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I took out an eagle. Edward had a strange expression.

"You can check what there is over there with that?"

"I strapped a camera on its neck you see."

It was a high performance camera that could record 4K videos. It was also possible to show it on the display in the van via wireless communication.

Because there was a limit to the communication with an eagle, it was a method that I had thought of and found that it was pretty useable.

"Go see what's happening over there."

The Red Bald Eagle cried shortly and flew into the air. It able to normally fly 100 meters up in the air.

No matter how outstanding one's senses were unless they often looked up at the sky it would be impossible to find it.

Even if it was found they wouldn't be able to know that there was a camera on it.

After sending it off like that I turned on the 14 inch display in the van. The recording from the camera was shown.

At first it was a white background where nothing could be seen but as the focus got corrected we could tell that it was the snowy fields.

We could see the van we were riding on first and then the screen started moving swiftly.

After about 10 minutes, the eagle finally arrived at the area in question.


A sigh came out unintentionally. The area was scorched as if it had been bombarded. The parts of the bodies were scattered around and vehicles were half destroyed as oil leaked out.

In the middle of all this tragic scene was a large man with white hair.

It was a body that seemed to be made of pure muscles.

Even in this cold weather all he was wearing was thin black leather clothes and half his body was still exposed. No matter how powerful a hunter was, there was no way a person would be able to bare this cold so the leather clothes were probably resisting the cold.

The sword he was holding was black as well. It did look powerful but it wasn't an item I remember. That meant that it was an item that wasn't sold in the market.

I felt that it was a shame how I could see profiles through the camera. It was certain that he was powerful seeing how he was able to slaughter dozens of hunters alone and destroy the vehicles on top of that.

Either way, it would be better not to run into that guy.

It wasn't that I thought I would lose but that there was no need to be rash and fight an unknown strong person.

The reason I came here was to find the ruin not to fight strong people after all.

If my party members were here then I might have taken the risk and tried fighting once.

The current Delta Team 1 was truly quite powerful after all. The saying that there is no winning against overwhelming numbers holds true in the hunter world as well you see.

Even if it's a powerful level 10 hunter there is bound to be an opening and Soo-ah speed as she stabs into that gap or Han Joon-suk's arrow is really threatening.

I suddenly started wondering what would happen if I fought with the rest of Delta Team 1.

If both sides prepared to the fullest, I thought I would win. I had the monster army after all.

But if the monster army was left out wouldn't I lose?

Soo-ah would copy my speed while Aura Blade's attack power could be blocked by Cho Young-gu's level 10 s.h.i.+eld.

The aerial attack using the Dancing Sword could also be dealt with by Soo-ah.

On top of that, I wouldn't be able to endure under Han Joon-suk's Stalker and Yeon-gyeong's rapid shooting.

Jong Swon and Park Han-b.u.m would also try to aim at a gap. Manager Kim is hm…… Either way, it was a dreadful formation when I thought about it.

It could be said that I made it but looking at it like this it really was terrifying.


My eyes met with him. To be exact, the guy was glaring at the eagle.

The moment I thought his body was fading away.


The screen blacked out.

The eagle I sent didn't come back. It should be a.s.sumed that it got taken care of by that guy.

He didn't have a weapon like a bow. It could only be guessed that he threw his sword or used magic.

"To be able to kill an eagle 100 meters in the air without any preparation movements……."

"I don't think I would want to meet that guy if possible."

"I feel the same way."

It had only matched sights with him and the camera stopped moving and the eagle died. Just looking at that it could be known that he wasn't an ordinary hunter.

The only thing that could show similar effects would be the level 7 Eight Trigrams Scutum that I had.

However, even that had to be taken out and pointed at and could only be used at a relatively close range.

I wonder what it got killed by.

"Whew. Let's get as far away from him as possible for now."

The van continued moving. We were going around so it would take a bit longer but this way was better.

We were moving like that when the eagle I put in the sky for recon cried.

"What is it?"

I was thinking that maybe that guy appeared but looking at the direction the eagle was at there were dozens of vehicles travelling in a line.

Looking at the direction, it was the same place as the guy.

"Do we have to block them?"

"For what?"

"Those people might die."

"It's none of our business though."

Edward frowned.

He was right. Whether they lived or died it had nothing to do with me. And I had something I had to do right now.

Even so, it didn't feel right looking at people going to die and doing nothing.

Edward who was looking at my expression opened his mouth.

"A human like you, I sometimes don't know even as I begin to think I know you."


"Sometimes endlessly cold and then suddenly show love for humans."

"I'm just a normal person. I just can't pa.s.s by people in danger in front of my eyes."

"Is that how it is."

Edward continued as he nodded his head.

"So. Are you going to help them?"

"I'm not sure. If I approach them right now I might be seen as a weird person but…… I should still attempt it. From what I saw through the video, it doesn't seem like it would be easy even for a level 10 hunter you see."

We moved the van to block their path.

As a large van was blocking the path, the dozens of approaching vehicles all came to a stop. Monster cars, to snow mobiles, to mobiles, every single one of them were extremely expensive vehicles.

It seems America was still a rich country after being isolated. Certainly, the Americas could be self sufficient after all.

A bald white guy got off a huge vehicle with a frown. He put both thumbs into his belt and looked at me from head to toe.

His age seemed to be somewhere around the 50s. Looking through the manual, he seemed to be a level 8.

His name was John McLain.

"I was going to ride over but barely endured. What are you doing?"

"It's dangerous if you go this way."

"What are you saying? Is there a place that's not dangerous in this place?"

"It's not that kind of danger. Weren't there a number of casualties recently in this area?"

"Why are you asking that?"

I could see his expression harden. There's no way he wouldn't know about a freak rampaging like that.

"It seems like the main culprit of that is in front."

"The main culprit you say…… Is it the Russian b.a.s.t.a.r.ds?"

"I do not know that much. But he was a quite strong looking hunter."

"Just one? Are you joking with me? Do you know how many people died in…… Either way, it means that it could be the Russian b.a.s.t.a.r.ds."

John approached me and put a hand on my shoulder.

"Where is that b.a.s.t.a.r.d?"

"It seems you're misunderstanding me. The freak over there is……."

"Whatever it is, if it's a guy that's causing a mess as you said he should be taken care of."

"He is right. It's dangerous with your level of skill."

"What did you just say?"

His expression hardened in a scary way. I had provoked him a bit on purpose. It's because I thought that he would rush towards that guy at this rate.

"Even if you can win a level 8 hunter……."

He tried to grab my collar.

As I stepped back his hand swung in the air and he opened his mouth with surprise.

"You're a pretty skilled guy I see."

"It seems you're not believing me."

"More importantly. How did you know that I was a level 8?"

"That equipment. They're all level 8. There's no way I wouldn't know if I have eyes."

"So you provoked me even while knowing that I'm a level 8. Okay. Then I will ask one more time."

"Whatever you want."

"Why should I trust you?"

A sigh came out on its own at his words. It meant that he will just do as he wants in the end.

"Are you planning on going in the end?"

"Are you telling me to trust a guy I see for the first time and change the direction of this large army? You should know that there has to be appropriate evidence?"

A sigh came out on its own.

I had done as much as I can at this point. I couldn't jump in to hold him back when he's saying that he will go die on his own.

"Then do as you want. I have done as much as I can, it would be too late to regret before dying though."

I said so and turned back.


"What is it?"

As I turned my head, he held up his phone and showed it to me.

In it, the forest region battle was being played.

I rampaging in the enemy base on the back of the Black Tiger holding the Dancing Sword.

There was an overwhelming difference in structure compared to when I was riding a horse. On top of that, my face was captured perfectly.

What. Who had filmed that? Was it a film director?

"This. Is it you by any chance?"

John's expression was starting to glow considerably.

The mister in his 50s was looking at me like a boy that met a star.

I was going to say that it wasn't to avoid this situation but I sighed as I nodded my head. If I could save some people by being embarra.s.sed for a bit that would be better.

"Yes. That's right."

"As expected! I thought I saw your face somewhere! Look! James! Eki! Come here for a bit! The Great Summoner's here!"

Great Summoner?

What was that cringy name?

The name of the team John McLain was leading was 'Die Hard'.

I didn't know this but he said that even his name was from a movie by the same name from one hundred something years ago. I didn't have much of an impression because I didn't know such an old movie.

"So…… What's that thing about Great Summoner?"

"Was it Joon?"

"It's Jeon Sang-min."

"Ah. It's difficult to p.r.o.nounce your name. I'll just say Joon. Either way, Joon you are a complete star in our country right now."

"How in the world……."

"It seems you're the only one that doesn't know that the video uploaded on EyeTube is really popular."

I didn't look around much else besides the market after all. Also, who would have thought that the video would be pa.s.sed on over the ocean to America.

The satellite communication network is connected but it was extremely slow. The guy that uploaded it onto EyeTube really had nothing to do.

"Does that earn me money?"

"Hm…… If you shoot an advertis.e.m.e.nt? However, I don't think a hunter of your level would need that amount of money."

"That is true. Ah. Please have a good day."

"Thank you. Great Summoner, could we take a picture together by any chance……."

"Hah…… Please do as you wish."

I sat down at a table and signed and shook hands with all the people waiting in a line.

The woman I just signed for stuck close beside me and took out a selfie stick. The chest that seemed like it would burst stuck to me.

It didn't seem like Yeon-gyeong would be able to compare.

Evolution Theory of the Hunter Chapter 157

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