Eternal Reverence Chapter 696: Three Great Emperors

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Chapter 696: Three Great Emperors

Skull Cult, Soul Hall.

Within the Skull Cult, there were wooden tablets and each of them had a candle flame.

The wooden tablet written with the name, White Bone Devil Emperor had been extinguished.

The candle flame was actually a soul flame. If the soul was dispersed, the flame would be extinguished.

“I wonder when will the Cult Master exit from seclusion. The White Bone Devil Emperor has perished for over half a month.”

“What is the hurry? No matter who did it, once the Cult Master finishes his seclusion, that person will pay the price. On this continent, our Cult Master is in the top three in terms of power.”

The two deacons in the Soul Hall were discussing softly.

After returning to the Flying Corpse Mountain, the Flying Corpse Emperor was unwilling to accept the result.

With his strength it was basically impossible to seize Li Fuchen. At the current juncture, he only had one choice and that was to request for the Zombie Great Emperor to get involved.

The Zombie Great Emperor was a great emperor and his demand for body refinement emperors shouldn’t be as much as the Flying Corpse Emperor. Furthermore, the Flying Corpse Emperor didn’t need much and only required a little blood.

In short, the Zombie Great Emperor would have the meat, while the Flying Corpse Emperor would get the soup.

Now that Li Fuchen’s cultivation reached the 3rd level of Law Phase Realm, he realized that even without the void sword heart, it was still possible to cultivate the Void Heaven Sword Art’s third move, Void Heaven Sword World.

However, he must first comprehend the void dao heart. The void sword heart was the combination of the void dao heart and the sword heart. Previously, Li Fuchen didn’t wish to affect his sword dao’s purity, therefore, he didn’t wish to touch the void dao attribute at all.

Moreover, it was extremely difficult to just condense the void dao heart by itself.

According to what the Sword Spirit said, the Joint-Heaven Sword’s sword arts were used to guide the wielder to slowly condense the void sword heart. If the wielder wished to comprehend just the void law alone and condense the void dao heart, the difficulty was actually ten times more than condensing the void sword heart.

But Li Fuchen was different, his perception was already at terrifying levels when he was at the Primary Sea Realm. Now that his cultivation was at the 3rd level of Law Phase Realm, his perception had improved by an unknown amount.

Li Fuchen reckoned that his current perception would already be at the saint’s level.

No one knew how fearsome a saint’s perception was, but in records, saints were able to create heaven cla.s.s high-tier martial arts or even heaven cla.s.s peak-tier martial arts.

The condensing of the void dao heart shouldn’t be a problem for saints.

Why did Li Fuchen think his perception was at the saint’s level? When his cultivation increased, Li Fuchen’s true spirit actually transformed into the saint spirit.

The greatest difference between a saint spirit and a true spirit was that it contained a trace of immortal law.

As the name implied, immortal naturally meant that the spirit would never be erased.

A trace of the immortal law might not be enough to keep the saint spirit from getting erased, but it would strengthen the saint spirit and make it hard to destroy.

Apart from that, then spiritual awareness was now even more powerful and unbelievable.

As time elapsed, Li Fuchen worked hard to comprehend the void law.

If Li Fuchen relied on himself, he wouldn’t be able to condense the void dao heart in eight or ten years. However, with the Void Heaven Sword Art as a reference, there was still hope to condense the void dao heart.

Long Wind Mountains were peaceful like always. The Yang Clan’s descendents were discussing the incident of Li Fuchen killing the White Bone Devil Emperor after their meal.

“Now that the White Bone Devil Emperor is killed, the Skull Great Emperor will not let things rest. Sigh, I hope it will not implicate our Yang Clan.”

“The Skull Great Emperor might be formidable, but the Heaven Fire Great Emperor isn’t going to lose out so easily. The Heaven Fire Guild will not watch as the Skull Great Emperor destroys our Yang Clan. If that is the case, the Heaven Pillar Continent would have been in chaos. Therefore, there is no need to worry.”

“That is rational thinking. I’m just worried that the Skull Great Emperor would be overly enraged and do irrational things.”

“Sigh, why is the Skull Great Emperor not here yet? If those two left, the Skull Great Emperor might just vent his anger on our Yang Clan.”



“Look.” The person pointed at the sky with a terrified face.

It was unknown when the sky had darkened.

Such darkness should only be around during the night. Moreover, it was so dark that it was terrifying and caused despair.

Jek jek jek jek…

As the violent winds howled, there were sounds of malicious and grim laughter.

Everyone could vaguely see skeletons appearing from the dark clouds.

“It is the Skull Great Emperor.” Everyone’s teeth were chattering.

Even though they hoped that the Skull Great Emperor would come earlier, as the culprit would still be around to take the blame for the White Bone Devil Emperor’s death, and might not implicate the Yang Clan. However, now that the Skull Great Emperor was really here, their hearts were still filled with limitless fear.

A person’s reputation was resounding.

In the Heaven Pillar Continent, apart from great emperors, everyone was afraid of the Skull Great Emperor.

It was fine to offend others as death was the worst scenario. But one would have a hard time trying to reincarnate after offending the Skull Great Emperor. The Skull Great Emperor’s Skull Army was mostly made up of martial artists when they were alive. There were eight Skull Generals who were Law Phase Realm emperors when they were alive.

“Jek jek jek jek, die die die die!”

Within the dark clouds, there was a skeleton riding on a skeleton horse that emerged and displayed great prowess.

This skeleton was over 100 feet in height and wielded a 150 feet skeleton spear. Its body was revolved with endless deathly and yin aura. If a regular person was affected by this aura, their souls would freeze.

“It is the Skull General!”

Yang Long and Yang Cheng walked out from the main hall with unpleasant faces.

The Skull Generals were Law Phase Realm emperors when they were still living. After death, the Skull Great Emperor refined them into Skull Generals. It was unknown what kind of forbidden technique the Skull Great Emperor possessed, these Skull Generals were even stronger than when they were alive. It was said that the weakest Skull General had the strength of a high-level emperor. The strongest Skull General would have the strength of a peak level emperor.

The Skull Great Emperor was renowned in the Heaven Pillar Continent and was ranked top three among the great emperors. It was mainly due to the Skull Army and the eight Skull Generals.

“Die die die die die…” Another Skull General emerged.

This Skull General wielded a bone great saber and its body was emitting a cold saber intent. It was actually more terrifying than most saber monarchs and saber emperors.

When everyone was still shocked, two more Skull Generals emerged from the dark clouds again.

A total of four Skull Generals.

Just these four Skull Generals were enough to eliminate the entire Yang Clan.

“Skull Generals huh?”

Li Fuchen and Yan Qingwu lifted their heads to look at the four Skull Generals.

Yan Qingwu said, “Their true spirits have already been refined into death spirits. Their skeletons have been tempered with a secret technique, making them impervious to blades and elements. Martial artists with the same strength as the Skull Generals would have a hard time destroying their skeletons.”

“Since my subordinate, the White Bone Devil Emperor is dead, the Yang Clan shall be extinguished.”

A horrific voice echoed from the depths of the dark clouds.

“Skull Great Emperor, don’t be overbearing. This is the Heaven Fire Region, not your Skull Region.”

Right at this moment, the eastern dark clouds suddenly scattered. A mountain-sized fire sphere was like a sun that tumbled forward.

“Heaven Fire Doyen, you better not infuriate me. Those who killed my subordinates must pay the price, otherwise, who would obey me in the Heaven Pillar Continent. Today, the Yang Clan must be eliminated.”

There was a skinny middle-aged man seated on a white bone dragon chair and wearing a white bone crown. His eyes were like two bundles of green flames that were burning intensively.

The fire sphere scattered and an old man wearing red robes appeared. “Skull Great Emperor, I already said that this is the Heaven Fire Region, not your Skull Region. The culprit that killed the White Bone Devil Emperor is someone else and unrelated to the Yang Clan. I advise you to think before you act, otherwise, we shall battle!”

Heaven Fire Doyen was the Heaven Fire Guild Master.

He didn’t have a choice but to stick out for the Yang Clan, otherwise, his reputation would decline.

“Haha, Heaven Fire Doyen, you are already old. Why try to act strong? Leave now while you have the chance. Otherwise, you will be making a fool of yourself today.”

Before the Skull Great Emperor could speak, an annoying, fearsome, and hoa.r.s.e voice echoed.

Hearing this voice, the Heaven Fire Doyen had a change of expression.

“Zombie Great Emperor!” The Heaven Fire Doyen exclaimed.

The Heaven Fire Doyen was confident to fight against the Skull Great Emperor alone. Now that there was another Zombie Great Emperor, he wasn’t a match at all.

The Heaven Fire Doyen might not perish, but he would certainly be injured.

The Heaven Fire Doyen frowned and said, “Zombie Great Emperor, why are you here? When has the Yang Clan offended you?”

“I am here because I wish to be here. You don’t have to bother.”

The Zombie Great Emperor took a step out and appeared at the border of the Long Wind Mountains’ sky.

Beside him was the Flying Corpse Emperor.

As compared to the Flying Corpse Emperor, the Zombie Great Emperor’s figure was even more st.u.r.dy. His skin was bronze in color and was like a bronze figure. One would feel apprehensive when looking at him.

Eternal Reverence Chapter 696: Three Great Emperors

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