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Early the next morning, Li Xin’s doorbell rang loudly. Yesterday she watched TV until midnight so it was hard for her to wake up. Ignoring the sound of the bell, Li Xin pulled the blanket over her head and continued to sleep.

Ring, ring, ring.

The door bell continued to ring for half an hour.

At long last, Li Xin couldn’t tolerate it anymore. She lifted herself up and reached for a b.u.t.ton beside the bed. It was a b.u.t.ton to open the door and let in the visitor.

“I knew it. You’re still sleeping. Hurry, wake up. You’re almost late. Hurry up, you can go to the tutorials. He doesn’t have a lot of You can sleep any other day how ever much you want but today, you have to go to cla.s.s.” Xiu Shui glanced at the living room which was a total mess. Fortunately she knew the type of person Li Xin was.

“I’m not going. Who cares if I don’t pa.s.s.” Li Xin had decided to go to school because she thought school was fun. Instead school had proven to be stressful and restrictive. Although she didn’t have a high education, it didn’t mean she had to graduate university in order to make money.

“When you come home I’ll have braised duck in honey and soy sauce, fried chicken wings, stir-fry snails, stewed beef tripe, gai lan. . .” Even though Li Xin was ignoring her, Xiu Shui wasn’t angry. She sat down on the edge of the bed and counted all the dishes she was going to cook.

“And dried shrimp with sautéed vegetables.”

Xiu Shui looked at Li Xin’s grumpy and lethargic expression and said with a smile, “Alright, hurry up and wake up.”

Li Xin inwardly sighed. It’s all because she’s a big foodie. Food was her one and only weakness. Having lived this long, Xiu Shui’s cooking skills suited her taste the most. G.o.d was so mean! Since her sleep was interrupted, Li Xin was irritated as well as angry at that so-called Professor Hawke. As a result, Li Xin drove like a speed demon to school. Sitting beside her, Xiu Shui’s face was pale like a corpse.

“Hi, aren’t you Xiu Shui? Did you buy a new car? That’s sleek! It’s the newest model isn’t it?” Xiu Shui had just stumbled out of the car dazedly, as if she had just experience a life-and-death situation when a whistle sounded from behind her. Several good-looking blue-eyed, blonde-haired guys walked towards them.

Slightly frowning, Xiu Shui leaned back into the car’s door. They were the rich guys at the university—troublesome womanizers because they have both money and looks. Nonetheless, Xiu Shui didn’t pay any attention to them. This particular university was quite famous. A lot of people entered the school through the use of money.

The group of guys narrowed the distance. Xiu Shui turned towards Li Xin with a pleading look. Her jaw dropped when she realized Li Xin was peacefully napping on top of the steering wheel. Had she been sleep-driving all this time? Xiu Shui felt cold all over. Disregarding the guys, Xiu Shui pulled the door open and screamed at Li Xin, causing the group of guys to stare in shock as they realized Xiu Shui was actually a tigress in disguise.

“Next time you’re not allowed to drive! That was dangerous.”

“I think we need to sell this car fast.”

“How can you drive like that?”

Xiu Shui’s nagging and grumbling didn’t stop even in the lecture hall. Eventually Li Xin surrendered to it. The auditorium was quiet and focused but Li Xin wasn’t the least bit interested in Professor Hawke’s lecture. She threw the car keys towards Xiu Shui. She can go ahead and do whatever she wanted with it—sell it or drive it herself, whatever. Li Xin calmly and gracefully walked out despite the numerous gazes on her.

Finally, she could have some peace.

She felt that she was very enlightened. Xiu Shui was always telling her to do this and do that but she has managed to tolerate and endure it for so long. Not to mention, she was even ready to endure it for a while longer. One can see how fatal her weakness for food was.

Li Xin strolled down the sidewalk, feeling relaxed and at ease. It’s been a while since she took a walk by herself. The feeling wasn’t bad.

Pa.s.sersby were rus.h.i.+ng back and forth on the streets. The shopping district was crowded with people who were attracted to the sales and discount activity going on. Cars were congested on the road. The world was lively and boisterous. Standing on a skywalk bridge, Li Xin observed the chaos beneath. Unconsciously, she grinned. It seems like, in this busy world, opportunities for idle time and relaxation was a rare occurrence. People work hard all day long and quickly tired themselves out, only to have nothing in the end. She had risked twenty years to work hard to finally achieve this life of freedom and independence.

While Li Xin stood and watched the busy scene, someone raised their voice from behind, “Xiu Shui is looking for you.”

Li Xin turned her head and saw Jun Qi not far from her. Today he was dressed in casual clothing. Beside him was a drop-dead gorgeous woman. With an antagonistic look, the woman glared at any females who dared look at Jun Qi with the slightest hint of interest. Jun Qi continued to smile charmingly, disregarding the stares from the female pa.s.sersby, as if he was used to this happening all the time.

“She’s looking for me?” Li Xin frowned. Why was Xiu Shui looking for her? She had already given Xiu Shui the car keys, giving her permission to do whatever she wanted with the car. It couldn’t be that Xiu Shui wanted her to meet up with the buyer? Ah! It’s probably because it’s almost lunch time. Thinking about a table filled with scrumptious meals, Li Xin became excited.

Watching Li Xin strutting away like a model, Jun Qi smirked. He turned to the gorgeous woman beside him, said something into her ear then left her side and approached Li Xin. He bent over, propped a hand down on the bench and leaned in closer to her ear, “Don’t you want to know why she’s looking for you?”

Li Xin paid no particular attention to their proximity. She looked straight ahead and said, “Calling me to eat.”

After hearing her reply, Jun Qi burst into laughter. His aura, which was radiant like the glaring sun, along with his devious charms attracted the nearby females’ attention.

The drop-dead gorgeous woman who came with him wrinkled her face and walked up to him, tugging at his arm, “Qi, let’s go.”

Jun Qi firmed his face. He turned towards the woman and stroked her hair. “I don’t like disobedient people.”

The woman hurriedly explained, “I’m not.”

Raising his brows, Jun Qi grinned. Looking at his face, the beautiful woman obediently returned to her spot and waited.

A few girls walked up to Jun Qi in hopes of starting a conversation with him. He didn’t have a modic.u.m of interest for those girls as he politely rejected them one-by-one. Instead he was working hard to become more appealing to the aloof woman who wouldn’t even spare him a glance.

Jun Qi lowered his gaze on Li Xin. She was still sitting on the bench calmly and nonchalantly. Turns out he was simply wasting his effort in acting. Jun Qi looked at Li Xin intently and clenched his teeth, “Xiu Shui said you left in anger. She’s about to cry.”

Li Xin lifted her head and stared at Jun Qi. What did he mean? When was she angry? How come she didn’t know that she was angry?

It was the first time Li Xin showed another expression rather than her aloof one in front of him. Jun Qi couldn’t help but study her carefully. It seems like she herself didn’t know what was going on.

He found her to be quite interesting.

Stolen Love c5

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