Stolen Love Chapter 50

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Chapter 50
Chapter 50 – Who’s the most aggressive one

“Is this your taste?”

Looking at this tacky style in front of him, so poor in taste that is unbearably vulgar, Jiao Wen stroked his forehead and remained in silence.

“A little tacky is good after all, is both vulgar and elegant! Why haven’t I realized this earlier?”

Li Xin heard Jiao Wen’s comment, but she didn’t get angry, on the contrary, her whole face sighed with emotion.

If she weren’t this vulgar at that time, insisting in using some kind of weird suns.h.i.+ne-scented perfume, she would not have to endure a demon like Qi Mo. This person, ah, had better not be so conspicuous. It’s a pity that she learned this too late. Li Xin had to shake her head and condescendingly walk out.

Jiao Wen’s eyes looked at Li Xin with full interest. This woman can really draw attention, even if she is by no means aware of it. Even though she dressed her whole body in cheap and vulgar clothes, her bearing had incredible confidence and elegance that were inherent to her. Regardless of what type of clothes she puts on, it will not affect how she’s perceived. This is the first time he sees that it’s not the clothes that make the man, but instead, it’s the woman who makes the clothes meaningful. However, it’s too bad that she is the woman whom Qi Mo took a fancy. He can only look upon in the distance, and never dally with her.

Wearing those low-priced and tacky clothes, Li Xin strolled at the packed main street, paying no attention to Jiao Wen, who was closely following at her side in a cheerful and lively way throughout the whole saunter, ignoring all types of glances and expressions that they were receiving.

Li Xin’s nature is to always stick with her way of doing things, a free and easy type of person, so she didn’t regard those different gazes as anything significant. And

Jiao Wen is innately a leader. He has already been immune to every type of look for a long time now. Those two people strutting along the street and dressed in a bizarre attire were such an odd pairing that formed such a strange scene.

“Hha, I was wondering who it could be. It turned out to be my dear son, Jiao Wen. Is this really your way of looking at things? This kind of vulgar woman, you actually look at her?”

Li Xin and Jiao Wen were leisurely and carefreely roaming through the street when suddenly a vehicle stopped at their side. With a cold and elegant disposition, a woman with a n.o.ble air around her whole body slowly came out from the car. She glimpsed at Li Xin with a disgusted and disdainful look and turned to Jiao Wen with a faint but indifferent smile.

Jiao Wen immediately halted his steps and, facing Feiyusi, elegantly smiled as he said, “I thought it was an uneducated woman that was casually commenting about other people. I have not expected that it was my dear Esteemed Mother. Tsk, tsk. Esteemed mother when had you turned into such a noisy b.i.t.c.h?”

The smile on Feiyusi’s face didn’t decrease, but her eyes betrayed the arising loathe she felt. She slowly said, “Is it? It’s probably because I’m too worried about your prospects, Jiao Wen, so I became such a blabbermouth.”

Jiao Wen immediately roared with laughter and said, “Esteemed Mother is recognizing that the old age is creeping up? Then why to bother to work so hard, it would be better to retreat and get some rest.”

Standing at their side, Li Xin saw Jiao Wen and Feiyusi, this pair of mother and son, with an amiable expression on her face. The words, however, placed in between a gun and a stick, sounded exceptionally thrilling, she couldn’t help but lean against the gla.s.s surface of the display window, leisurely watching a good play start.



“My dear son, I heard that this time you have some troubles. I don’t know if you want me to be a mother to help you out?” Feiyusi carried a faint smile with a lofty expression across her face while she looked at Jiao Wen, as though that remark had not been said.

Jiao Wen gracefully smiled as he said, “Troubles? Why I don’t know what troubles I have. Esteemed Mother, from whom have you heard this? I don’t know if you are aware of it, but this is truly strange.”

While watching both mother and son engage in attacking each other in such an elegant way, Li Xin used the corner of her eyes to scan the black car at the side. A highly fortified bulletproof gla.s.s, an improved car model, with even custom-made tires. Its equipment was outstanding enough to be worthy of being the greatest of all.  

Behind Feiyusi’s body, the car’s door was opened, and Li Xin surveyed the inside of it from the canthus. A masculine white western-style trouser could be seen but the upper part of the body was not visible, she could only be sure that the physique was that of a man, with very neatly trimmed fingers that were steadily tapping on the top of his thigh. It would appear that he was quite patient and also very

Li Xin couldn’t help but be somewhat curious and slowly moved her body towards Feiyusi’s side. Having such a grown-up son like Jiao Wen, this Feyusi, even if she is rather good at taking good care of her health, the age is right there. If it’s not her lover that it’s inside of the car, then it must be her accomplice. She may as well take a look at him and see it clearly.

Slowly and casually s.h.i.+fting herself, the person inside the vehicle was gradually being revealed. Li Xin saw that the neck was already exposed, she just had to take another step

another step towards it once again. At this moment, she didn’t know from what place did a few hooligans-like men had come running. It looked as if dogs were chasing their backs as they were desperately running towards the front. Li Xin steadily set her foot to take a step further ahead. Exactly when she made a turn, those ruffians almost simultaneously started to run towards her direction.

Li Xin wanted to wholeheartedly see that man’s facial features, so much that she completely disregarded the situation to the side. She was suddenly hit by one of the ruffians who couldn’t stop immediately. Li Xin’s body instantly rose and was jerked away, ultimately losing her balance as she went towards the ground.

At the side, when Jiao Wen saw this happening, he was quick to stretch his hands forwards. But unexpectedly, when his hands were at midair, Jiao Wen abruptly pulled them back. A loud “thump” could be heard immediately. Li Xin’s hands could only grasp a piece of cloth before falling hard to the ground.

“What are you doing?” Li Xin had seen Jiao Wen’s outstretched hands. She didn’t think that Jiao Wen didn’t know that his muscles would fail, even shrinking it back. Anger instantly filled her up.

Jiao Wen covered his whole face with a smile as he looked at Li Xin. It’s not that he didn’t want to reach out a helping hand, it’s just that Qi Mo, that hot-tempered person, would have an even greater anger. It was with great difficulty that he could get to be in close terms with him. If Qi Mo knew that he was in such close contact with Li Xin, it could be a perilous situation for him. Jiao Wen can understand Qi Mo pretty well. It was undoubtedly the right choice to have allowed Li Xin to be plunged into the ground. Qi Mo will definitely not come looking for him for this matter.

“Wretched woman, you are courting death.”

Feiyusi had courting death.”

Feiyusi had a sinister look across her face as she glared towards the ground, from where Li Xin still hadn’t had the time to get up.

Li Xin quickly glanced at Feiyusi. After so many years of training and practice in martial arts, she was unquestionably quick, firm and accurate. Jiao Wen stood at a distance and was unable to prevent her from losing her balance and falling. But by chance, Feiyusi wasn’t standing at a distant place. It was just enough to allow Li Xin to come upon her. The material covering her arm wasn’t sufficient, so she had to grab Feiyusi’s skirt, tearing down a piece of it as she fell to the ground.

Li Xin raised her head and saw that half of Feiyusi’s thigh was being revealed and couldn’t help but raise her eyebrows. From the corner of her eye, she glanced at the interior of the car to see the person she initially wanted to survey. At this moment, when she could finally get a view of his exact features, she was surprised to see such a bewitching man smiling and looking at her. Seeing her with such an appearance at the moment, he smiled and nodded his head towards her. He was so good-looking that people couldn’t s.h.i.+ft their eyes away.

Li Xin raised her brows and was about to stand up when she abruptly felt a sharp pain in her palm. She immediately turned her head to look at it and saw that Feyusi’s whole face was livid as she watched her, and her three inches high heel was ruthlessly stepping on her hand. Li Xin’s facial expression turned icy as she flipped her hand to grasp Feyusi’s foot, exerting all of her strength to pull her. A sharp scream could be heard, and it was followed by the sound of something heavy falling on the ground. Feyusi’s foot was caught by Li Xin, and she was dragged to the ground.

Stolen Love Chapter 50

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