearing the sound of the doors being opened.

When her eyes fell onto Li Fuchen, she was startled at first before her tears came cras.h.i.+ng down as though she had felt boundless grievances.

"I am back!" Li Fuchen took a deep breath and spoke apologetically.

Sob Sob…

Zhao Mingyue plunged into Li Fuchen's embrace as though she was possessed and cried forcefully.

Patting on Zhao Mingyue's skinny back, Li Fuchen consoled, "Don't worry, I am here."

Zhao Wujin had been injured because of him and Li Fuchen was grateful to Zhao Wujin. No matter what, he was going to cure Zhao Wujin.

Gently pus.h.i.+ng Zhao Mingyue aside, Li Fuchen arrived beside Zhao Wujin.

"Grand Elder." Li Fuchen bent over and spoke softly.

"You are?" Zhao Wujin opened his extremely frail eyes. The current him didn't look like the once imposing inner sect grand elder anymore. In just two years, his body had withered and he was so skinny without any muscles left. His face was filled with wrinkles and his eyes were very turbid.

After taking a long time, Zhao Wujin finally recognized that it was Li Fuchen. His turbid eyes blossomed with emotional radiance as he trembled and grabbed onto Li Fuchen's hand. "It is good as long as you are back… it is good as long as you are back. I do not have much time left. To be able to see you return, it is already considered a blessing from the heavens."

The proudest thing he had done in his life was uncovering a real dragon like Li Fuchen. When Li Fuchen was still weak, he had given Li Fuchen plenty of support and when he recalled the past, Zhao Wujin involuntarily revealed a slight smile.

"Grand Elder, with me around, you will not die."

While speaking, Li Fuchen activated the healing ring on his finger. In a split second, a green halo was released and had enveloped Zhao Wujin's body.

Visible to the naked eye, Zhao Wujin's withered body was gradually getting stronger, as though he was pumped with qi. At the same moment, Zhao Wujin's turbid eyes were gradually getting limpid and his entire body's spirit essence was drastically recovering. It was truly miraculous.

Zhao Mingyue covered her mouth while witnessing this scene.

"This is indeed a healing cardinal artifact."

In fact, Li Fuchen could also use elixirs to help Zhao Wujin with the recuperation. But how could elixirs take effect faster than the healing cardinal artifact?

There was a reason why these items were called cardinal artifacts. It wasn't just a saying.

(TL note: I translated the cardinal artifacts as secret treasure, but I felt that cardinal artifacts sound better)

"My body…"

Zhao Wujin's voice was much clearer than before and his face was filled with disbelief.

Li Fuchen's awareness entered Zhao Wujin's body and suddenly realized that Zhao Wujin's damaged dantian was also recovering.

"It looks like I have underestimated the ability of this healing ring." Li Fuchen's expression changed.

The recovery of dantian wasn't possible with regular earth cla.s.s elixirs, but this healing ring had achieved it easily.

"It is great. The inability to cultivate is a huge setback for any person." Li Fuchen was in a much better mood. As long as Grand Elder's dantian recovered, with his original cultivation of peak level Heaven Dipper Realm, he would be able to rapidly regain his cultivation.

"Fuchen, what is going on?" Zhao Wujin sat up and asked with a shaking voice.

Li Fuchen laughed, "Grand Elder, this is a healing cardinal artifact that I obtained from the Black Sky Sect Ruins. It can recover any injuries including damaged dantian."

"Haha, the heavens didn't give up on me, Zhao Wujin, I have not been given up!" Zhao Wujin was extremely emotional. No one wished to die and no one wished to be unable to cultivate for an entire lifetime. Originally, he had already accepted the situation and felt that a human would inevitably have to die. But now, the heavens had suddenly made him live. How could he not be emotional?

"Grandfather!" Zhao Mingyue jumped into Zhao Wujin's embrace.

"My good granddaughter. You've had a hard time." Zhao Wujin's tears flowed down.

After a good while, Zhao Wujin had finally calmed down his feelings and spoke to Li Fuchen with a complicated expression, "Fuchen, you have returned too early. I can see that you are already a Reincarnation Realm expert. Your innate talents are unprecedented and no one will be able to surpa.s.s you. But if you return now, you will only become a thorn in everyone's eye. The East Unicorn Continent might be huge, but there isn't any place for you to seek shelter. You better hurry up and leave! You can return after another ten years. I believe that everything will still be able to be taken back."

Li Fuchen shook his head, "Grand Elder, since I dare to return, it means that I do not fear anyone. The Thunder G.o.d Sect and the Mystic Tools Sect are bold enough to abduct my Li Clan's members, abduct my parents, and hurt Grand Elder. I will not let this matter rest so easily."

"Fuchen, you…"

Zhao Wujin had lost his cultivation and wasn't able to see Li Fuchen's strength, hence, he didn't know where did Li Fuchen get his confidence.

Li Fuchen said, "Grand Elder, I know my limits. When has Fuchen disappointed you before? You just have to focus on recuperation. These low-grade spirit stones and elixirs are for you."

Li Fuchen retrieved a storage bag and handed it over to Zhao Mingyue. There were a thousand low-grade spirit stones and some cultivation elixirs. They were enough for Zhao Wujin to recover his cultivation within the shortest period of time.

As for the Rebirth Elixir, Li Fuchen didn't give it to him for now. It wouldn't be too late after Zhao Wujin's cultivation recovered back to the peak level of Heaven Dipper Realm.

"Alright, just be careful." Zhao Wujin chose to believe Li Fuchen.

Just like how he was determined that Li Fuchen would break the laws of bone frames back then.

Li Fuchen didn't head straight to the Thunder G.o.d Sect and the Mystic Tools Sect. He had to visit the Wind Snow Sect to understand more about the Thunder G.o.d Sect and the Mystic Tools Sect's situation.

He might not fear anyone in terms of strength, but he still mustn't do things recklessly.

The Wind Snow Sect was located in the no.1 mountain range in the Wind Snow Region, the Wind Snow Mountains.

Wind Snow Mountains had snow for the entire year and the weather was extremely cold. One would be able to stimulate the innate potential when cultivating in such a harsh environment and allowing the increase of cultivation speed.

On this day, in front of the Wind Snow Sect, a figure sped over.

"Who goes there?"

The guards at the mountain gates were nine Earth Shatter Realm martial artists. The leader yelled out loudly.

Amongst the wind and snow, Li Fuchen stood in the air and spoke indifferently, "Go and report. Say that Li Fuchen has visited."

"Li Fuchen?"

The guard leader was startled before he recalled something, "Are you the previous Azure Water Sect's direct disciple, Li Fuchen?"

"Yes, I am."

"Wait here for a moment."

Li Fuchen's reputable name had been circulated rather widely in the East Unicorn Continent.

No.1 Star Ranker or no.1 prodigy of the East Unicorn Continent.

With the addition of the fact that the Thunder G.o.d Sect, the Mystic Tools Sect, and the Evil Dao were all searching for Li Fuchen, his name had been rather prominent.

The Earth Shatter Realm guard leader knew this was a huge matter and had quickly gone to report.

In just a short moment, the Wind Snow Sect Matriarch s.h.i.+ Huawei left several Reincarnation Realm experts and descended to the mountain gates.

s.h.i.+ Huawei was a beautiful middle-aged woman who had once witnessed Li Fuchen at Mt. Star Fate. She had a deep impression of Li Fuchen and she had now met with him again. s.h.i.+ Huawei's eyes had lit up as she was certain that it was Li Fuchen, be it his looks or aura, he was unique.

But it was Li Fuchen's cultivation that had shocked s.h.i.+ Huawei.

The 3rd level of Reincarnation Realm. How did Li Fuchen do it?

The leader of the youth generations in the Wind Snow Sect, Wind Snow Fairy Xu Lin was only at the 5th level of Heaven Dipper Realm. The youth leader of the Thunder G.o.d Sect, Thunderous King Star Situ Lei was merely the 7th level of Heaven Dipper Realm too. As compared to Li Fuchen, they were truly pale into insignificance. The difference was like the cloud and the mud.

If she didn't remember it wrong, Li Fuchen was only 26 or 27 years old. At such a young age, he wouldn't be just the no.1 prodigy in the East Unicorn Continent. He was simply the no.1 prodigy in the history of the East Unicorn Continent, and no one else came close to him.

"Li Fuchen, what business do you have with my Wind Snow Sect?" s.h.i.+ Huawei calmed herself and asked.

Her Wind Snow Sect didn't have any feuds with Li Fuchen. To be serious, Li Fuchen actually owed them a favor. If the Wind Snow Sect didn't take in the Azure Water Sect, they would have been eradicated.

Li Fuchen replied, "Greetings to Matriarch s.h.i.+. I am here because of the Thunder G.o.d Sect and the Mystic Tools Sect. I need to know the foundation of those two sects."

It was because the Wind Snow Sect had taken care of the Azure Water Sect, therefore, Li Fuchen was speaking so courteously. Otherwise, he would have destroyed the Wind Snow Sect's array and forcefully ascended the mountain.

s.h.i.+ Huawei shook her head, "Apologies. This is a help that I cannot agree to provide."

Offending the Thunder G.o.d Sect and the Mystic Tools Sect for Li Fuchen was a really irrational action.

Putting aside the fact that Li Fuchen was at the 3rd level of Reincarnation Realm, even if he was at the 9th level of Reincarnation Realm, she wouldn't offer this help.

"Matriarch s.h.i.+… received a fist from me.'

Li Fuchen activated his dragon elephant power and blasted a fist at s.h.i.+ Huawei.


s.h.i.+ Huawei had a sudden change of expression. As the Matriarch of Wind Snow Sect, she had pinnacle status and it was already good enough for her to speak nicely with Li Fuchen. She didn't expect him to actually make a move.

The wind and snow moved abruptly as she welcomed the fist with her palm while the corner of her mouth curled into a sneer.

Li Fuchen was only at the 3rd level of Reincarnation Realm while she was at the 8th level of Reincarnation Realm. The difference between the two of them could never be surpa.s.sed.

She wanted to use this palm strike to teach Li Fuchen a lesson for overestimating himself.


The black fierce tiger spirit rose up and enveloped the radius of a few miles2miles1 Chinese mile = 500 meters.

Bang Boom!

s.h.i.+ Huawei's icy snow palm force was like tofu that got crushed with ease. In the next moment, an unstoppable fist force blasted over and caused a drastic change in the scenery.


s.h.i.+ Huawei had an intense change of expression as she couldn't believe what had happened in her eyes.

She was an 8th level Reincarnation Realm expert and she actually wasn't a match for Li Fuchen. This was simply the biggest joke in the world.


The Reincarnation Realm experts that s.h.i.+ Huawei led had all made their moves.


With s.h.i.+ Huawei included, all the Wind Snow Sect's Reincarnation Realm experts were sent flying. There was an explosion of qi wave and brought about a terrifying burst of wind and snow.

After executing a single fist strike, Li Fuchen didn't make any more moves and stood in the air with his hands behind his back.

He had only used 20% of his strength for this fist. If he had gone all-out, there would be no survivors in front of him.

"Is this person really Li Fuchen?"

The guards of the mountain gates who were all Earth Shatter Realm martial artists had all hid inside the Wind Snow Sect's array and had all turned pale.

"Li Fuchen, what is the meaning of this?"

s.h.i.+ Huawei's beautiful eyes were filled with frost. Of course, in her heart, she was extremely astonished and had nearly lost her ability to think.

Li Fuchen said indifferently, "I simply wish to say that, I, Li Fuchen is no longer an insect. The Thunder G.o.d Sect and the Mystic Tools Sect had abducted my parents and my Li Clan's members, resulting in a feud with me. If the Wind Snow Sect is willing to sell me a favor, in the future, I, Li Fuchen will repay you with twice the value."

There were times when the use of martial force would solve a problem faster.

He didn't wish to form a feud with the Wind Snow Sect, but he wanted the Wind Snow Sect to know that he had the capability to take revenge.

Eternal Reverence Chapter 421

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